Sky: Demands, Milan’s exception, obstacles and the clubs interested – Leao renewal situation

By Oliver Fisher -

Any hopes that the AC Milan management had of wrapping up Rafael Leao’s renewal quickly may have vanished into thin air after today’s meeting, a report claims.

According to Sky, Leao’s lawyer arrived at Casa Milan in the late afternoon on Tuesday together with one of his collaborators (but without his father) for a first meeting which lasted about an hour to begin the dialogue regarding a renewal.

It is still very complicated for several reasons, the first being the very high demands of the player who knows that PSG, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Manchester City and Manchester United are after him. Secondly, there is the €16.5m owed to Sporting CP as a fine for terminating his deal with them four years ago.

Leao will have to contribute towards that and the entourage of the player would like to recover that amount through his next contract renewal. Milan would like to reach an agreement before the World Cup because they know it would become more difficult if he shone in Qatar, but the aforementioned makes things difficult.

Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain are pressing above all and we will have to wait for new meetings and developments to fully understand what the evolution of the negotiation will be, and much will also depend on the player’s will. If Leao wanted to stay with the Rossoneri to continue his growth, the negotiation could be a little less complicated, though there will be temptations from abroad.

Milan have made it known that in the next few days they will present a significant contract offer to the player but also explicitly said that they do not want to enter into the issue of compensation with Sporting CP.

The Rossoneri will do everything to keep the player but it seems very unlikely things will close before the World Cup. The biggest obstacle concerns the player’s requests which are much higher than Milan’s current salary ceiling, however the club could also make an exception to this rule given the importance that Leao has in the Milan project for the present and for the future.

Leao wants around €6-7m to extend his deal – practically triple his current salary – given that all the top European clubs have been courting him for some time and can afford to pay that.

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    1. Bro ur mentioning everywhere just pay him just pay him. He’s asking 7m then sporting fine as well it is a good sum money it is hard if u have the money u can pay no problem

  1. Well to be honest after being declared league mvp he deserves to be reckoned as one of the highest paid player in a team…..clubs who aim for reaching next level should consider this fact his performances did help team and now is his time to shine. If management think it’s beyond their reach then sell him simply….he’s been earning how much 1.7 to 2.2 m which is peanuts for performance he has given…..I would again blame the management they are observing their players day in and day out instead of us fans who watches them on match days. The management should have wrapped it up then only why drag this far too long. Obviously now with time against the management the players entourage will play hard ball. We can’t make timely decision then we blame players for being too self fish and greedy they earn their livelihood through this they will go for a higher financial benefits. Now some will bash me but yes we love milan but always see both sides of the coin.. and one thing maldini is just an employee what I wrote is about the management who approves the figures…..

  2. Dammit
    Ever since renewal problem with Leao, his performance has become dimmed, just like romagnoli and donnaruma
    This process is gonna cost us the scudetto

  3. Leao needs to be renewed and I think that he will sign a new contract in the next few weeks.
    His demand of 6-7 mil a year is a fair number. For Serie A he is a game changer and the management needs to make an exception. You make exceptions for exceptional people.
    I have bigger issue with players like Bennacer, Kalulu not being extended yet.
    Milan offered , according to reports, 3 mil to Bennacer which is disrespectful.
    Milan pays old man Florenzi 3 mil, a back up, who can’t go for more than 2 months without a surgery, and Dest 3.8 mil, a back up to a back up, while at the same time offering one of the most important players in the team only 3 mil .
    If the salary cap is 4 mil, than the ownership is not the problem here but management.
    We all love Maldini, the player and the SD, but the way he has handled players contract negotiations over the last 4 years have been very problematic.

    1. “If the salary cap is 4 mil, than the ownership is not the problem here but management”…
      …u know the owners give the salary cap to management to work with, right? Not the other way around. The owners sets the overall budget including wages. It’s then management to implement it. If they say 4m what is Maldini to do when a player asks for 7? Plus I don’t know if u know but ownership changed last month and probably have a different mandate now

      1. I was talking about Maldini’s offer to Bennacer of 3 mil a year.
        If cap is at 4mil and Maldini low balls Bennacer with 3 mil offer how is that on the ownership .
        Florenzi and Bennacer should not be making the same money

  4. Every renewal, every negotiation has been a hassle for years now. We can’t get the necessary players for a needed position, neither can we keep our good players.
    The fact that the management are giving peanuts to important players while clowns like Origi, Florenzi and Dest averages 4m just for sitting on the bench is such a huge shame and this might become catastrophic in the near future.
    I must add, who is Tonali’s agent and why did he accept such trash for his clients renewal?

    1. “Every renewal, every negotiation has been a hassle for years now.”

      BS! Look at Tomori & Hernandez. No fuzz, no hassle. They wanted a new contract and they got a new contract. If the player wants to stay, he stays. Tonali did that too. In a heartbeat.

    2. “I must add, who is Tonali’s agent and why did he accept such trash for his clients renewal?”

      It’s the player who decides his future – not his agent. Or at least it should be. The agent is working for the player – not the other way around.

    1. Who tonali? Well none of our milan players except few runs milan in their blood. And tonali tops the list…if he is says what he refers then he will be a milan legend… but there are few and less players in footballing world who live breath and eat milan

  5. There is something wrong with our board and management…for last two years we are messed up with contract situation…ok hakan and gigio were fine I know how they acted and thought this has to be a wake up call for management they learned from their mistakes…..but then roma and kessie and now we got isma and leao….OK first time you learn from mistake, second time it’s a repeat of story and lastly we are caught up now third time it’s happening…..if you can’t afford simply sell the players get something atleast…in one way or the other we are going to loose the player either if not by next summer or in 2024 when their contracts are up…..because the way things looks neither of two will find an agreement

  6. Več smo Leaa izgubili ! Milan nikad ne može dat koliko mogu ova četi najbogatija kluba !! Svaki igrač trči radi novca pa zašto bi u Milanu trčao za 5 kad mu se negdje drugo nudi 10 !! On hoče ostat ha ha ha !! Gluposti !! On je več prodan a sve ostalo je novinarska FARSA !!!!!!

  7. In the Berlusconi era, Galliani would already make a deal and secure the best players in the world. In this era – we are negotiating for months and losing best players for a 1M dollars in difference and then we are buying De Ketelare for 35M??? That’s totally NOT understandable!!!

    1. Times change. When Berlusconi had money, Serie A was THE top league. Now EPL is at its own level when it comes to money. Even Bundesliga fares better than Serie A nowadays. That says a lot.

    2. That era also that bring us to this misery (huge debt and sold this team to the chinese swindler) and you think in which era we almost pay all the debt?

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