Di Marzio: €29m De Ketelaere deal stalls due to requests of player and entourage

By Oliver Fisher -

At the moment, everything is at a standstill in the negotiation that would see Charles De Ketelaere leave AC Milan and join Atalanta, it is claimed.

Gianluca Di Marzio reports that after the meeting between De Ketelaere’s entourage and the club’s management in Zingonia today, Atalanta have not currently accepted the high commissions requested and the high salary too.

After the agreement found between the clubs, at the moment this request from the entourage appears to block the transfer, so some movement will be needed from one side or the other to get things back on the right track.

Milan and Atalanta have already shook hands on a €3m paid loan with a €22m option to buy and €4m in bonuses.

De Ketelaere arrived in the summer of 2022 from Club Brugge, while the Belgian attacking midfielder has played 40 games for the Rossoneri across all competitions, without scoring a goal.

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  1. if colombo wants a loan and cdk is reluctant to leave on a loan keep him as our 3rd choice upfront and could also cover other positions if we are struck by injuries and who knows with more creative and fast and aggressive players around him he might fnaly do better.

    1. I don’t think he will do better. He had plenty of opportunities. He played 40 games and always looked lost. I am very eager to get rid of him. Signing him was clearly a mistake.

      1. i dont blame him though and he only played 15 full games for us minutes wise and was both unlucky due to himself but just as much as his team mates kept missing open chances he created, he could easily have had 5 assists after his first 10 matches but his team mates kept squandering one chance after the other.
        I will aknowledge though that what lots of people has compained about is the lack of grinta that irritates me the most and that would need a serious improvement,

        1. His overall work rate is very poor and his mentality is poor too. He doesn’t keep trying after an attempt. A hypothetical potential five assists is meaningless.

          The guy mopes around the field and is a liability if something he tries doesn’t work out.

          This isn’t someone who fights and fights. And I dispute whether the chances he created were really open chances. Many of them were half chances.

          His poor attitude could be infectious and we can’t have that.

      2. This is one way coach puch good player out of there side due to their rubbish style of play ..kelvin started same way in Chelsea and mohinro fringe him out of Chelsea but now one of the best player

  2. Man, this kid is dumber than I thought. Or at least his handlers are. Has a chance to go to a good team with a good coach where he can redeem himself and instead he’s going to stay here where there is no spot for him and he will not play. His value is only going to drop after another season on the bench.

    1. Well said. This is his chance to revive his football career. I believe an agreement would be reached. There’s no plan for him in the squad this season.

      1. David Beckham was frozen out of the Real Mardid squad and made to train alone by Fabio Cappello to try to force him to leave. He chose to stay and fight for his spot, by the end of the season he was one of Cappello’s automatic starters.

        Shows good character to stay and fight. He just needs to do the work to prove it.

        Good luck to him

        1. bruh you compare CDK with Beckham? 😀
          I like CDK tbh, but his match mentality is zero at the moment.. he already got 40 matches but failed to prove his worth and now he or his agents asked for something more from atalanta? that is kinda sui*ide for his career..

          1. What 40 matches ? He played 1400 minutes accross all competitions that is barely 15 matches. He was starter in 8 matches , 2 of them were when Pioli rotated whole team and rest of matches he played 15-20 minutes and leta not forget Sassuolo match when Pioli take him out after 45 minutes.

        2. He doesn’t have the mentality or attitude to stay and fight. Nor does he have a part in this Milan.

          And comparing him to David Beckham is insulting to David Beckham. Laughable comparison.

        3. There are lots of players who move countries and need time to settle and adapt, probably why he is reluctant to leave the family and start that process again.
          CDK needs time and attention I would hope that we can provide that, I still believe in his talent, he needs to put on some muscle weight to become more resilient in possesion.
          Giroud is at an age where his form could just drop off never to return, we still need FWD options in my view.

  3. Whether it’s CDK or his entourage, is anyone thinking about his career?

    Red the tea leaves, ffs.

    His biggest supporter, Maldini, is gone.

    Pioli doesn’t trust him. He doesn’t change his mind and has changed the system.

    What is CDK going to do, sit on the bench for the next 12 to 18 months?

    1. He caould still sit out for january and see if a spot opens up due to bad form or injuries, personally as a milan fan id stay if there was potential chance of succeeding there so i dont blame him, also joining a team that has less chance of playing cl football why wouldnt he want a compensation as well for joining a potentially lesser team ?
      I can understand why they might want to skip him out if there isnt any room for him but things can fairly quickly change in football.

      1. Of course you would choose to sit on the bench and not play haha Mart No Heart over here. There’s no chance of him succeeding here, it’s done, move on

        1. David Beckham was frozen out of the Real Mardid squad and made to train alone by Fabio Cappello to try to force him to leave. He chose to stay and fight for his spot, by the end of the season he was one of Cappello’s automatic starters.

          Shows good character to stay and fight. He just needs to do the work to prove it.

          Good luck to him

      2. As I see it, it is all about his development as a player. Everything flows from that. That’s how I look at my career (not as a sportsman).

        Positive development will give CDK back the career that would have seemed more like a dream in touching distance when he was a kid dominating in Belgium, getting phone calls from Maldini to come and play for Milan.

        Development into that sort of player will bring him riches. It could land him back at Milan.

        The question is where is that development most likely to occur?

        Atalanta and Gasperini are as good at developing players as anyone operation is, particularly if CDK doesn’t want to go to Holland (which has been a position previously credited to CDK).

        While CDK will likely have options in 6 months, he cannot assume those options will be the same as they are now.

        If I was him I’d jump at the opportunity to play under Gasperini at Atalanta. There his destiny is almost within his complete control – that’s the advantage of being wanted. Pioli has made up his mind on CDK and he doesn’t change his mind (because while he’s a solid coach he is clearly not a great one who gets the best out players – he needs his type, talent is not enough).

        As someone who is as much a fan of the Azzuri as Milan, I’m excited by Scamacca playing at Atalanta where Gasperini says he thinks he sees untapped potential. That’s music to my ears. If anyone can tap that potential it is Gas.

        This is seriously dumb by CDK and his entourage.

  4. Cmon CDK, Atalanta is a good choice. The shirt remind you of Club Bruge right, maybe you can gain confidence with Blue and Black Stripe

  5. He can score at club brugge because he is golden boy there, every player there pass the ball to him , after he moving to big club like AC Milan ,he is just ordinary boy like colombo . CDK request high salary & agent request hefty commission , what a nice combination. From the beginning buying him 35m euro are big mistake because his position are false nine, with that money 35m euro you can buy pure striker like balogun or elyi wahi. There is nothing ACM can do , just keep him as 3rd choice RW or CF

  6. I think the entourage will kill yhis young talented player. Atalanta is perfect for his next step. Milan colours to heavy for him, they need to think money long term not now

  7. CDK mopes around the field, has a bad attitude, and has a very poor work rate. We can’t have this. He had a chance to go to a good team. And he’s throwing it all away.

    He has no part of Milan and we can’t have this liability here. And comparing him to players like Beckham is one of the worst comparisons I’ve seen on here.

    He is not part of Milan or its future. He needs to realize that. Pioli needs to freeze him out of the squad to send a message.

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