Di Marzio confirms Milan have made contact with Rabiot: “We are there”

By Ben Dixon -

In the upcoming mercato, several areas need to be reinforced. One of the top priorities is the midfield, and Gianluca Di Marzio has commented on the rumours which link AC Milan to Adrien Rabiot.

Several things must be rectified in the upcoming window, and the balance situation is a priority currently, with other mercato avenues slowing slightly. However, it is not just the paid market that Milan is surveying.

Instead, they are keeping their options open, searching for players who offer fantastic value and are at the end of their contracts, which is the situation with Rabiot.

Of course, the Juventus midfielder is not an unknown quality to the Rossoneri, and his situation is not new either. However, the outcome this summer could be, given he has not yet signed a renewal with the Old Lady.

Di Marzio spoke to Sky (via Milan News) to discuss the Rabiot situation and what must happen before any moves are made for the Frenchman.

“There was contact, Milan said ‘We are there’. Evidently, they spoke to Rabiot’s mum and made their proposal. It’s not in line with what Rabiot has earned in recent years but it’s obviously an important proposal nonetheless.

“The player wants to wait until the end of the European Championship, he’s not making it a club issue, not even one of disrespect towards Juventus. He would have wanted to resolve the situation before the European Championship.

“It wasn’t like that, the moment the European Championship started, it’s not that he asked more from Juve or is asking more from other teams… He simply wants to wait until the end of the European Championship,” he stated.

“Then which teams will have waited for him at the end of the European Championship, then he will evaluate them and decide, with priority I think to Juventus, for what has been his relationship with Juve until now, provided that Juve decides to wait a few weeks.

“Milan however needs to get a player in the middle of the field. Whether it’s Fofana, whether it’s Rabiot, whether it’s Chelsea youngster Chukwuemeka, who can be taken regardless, for sure Milan are looking for a midfielder with those characteristics.”

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      1. Bennacer has a release clause of 50 millions in his contract that becomes active in summer of 2024. Go check some facts before you mock people🤡

        1. And half of the Spanish club players half a release clause set at a billion, that doesn’t mean that they will be sold for that amount.
          Leao has 175 mil release clause ann no one is paying that, just like no one is paying anywhere near 50 mil for a Milan bench player who can’t stay on the pitch.
          Use your brain before you call people 🤡s, 🤡!

          1. There’s a difference between a billion and 50 millions. Here’s where you should use your brain. No one will give you billion but they’ll be willing to splash nasty amounts for someone who has a billion in his contract (latest example Yamal where PSG reportedly offered 250 millions). If RedBird are open to sell him for 25 millions that’s their choice but THE FACT is he has 50 millions release clause. And until they accept less it’s just a speculation. So yes, check THE FACTS first before you mock🤡

        2. Nobody is paying 50M for benny. And even if by chance some 💩 🇸🇦 club does activate it there is a very low chance benny would consider the idea of leaving to there imao

          1. Going back to the top comment. 50-60M easy for benny and adli. That’s beyond speculation. That’s wishful thinking. If both sold for 30M would be a miracle

        3. The fact that he has a 50 mil clause has nothing to do with what a team is ready to pay for him.
          50 mil is not his valuation but a number negotiated in his contract to protect the team and the player, just like Leao’a 175 or the billion for Spanish players.
          Right now there is zero interest in Bennacer from Europe and the only Interest comes from the Saudi league.
          Same Saudi league that payed less than 15 mil for Kessie, 18 for Brozovic and 25 mil for Seko Fofana, 3 players way better than Bennacer.
          So it’s not just management’s choice to sell him for 25, that’s probably the most they can get for him, because there is no one stupid enough to pay them 50 mil.
          Try using common sense.

  1. “The player wants to wait until the end of the European Championship….” You could apply this statement to practically every one of our targets unfortunately. We probably have to get through this competition before we see any major moves from Moncada and co. 🕺

  2. If Milan wants to snap Rabiot they obviously need to offer him more than Juve offered him. Based on that sentence “It’s not in line with what Rabiot has earned in recent years” they are not giving him more.

    Tbh it would be quite dumb move of Rabiot to leave Juve for Milan to earn LESS, start in completely new environment, fight for the squad and risk a lot of hate (moving from Juve to Milan, arch-rival). He wouldn’t gain anything, because objectively speaking Juve is at the same level as Milan in terms of Scudetto fight at this moment, as well as ability to win something in Europe. Wouldn’t make sense for him. Milan must offer more, just that.

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