Di Marzio: Bennacer has accepted Milan’s contract offer – release clause remains

By Isak Möller -

Ismael Bennacer has accepted the contract terms tabled by AC Milan in the last few days and the negotiation is now in the very final stage. In fact, the agreement is expected to be fully completed by Monday. 

Milan have been in talks with the agent of Bennacer, Enzo Raiola, quite intensely in the last few weeks and great progress has clearly been made. According to Gianluca Di Marzio, an agreement has now been reached and the matter is a done deal.

The final details will be sorted by the parties shortly and the contract signing will take place once that is done. The terms of the deal are as follows: €4m per year including bonuses until 2027 and a €50m release clause.

The release clause was already in the previous contract and while Milan wanted to remove it, they agreed to leave it in there. If the terms are the same, then that clause will only be valid for clubs from abroad.

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  1. They are dumb. Clause should be raised to up to 70 million at least. You cant give more salary and leave same clause. But if Bennacer want to leave in the future – let him go.

    1. Most likely Bennacer’s signature wouldn’t come without the 50M€ clause, so you really think Milan should have let him leave for free next year, eh? 50M€ is better than zero.

      I know one idiot visiting this site who has constantly suggested 0 is better than 40M€ but that’s another story.

      1. Hahahahaha!!! There he is the donkey @bb LOL. Good bless you, you mentally challenged turd, top scorer in the church co-ed league, and advocate of selling Leao this January for 40M!!!! Hahahaha! Your the best kid keep on churning out those mindless comments and spewing out your amazing goal scoring record in grade school lol. Happy New Year to you – you donkey!!

        1. Ah, the village idiot arrived. The only “fan” here who thinks it would have been better to let Leao leave for free than getting 40M€ for him. 😀

          Still haven’t learned that 0 is less than 40M€, eh? LOL.

  2. The fact that he gets a great increase of his salary i find it kinda disloyal to keep the door open for a swift move away when it should be increased to at least 75 mil. Hopefully it cant be activated already this summer because considering sign on fees and the increase in sallary it could be money out of the window as i see it.
    If the release clause really is 50 mil then i cant really say im very comfortable on building our future partially on him as his head seems set on a future move and that really isnt sustainable for the project when we could invest our time and money on someone in for the long run,

    1. They had to compromise.
      A good compromise is when both sides feel a little disappointed.
      If he wanted to leave, he would have left already.
      If other teams wanted him , they would have activated his release clause already.
      50 mil is still better than zero

      1. His release clause could only be activated the first 2 weeks of july if i remember correctly so its not like we would have to accept a 50 mil offer except for that short duration of time. My point here is that you cant build a future on player like that and i stand fully by what i said. Hopefully we will see a summer addition or one of our other players steps up their game and then benches him as id much rather see a player start that commits his future with the club instead of one holding us at ransom which he pretty much has done if the release clause hasnt been increased.
        Leao’s case is different because at a 150 mil release clause we would be able to reinvest in several players whereas 50 mil wont get us far especially as i believe we owe empoli around 20% of a future sale that exceeds the price we paid them. Thats lousy money for a player like bennacer who we bought for 17.2 which would leave 32.8 mil where a 5th (6.56mil) would go to empoli leaving us a profit of 26.24 mil minus sign on fees whatever they are + salary paid in the time we might keep him.
        Thats ridiculous in regard of we invested time and money on said player and we might endup with a prfit of less than 20 mil in case of a sale.

        1. Liverpool and Chelsea are ready to spend over 100 million for a midfielder this January. If Bennacer was that wanted, they would have already come to Milan and offered 50 mil or more for him or even less based on how little time was left on his contract.
          We love Bennacer because he is a Milan player, and we got nothing on the bench, but if we are being honest, he isn’t that appreciated outside of Italy.

          1. “We love Bennacer because he is a Milan player, and we got nothing on the bench, but if we are being honest, he isn’t that appreciated outside of Italy.”

