Di Canio says Milan striker is ‘not a goalscorer’ but can be ‘very important’

By Euan Burns -

Paolo Di Canio has said that new AC Milan striker Divock Origi is not a goalscorer but can be very important for the Rossoneri this season. 

The former Italian striker was talking during an interview with Tuttosport about the Belgian forward when he suggested that despite having scored important goals in his career, he is not primarily a goalscorer.

“He is not a goalscorer, but he is remembered for his decisive goals in the Champions League.”

He then went on to explain that the former Liverpool and Lille man can still be very important for Milan due to the physique that he possesses and the experience he has in quality teams during his career.

“He can be a very important acquisition for Milan. He is someone who is used to fighting to win and comes to a club that has just returned to success.

“He has worked in a top team, he has the physique and speed to do well in Italy, but he has to apply himself to become more of a first striker.

“He is the right age to do so and he does not lack the skills, he is good at shooting with both feet, he is strong with his head and in acrobatics.”

He used the example of Lucas Leiva as a player who was not seen as elite at Liverpool but came to Italy and became a leading player in his position.

“But he comes from Liverpool, the top of the top. Think of Lucas Leiva who after two redundant seasons with the Reds came to Lazio at the age of 30 and became the best defensive midfielder in Serie A for a couple of seasons.”

Origi signed for the Rossoneri on a free transfer but he is not expected to have recovered from injury in time for the Udinese match.

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  1. I’m not Italian but it amuses me to see how so many people especially Italians belittle the league. The league cherish foreigners, treats them like god! Players like Scammaca and the rest will go out to shine outside the league…. For example; my Milan has Colombo same age with Lazetic but still moved for the latter cos he is a foreigner, why not give him sometime? I’ve been an AC Milan fan since age 7….. I love the Italian league, I love Milan! I don’t know how this man and some people comes up and say certain things…. There are many midfielders way better than Leiva when he joined the league…… He also said Leiva was redundant at Liverpool….. The LUCAS LEIVA I know? The generation of players that made Milan suffer back then…. Show some respect to Leiva and above all to the Italian league!

    1. Stop the primitive thinking and start seeing the world as it evolves.. there is strength in diversity. Also I don’t think the disrespect is coming from people and all. I feel the problem is the Italian FA with their old ways of running football. Other leagues have upgraded a lot..

      1. What a generic modern day male post….

        Nobody is saying diversity is bad but my God have some damn pride in your own league at least have a good amount of starting players from your country… it’s disgusting how few italians we have today. And this isn’t just an Italian problem but recently has become one for Milan which is why it’s more noticeable now.

      2. What are you talking about? Diversity? AC Milan is a football club, not a Disney movie. The club’s success was built on a strong core of Italians. It’s sad there are so few Italians in the first team squad. Something needs to be done about it.

        1. You need to accept the FACT that Italian players nowadays are mostly mediocre compare to Maldini era. And not just mediocre but they’re overpriced as F. How can mediocre players like Belotti or Berardi have more than €50 million price tag?!

          Or Dollaruma who asked for €12 million /year but he still made plenty of silly blunders. Even Dida or Abbiati never plays that bad in their younger days. Compare to Mike who plays excellent and he paid less than Dollaruma.

          That’s why Maldini which he himself is Italian, recruit a lot of non-Italian players because he knows nowadays Italian players aren’t that good. There’s rare diamond like Tonali but the rest just meh.

          1. Agree. Buy maignan still more cheap than pay donna salary 8m euro nett ( AC Milan offer) for 5 years contract. We once bid 60m euro for belotti but torino president reject that due to greedy want 100m euro ( lucky we dodge the bullet) . Scamacca move to EPL with 42m euro transfer fee ,thats big money . Italian player are expensive in transfer fee & salary, thats make AC Milan only buy young & cheap italian player. Raspadori 30m euro,berardi 35m euro ,frattesi 30m euro ,that was crazy price tag sassoulo put on italian player, if their squad worth more than 150m euro price tag then why sassoulo finish rank 10?

          2. U are right but how is Maguire worth 80m, Grealish 100m and more. The worse defender is Serie A is better than Maguire….. Their players are overhyped. Just few English players ply their trade out of their country…. Berardi is way better than Grealish!

          3. Funny…I thought I saw Italy win an international tournament last year..


            These are not mediocre players

            The Prem players have won jack shit and Co tongue to underwhelm. Italy are going through a transition form the 2021 winning team which were older to the young guns of Raspadori, Calabria, Scamacca, Tonali etc.

  2. I agree, it’s a ridiculous statement. It’s the default ‘anything from the prem is better than anything in Serie A’ diatribe.

    Lucas Leiva was never a leading midfielder in Serie A nor the prem, he was decent in both. Most people are getting excited about Ziyech and Origi because they are coming from the prem and we must get excited about that. Let’s all go look on FIFA and adopt the prem player better player philosophy, he’s 27, never scored more than 7 in a season, Klopp clearly sees nothing in him. He’s a useful forward player imo, can offer something different.

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