MN: The details of Leao’s renewal as Milan are on the home stretch

By Euan Burns -

It seems like AC Milan could be close to achieving their main off-field goal which is to get Rafael Leao signed onto a new contract that protects his value, a report claims. 

As has been reported by Milan News, the Rossoneri are now making some serious headway on the renewal of the contract that is currently set to expire in June 2024.

The Portuguese star and the club are now working on the duration of the contract which could be 2-3 years and the player is likely to get €7.5 million per season.

It was reported on Friday by Relevo that there had been a breakthrough in the talks that had reached something of a stand-still, and this further Milan News report helps to confirm it.

By getting Leao on a new deal, it means that Milan can either keep him for a season or two longer or get a much higher fee when he is sold.

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  1. “By getting Leao on a new deal, it means that Milan can either keep him for a season or two longer or get a much higher fee when he is sold.”

    Just because Leao is extending his contract doesn’t mean Milan can sell him for a higher fee. He can have a 15 year contract but if he continues to play as he has the last 3 months his value will continue to fall and with his new high salary would be harder for Milan to sell him even if they wanted to.

    1. It is not like that. Biggest risk in player manoeuvre are injuries. Leao is 23 years old, he can still improve his game. Actually sporting penalty should improve his play because untill he pay to Sporting he can’t earn big money for himself.
      Milan extension gives Milan opportunity to sell in winter or next summer for more money.

  2. Got much experience selling football players have you? In real football clubs and not on fm2023 though? Are you a football agent maybe? IF we are selling him it absolutely protects his value, or would you rather try selling him when his contract expires in 2024? This is a solution that helps Milan massively as he could easily do a donnarummer or kessie like you have posted here in the past, why do you look for a negative from both options?

    1. Try reading the comments before responding emotionally as usual.
      No i haven’t sold players nor am I an agent in real life or in whatever fm is.
      Didn’t say that it’s a bad thing that he is renewed, but that even if he has an extra year or 5 on his contract doesn’t mean that Milan can sell him for more money unless he performs better because he has been awful the last 3 months.
      Teams could have come in and tried to sign him from Milan with 1 year left and making only 1.5mil, but none did. If he actually gets 7.5 mil and still performs poorly, teams will be even less interested in signing him.
      That’s called common sense in any year not just in 2023

      1. Its call bs not common sense, he still has more than 1 year left on his current deal and we did turn down an enquiry for him already from Chelsea, you are acting like renewing his contract is bad in some way which it is not. You common sense is your OPINION which is wrong in my OPINION. Has he been bad last 3 months? yes he has, he has also been played out of position by the coach and asked to do things on the pitch that he is not able to do, its like asking bennacer to be a No 9 target man despite being 5′ 7″. Leao is a left winger by all accounts and excels out wide trying to beat players he is not a false 9 or anything like that and its clear to see this. Does that mean he is worth less because of that?? A players value is determined not just by what he has done on the pitch in 3 months but also factors like the current length of his contract having a longer contract increases his value . That is common sense.

        1. Ha ha ha.
          Just stop.
          Playing out of position?
          He was still playing as a left winger just maybe 5 – 10 metters more centrally. What a false equivalency you made with Bennacer and false 9. It was embarrassing to read.
          Leao has been at Milan for 4 years now and for 75% of that time he was poor, so it’s not only the last 3 months.
          If you play poorly, you can have 20 year contract and no team will wanna sign you but you believe that the length of his contract, not his performance ,is a bigger factor in his value,
          and you call that common sense.
          That’s precious.
          Call that BS or your senseless opinion
          Have a good day, buddy

          1. So which one is it then? Either maldini and massara are useless for letting leao walk away for free like donnarummer,kessie,hakan like you have said many times before or it’s a good solution to get leao renewed on a 2-3 year contract. You can’t cry about both situations and be right so which one of YOUR opinions was pulled out of your ass and which one is right, buddy.

  3. Well said @1MIKEJ. Having Leao resign even if only for another 2-3 years is excellent business. Protects our investment and allows us to sell from a position of strength in another year or 2. He will still be in his prime when we sell (25) so he will still command a heft transfer fee. Unfortunately the many Leao haters on this forum may soon have egg on their faces if he resigns and now have to resort to the weak arguments like @20&8 have spouted “well what IF he plays bad the next 3 years then we are stuck because it will be hard to sell him at the higher salary” LOLOLOLO. Stick to your paper route brother and let the grown men deal with business. Unreal. Haters gonna continue to hate. First they complain he won’t resign and he’s a greedy person – then if he signs well it’s bad because now we can’t sell him???? Hahahahaha. Morons. Funny cause Donnarumma and Kessie didn’t have a problem finding teams that would pay them higher salaries. Don’t think Leao would have that problem either. Can’t wait till that donkey @bb weighs in LMAO.

