Defensive worry justified as Milan have many obvious flaws at the back

By Isak Möller -

Big matches serve as litmus tests for the teams in question, and AC Milan were painfully levelled in their encounter with Inter last night. Among other things, their defensive issues were highlighted. 

As stated by our colleagues at, Milan’s summer transfer market was spectacular in many ways, but they failed to improve an important department: the defence.

The absence of Tomori and Kalulu is a factor to consider in the defensive collapse, especially given how the Nerazzurri goal came about. Beyond this, however, Pioli cannot sleep peacefully.

Thiaw’s performance gave an instant overview of his level: excellent prospects, but still many gaps, both from a technical/tactical and character point of view. Milan have decided to focus on him as a starter and it’s a courageous as well as ‘fascinating’ choice, but his maturity is still far away and the growth path is still long.

Kjaer is a point of reference in the dressing room, a charismatic and also necessary voice within a young and new group like the Rossoneri. But his age made itself felt and his mobility has increasingly decreased. The difference in pace with Lautaro and Thuram was merciless. He cannot be a point of reference on the pitch.

Calabria stands out for his work ethic and discipline, but he’s by no means a guarantee. On the right, Milan have a problem and they are aware of it. On the left, the quality of Theo is obvious but he sometimes lacks concentration, especially in the big games.

Finally, Tomori is one of the most cemented starters along with Mike Maignan but we have also seen his flaws this season: defensive amnesia and a problem with out-of-control aggression, which cost him the red card against Roma.

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  1. This is one coach that never takes responsibility for his failures just like Maldini, never blames his tactics or lack of wonder he got along so well with Maldini…they never apologies 🙄
    Everytime he loses a game, he must have excuses! Last season the players weren’t good enough, this time he wants to take the first 70mins performance as if we were winning or playing well..
    I don’t see him as Milan’s coach till the end of the season obviously!

    1. “I’m Taking the first 70 minutes”…. That’s the sort of line I expect to hear from a Laurel and Hardy sketch…! After what he’s spent in the transfer window there is zero excuses especially when you get annihilated in the derby. The plus side is that he’s revealed what crap manager he actually is.

    2. I also hope not to see some players at Milan next season. Certain English player that arrived this season, but no one will pay the money that Milan gave for him…

  2. And where is the midfield? I didn’t see any of those players running back like Calhanoglu did. Embarrassing that snake is running like he is running for his life and these 2 mediocre players are jogging like they are Lampard and Gerrard.

    1. Maybe Furlani and co should have paid snake what he wanted so he didn’t have to snake us. Same with Kessie up to a certain point in the negotiations. Snake was the ideal player for us in that 4231. Tracks back really well. As much as I dislike him I’ll give him credit for his workrate

  3. Pioli was out foxed comfortably by Inzaghi, our midfield offered little to no grint, it felt like we played without a RB. In all, the whole team failed woefully, but the most blame has to be on Pioli. He offered no tactical solutions to the usual problems we faced against Inter, feels like he loves loosing to them.

  4. The thing is we have strengthened the attack ..
    The defence is a problem ..I did say that a while back .
    Olivier Giroud can hold his head high as he was always available for a pass ,but never seemed to arrive …We had plenty of the ball as usual but could not create any space on the flanks ..Rafeo leao over does things so times ,rather than passing when others are in good positions…That said he was still one of our better performers…pulisic was a absolute shambles , hardly touched the ball in the first half ,,little wonder he was subbed ..Loftus cheek worked really hard as usual ,and i suppose I would just about give him our best player last night ,as for subs ,,,not impressed.
    Now this sounds all negative , but inter knew are game inside out ,and allowed us the ball in areas of the felid that did not matter ,and when they did attack they did it knowing that our defence was weak ..
    Now onto the good news ..please don’t laugh but we can still challenge for the scuddeto this season’s early days …now the good news we will beat Newcastle on Tuesday ..

    1. Loftus Cheek gave away possession 10 times and had 0 useful passes from 32. Dude was the worst of the 3. Him being big also meant nothing because he lost most of the duels. Best player? Chukwueze was better than him, you can almost pick anyone that was better. Krunic did more.

      1. Da, ali ako imas toliki broj losih igraca na terenu, to znaci da ji taktika nije pogodjena od strane trenera.
        Trener je pustio obranu nek truli a isao ne na nekakve paseve u napadu. Bez jakih tehnickih sposobnosti tako nije moguce igrati. Mora se paziti na obranu I tako smo pusili I prosle sezone jer se nije pazilo..

        1. Na šta je išao? O čemu ti pričaš? Inter je dao loptu Milanu i ova trojica nisu apsolutno ništa napravila. 70% posjeda u 1. dijelu, imali su loptu cijelo vrijeme, šta se dogodilo? Bolje da su izbacili van, toliko su korisni. Rekao sam prije 3 mjeseca da su to očajni igrači, dostojni klupe Milana, da budu zamjene pravim igračima. Tako i je. Samo vam treba još par jakih utakmica da se vidi kakva je prevara RLC, i zašto je Reijnders bio u Nizozemskoj s 25.

        2. Pioli je otprilike dobar kao i ovaj trojac u sredini. Očajan trener i očajni igrači. Ibra je bio motivator i Pioli mu treba noge ljubiti što je naslov osvojio, čini mi se 1. i zadnji u karijeri. Zapamti, ova trojica u sredini nikad neće biti igrači za 1. postavu Milana. Niti jedan od njih.

      2. No. RLC was the only one who could dribble his way through MF. Apart from Leao and Theo, the others were terrified to try take-ons. Pulisick ran away.

        1. RLC did nothing. He didn’t have one useful pass. He lost the ball 10 times. If you try and fail, that is not good. Useless as Reijnders. Krunic did something defensively, and really a little and that was it from the midfield. How can you say someone was good when Inter gave them the ball and they were incapable of creating anything? Literally nothing, passed the ball between themselves to get in 30 passes each, that was it from them. They were given the ball by Inter.

  5. There is no shortcut to success.

    Only shortcut Milan took is to handle accounts. In just of couple of season, Milan make accounts positive. But it paid a lot of in terms of results.

    Milan bring some very known names, this year, but still we have a lot of players with potential only and without class.

    Still, loosing 5 1 in Derby we can see that our players doesn’t have motivation to battle for something higher. They are happy to be in Ac Milan and receive salary.

  6. Simic should have been brought to the team at this time to help out. When the defense was bad. Simic will have done well have replacement. Pioli needs to learn how to think fast in this kind of game.

  7. I have always maintained Pioli can’t take Milan to the next level even though we won the scudetto. He is indecisive. Pioli does know how to develop talents individually. Leao should have been explosive by now scoring lots of goals. You need a coach who can stretch him and bring the best out of him. The same applies to all the talents in Milan. With the players we have now if we could get a tactical coach like Conte, Spalleti, etc nobody can beat Milan. Pioli must go. Simple. Cardinal must fire him immediately for the disgraceful showing yesterday. We were humiliated. Our defenders are not bad. You need a good coach to develop and give them confidence to play. Enough is Enough. Pioli must go.

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