Joint statement: Defending the work of Milan-specific outlets and the freedom of the press

By Oliver Fisher -

Dear readers,

For the first time, the major Rossoneri information sites have come together to issue a joint statement following the news, reported in today’s edition of ‘La Repubblica’ written by Enrico Currò, according to which: ‘On Thursday (the most recent), in a meeting via Zoom, the managers of the Milan information websites were invited not to convey news that could discourage the fans’.

The meeting, held on Microsoft Teams in the presence of part of the press office, the sites and content creators who follow the Rossoneri events on a daily basis, is part of the broader program of discussions which for years has allowed our brands to (we believe) maintain the high quality standard of our information. Information that is redundant to define as independent, both in moments of great sporting enthusiasm and in those of greater difficulty.

There is no point in hiding the fact that it is surprising how (true) news is conveyed by placing emphasis on a (presumed) coercion that never occurred. And which in any case, we underline, also presupposes a psychological subservience on the part of the Rossoneri’s digital information. An essentially harmful consideration for organisations that, indeed, relaunch media content daily on their platforms, undoubtedly bringing a beneficial echo to the aforementioned newspapers.

Today, let’s not forget, the digital information that revolves around the Milan club brings with it something like around 1 million followers on Instagram, 1.3 million followers on Facebook and large segments of the active public reached on X, TikTok, YouTube, Twitch.

Not to mention the data strictly linked to the audience of the sites themselves which, without mincing words too much, reduce the impact of the so-called ‘traditional’ media, even in their online versions. Although you are not required to share the content of the call on Teams, it would be enough to visit the various Rossoneri sites to realise the absolute disparity, and therefore freedom, in the treatment of issues.  Which, it goes without saying, are for everyone.

It is therefore easy to also find points of convergence in the treatment of some aspects that can only depend on the communication of the press office. We would, however, like to underline that no one has ever even thought of asking to be able to ‘override’ broadcasters (even more so those in possession of rights and commercial contracts) in collegial situations such as press conferences.

This press release is designed to defend an action that in about 14 years has represented for many a bulwark in the evolution of digital sports information, but above all to defend the millions of Rossoneri fans who get information every day on our channels, sometimes even criticising its contents, but always with the conviction of dealing with our professionalism, transparency, freedom. Quality that we make available to everyone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And without asking for anything.


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  1. I think Sempremilan is doing a great job. You writers get A LOT of (unwarranted) sh*t every week for your posts but without the articles this site would cease to exist. It’s so easy to criticize under a fake name/alias on the web while these guys put their name on the line.

    1. 100%, they can say whatever they want, but most people visiting this website appreciates the work they do to provide us with the news regarding everything going on with our highly acclaimed club. Especially for the non-Italian speakers. They do a very good job in maintaining the website.

  2. If I’m reading this correctly the major news sites (presumably GDS, Republicca etc) don’t like that their news are being rebroadcast through the fan sites like this (SempreMilan) and others because they either don’t like the way the info is being routed or reconvened and they’d like to have more control over their content and therefore viewership. Am I getting this right?

    I had to read this twice and it’s still fuzzy lol

    1. I guess the article from La Repubblica published today revealed that the club’s PR asked some platforms relaying Milan news, such as SempreMilan, not to publish news that are not perceived as good by the fans.

      1. They were invited to not convey negative news, but invited by who? The article doesn’t say its from the club, however the explanation that follow is more likely intended towards the major news corporation. Which I don’t really get why they don’t want the sites to convey negative news

      2. Preeeeeeety sure that lately any article involving Pioli as not been percieved “good” by Milan faithful… But that’s cause we keep questioning his decisions. Maybe Milan PR could talk to Pioli that some of his decisions damage the brand… LOL!!!

        1. Yeah I think that Milan didn’t like the narrative around the stories about Pioli hypothetically losing control over the locker room. Personally, I don’t believe it, it’s obviously based on the frustration from Giroud and Leao against Napoli, nothing more.

          So Italian media wrote a lot about it, then websites such as SempreMilan relayed these news from major newspapers (either it is true or fake isn’t SempreMilan’s responsibility), which is their very purpose. But the club didn’t like it and asked these websites to stop relaying what they consider as (fake) information. Basically calling for self-censorship because there is no way for websites such as SempreMilan to fact check everything they relay from La Gazza, or Tuttosport, etc.

          This is a very weird move from a professional PR team, let’s see if it can have a Streisand effect. Another PR nightmare for the club.

          1. Thanks Bartholomeo and others for the clarification and comments. I have a better idea of what’s happening now. I find it sad tbh. You can’t control how people feel about the club and the events surrounding the club. Surely the club can control their messaging coming out from their end and that’s fine – I don’t have a problem with that – but after that it’s fair game and that extends to journalists and media. To only promote the good news is going down a dangerous path as it’s not true freedom of expression (and if it encourages insider access by the club then even worse). Fans are allowed to consume and feel whatever they like about the club and events thereof and media outlets are free to disseminate as they see fit as long as it’s not libelous. It’s really down to fans and media alike to judge what is good and bad. Heck we even have disagreements here as to whether or not the summer transfer was bad or good, or formations or the owners or personnel and so on. The same news can be viewed in many ways.

    2. “The managers of the Milan information websites were invited not to convey news that could discourage the fans’.” But aren’t they just reposting what these big news sites post.

      This……. “we’re invited not to convey news that could discourage the fans”
      My mind can’t commiserate with all this information.

  3. Thank you to those who have left kind comments, we really appreciate them and we wouldn’t be what we are – hopefully a reputable site that you enjoy using – without your support and valued readership.

    For those confused by the contents of the statement I apologise. It has been translated from Italian with the help of multiple people, and this is the best version we could get.

    Essentially yes, the La Repubblica article referred to a meeting that took place involving Milan-related journalists that took place on Thursday, and what was relayed in that meeting is as has been pointed out in the comments already.

    Thanks again everyone,

    1. So the news sites were specifically asked not to post any “negative” articles? Essentially anything that damages the brand?

  4. The translation is atrocious….but this is Hilarious and sad at the same time. Management afraid of criticism and only want stories that portray the team, coach, management and club in a positive light??? Hate to break it to you but that is not how it works. You should not buy a football club or any sporting club for that matter if you are afraid of criticism lol. Your in the wrong line of business. It comes with the territory whether justified or not. Embarrassing to put this type of statement out. Wow

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