            And if we continue being honest… There’s plenty of better midfielders in EPL already and the reason why Bennacer is so important TO MILAN is mainly due to the lack of quality around him. He’s good but he’s not even in the top-20 of his position in Europe.

          2. Well then what next year ? this is not sustainable and if he infact has demanded a 50 mil release clause id rather see him sold or benched regardless of what other milan fans might think.

        2. You are getting ahead of yourself. He isn’t leaving anytime soon. He just signed a new contract.
          Also, who are you benching him for?
          When some of us complain about the club losing starters and not replacing them with similar quality players, we are called Maldini haters.
          Can’t bench any of our starters because our bench is awful

          1. Well i havernt called you or anyone else here a maldini hater but i can understand why some maybe have been called that as i pretty much reads every comment on this site on a daily basis and he has actually done more for this club than anyone else except berlusconi and the founders.
            Bennacer may or may not stay for the long run and sure its better to get a bit of cash than none but i do find it disloyal to demand a hefty increase of his salary and still have that release clause implemented. so i wouldnt bet on the player more than short term.

          2. “Can’t bench any of our starters because our bench is awful”

            This! If everyone is fit Milan can “easily” win the 2nd scudetto and could perhaps even challenge Spurs too. But remove a couple of starters and will lose 5-0 to Spurs and fight for the TOP4 spot in Serie A.

    2. With 50M€ they should be able to buy a good enough player. Perhaps one with creativity as Bennacer is pretty helpless in the last 3/4 of the pitch.

  3. 50m for any English club will be a bargain, but hopefully it’s not active this summer and at least he won’t be leaving for free

    1. I mean, this is probably the best compromise. Raise the release to 70m and the salary demand goes up to 6m. The parties have to meet in the middle somewhere. 50m for Bennacer is not terrible. For that money we can find an equivalent, maybe for a little less even.

  4. It’s crazy some kids in here calling Maldini “dumb” and his works are “meh” and “a joke”.

    But i’m glad those voices isn’t the majority of what Milanisti thinks about Maldini.

    1. Yeah. Those people actually think they could do better job. Just R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S!

      Play FM a couple of hours and you’re qualified to run a actual club? LOL.

  5. Players leave for free and some of you hate on the management, management learns their lesson and covers themselves incase a player wants to leave and some of you are still upset. With 50 million milan could buy 2.5 new Bennacers. I know we want our best players to stay forever and love Milan like we do but not all Milan players are Milan fans, they are professionals with their own goals. I have no doubt Bennacer is loyal to Milan but it’s clear he envisions/set a professional goal for himself to at some point play for a top EPL club. I respect all Milan players past and present (except Hakan) and I especially respect the ones will to sign contracts that help protect the investment made in them even if they wish to eventually move on.

  6. If bennacer had been sold last summer for 50mn we could have afforded Enzo from River. Sure, its all ifs and buts we also might have signed the next Bakayoko lol 😆

    Personally I think its good he’s signed for what we all seem to agree is a reasonable salary and bit too low release clause. Given the terms, I reckon he stays til at least summer 2024 and that gives management time to fund the next Enzo and this time, buy him.

    Good deal all round, bennacer has been a solid player for us.

    Forza Milan

  7. Enzo Fernandez didn’t get away. Had he signed for Milan, he’d have probably struggled for more than a season as most players do under Pioli.

    No one is paying more than €50 million for Bennacer.

  8. Always the same idiots like Zoro caloro and milanello to blame Maldini for everything, you never know what really happened behind the curtain and by the looks of it this is probably a compromise from Bennacer as he’s not seeing himself stay for long with us and wanted a much better paycheck from the EPL teams but he wants to give us something rather than leaving us again with nothing like what had happened with Cashie and Dollaruma. ofc I myself are not happy with the 50M clause as i rated him much higher but what can you do if he doesnt wants to renew if the clause havent being inserted? guess idiots will again blame Maldini when he leaves for free!!.

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