    1. Oh here comes another Leao fanboy whose arguments are always weak that’s why he has to resort to calling people names.
      And just like the other fanboy above he also has trouble reading and processing information.
      You mentioned Kessie and Donnarumma.
      1st , those guys got paid but after leaving Milan for free, they weren’t sold. And we are talking about sales here. There is a big difference between paying 60,70 mil transfer fee plus paying someone 7mil salary, than just paying only 7 million without having to pay transfer fee. No club outside of a little cheesy offer from Chelsea came for your guy. Matter fact they went and signed Mudryk for more money than they offered Milan for leao.
      2nd, there is one big difference between Leao and Kessie, Donnarumma. Franck and Gigio actually had several years of performing on a high level, unlike your guy who has had several years of performing poor interrupted with few good games here and there.
      If he makes 7.5 mil a year and he underperforms, Milan won’t be able to sell him from any position of strength.
      Just look at Juventus and their 7.5 mil players like Ramsey, Khedira and your personal favorite Adrian Rabiot. They had long contracts but 2 of those, Juventus had to actually buy out just so they can get them of their payroll because no one wanted to sign them and the 3rd, your guy Rabiot, is about to leave on free because they couldn’t sell him.
      Either Leao performs up to his salary or Milan will be stuck paying someone who they won’t be able to sell.
      Teams that can spend more than Milan won’t be Interested in signing a player that underperforms at Milan.
      Anyway, I gotta go get ready for my paper route

  4. Comparing Leao to Ramsey and Khedira shows you know nothing about football. You are also assuming Leao won’t continue to get better. Funny how you seem to be the only one in that camp while real professional sporting directors at the worlds largest clubs disagree – lol. But hey I guess we should all listen to you and not the experts who do this for a living. You are also comparing his proposed new salary against the salaries of Italian league players, not EPL or German or Spanish league players – who to those clubs – 7.5M/season is normal. Lastly if we took your approach and don’t pay players who outperformed their current deal (yes Leao at 1.5M/season has outperformed his deal) – we wouldn’t go anywhere as a club. You want all of the reward with zero risk lol. Life doesn’t work like that buddy. So is it a risk to give him 7.5M? Somewhat. Is it a risk to give Mike, or Tonali etc…6, 7M a risk as well? Yes somewhat. All are risks, but there is a difference between a calculated risk and a reckless risk. If Leao was asking for EPL money (15M) then I would agree with you. BUT he is NOT. He is asking to be paid as one of the top players in a Serie A. Whether you think he’s worth it is irrelevant. Obviously M&M and many many other clubs think he is RIGHT NOW while he is not in his best form. Why?? Because they know more than you and believe he will continue to grow and get better. Could they be wrong? Sure. But that is why it’s a calculated risk and IF you want to get ahead and continue to grow as a club and return to glory you have to make them. It’s smart business. He’s not 28, he’s 23 and not even in his prime yet. 6’2 attacking players with blazing pace and skill that can change the game in an instant will always have a market especially at 23-26 years of age. So relax and put way the Leao hate be happy (IF this story about him resigning is true) that we protected our biggest asset and can sell in the future from a stronger bargaining position and go run and join @bb on that paper route!!

    1. People have different opinion than your fanboy opinion and they automatically dont understand football.
      You and the Bennacer false n9 guy should read the article, my first comment and then try to understand what you read.
      I didn’t say Milan shouldn’t extend Leao, I said his extention doesn’t mean that Milan can sell him for more money by default unless he PERFORMS up to that contract.
      But you 2 got triggered for no reason besides not being able to process what you read.
      Ramsey, khedira and Rabiot( your guy) were all making the money leao wants, so i can conpare him with them, and they weren’t worth it.
      You also assume that he will get better and not get worse. History speaks otherwise, he has gotten worse this year and with big contracts, big expectations, big pressure comes in. Has he been able to perform under pressure?
      Nope he disappears. Watch the games.
      Also what professional directors disagree? What people that do this for a living disagree?
      Who came and offered Milan money for Leao, besides Chelsea,? and Chelsea didn’t even try hard to sign Leao.
      Summer 2021 Chelsea signs serie A mvp Lukaku for 115 mil,
      Summer 2022 Chelsea and only Chelsea offered Milan only 70 mil for Serie A mvp Leao. Almost 50 mil less. That’s what professional director thought of Leao.
      January of 2023 Chelsea still trying to sign a LW , did they come after Leao? Nope. Instead they signed Mudryk for a lot more than what they offered for Leao. They also spent 121 mil for Enzo Fernandez and they wouldn’t give up for nothing.
      That’s what professional directors think of Leao.
      What other sporting directors think leao is worth it? Imaginary ones.
      Reports coming out that his agent is offering him around Europe but no club had concrete interest in him.
      It’s simple, he has to perform up to his new salary if Milan can think about increasing his value and selling him from a position of strength, if he doesn’t he is just like Khedira, Ramsey , Rabiot.
      Time will tell.
      Is That’s how life works, buddy?

      1. EVERY player has to perform up to their new salary you donkey in order to increase their values. That is a given lol. As I said time will tell. As I also said – it is a risk, just like with ANY player you give a salary increase to. But it’s a calculated risk. Tomori got a raise and he’s not performing up to it. That’s the risk. But one every team has to take. Again read what I said. Yes it’s a bigger risk at a higher salary but that is what happens when you go after bigger talent. You want certainty and that doesn’t happen in sports. Now what happens if he outperforms his 7.5M salary?? What are you going to do then?? Shut your mouth and be happy we got him for such a reasonable price ? or make up some more BS how he’s a terrible player and doesn’t deserve anything. With ppl like you your mind is already made up. No matter what the kid does it’s never good enough for you. And you call yourself a fan? Sad. Go to bed son it’s past your bedtime

        1. @Juro
          Imagine being so triggered because people are telling you facts about someone that you idolize.
          I guess that’s the difference between a supporter and a fanboy.

          1. Not surprised you couldn’t answer my question nor @1MIKEJ’s – LOL. Not surprised. Not a fanboy just smart enough to know it’s smart business to protect your biggest asset. Something your little mind cannot comprehend. Cheers mate.

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