Di Marzio: Gabbia could be used as a counterpart in €20m deal – the latest

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are pushing hard to get a deal wrapped up for Samuel Chukwueze as soon as possible and Matteo Gabbia could be a counterpart in the operation.

According to the latest from Gianluca Di Marzio, the Villarreal winger is getting closer and closer to Milan and the deal could close between Monday and Tuesday of next week.

The Rossoneri’s latest idea is to include Gabbia in the negotiation to lower the amount requested by the LaLiga side, which is about €20m with the bonuses yet to be defineed.

Gabbia has spent the majority of his Milan career as the fifth-choice centre-back and has only really playing in times of widespread rotation or emergencies due to injuries.

As such there has been speculation that he could leave on a loan deal to get the consistent playing time he needs at the age of 23, but it seems a more permanent solution could be on the cards.

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  1. I actually think we can’t let Gabbia leave. There is a home grown requirement by UEFA. I hope he will stay. There is no reason to have him as part of the deal.

        1. Caldara was not even in the squad last season and not in the plan as of now.

          Milan only have 7: Sportiello, Mirante, Gabbia, Calabria, Florenzi, Pobega, and Colombo.

    1. We will ended up not having enough players without homegrown.

      ▪Only 17 non-homegrown who are not U22 can be registered at Serie A
      ▪Only 17 non-homegrown who are not U21 and have been in the club for 2 full seasons can be registered at UCL

  2. I thought you guys like this new management, enjoy them while they sell all our assets to buy experimental players. Chukwueze is Nigerian, if you think he is really 25years old, you are joking. He has to be weigh older. Time to lose Gabbia I guess, next will be Theo, Maignan, Tomori etc. These guys are building a new team instead of consolidating what we already had. Weldon to your Furlani

    1. Our weakness was offense, now it’s loaded on paper, but at the expense of our midfield. I’m concerned that if we don’t reach UCL qualification, Théo, Leao, Mike, Malick could leave to continue playing in UCL. Inter and Roma are solid, Juventus should be since they’ll be focus on the championship, hopefully Napoli underperforms with Rudi Garcia. It’s not going to be easy, especially with so many changes in the squad and the formation.

      1. I stopped reading at IM & Roma are solid . Really ? Roma have 0 euro budget and only bring free transfer player, they need to sell player fund their transfer. IM solid??? Losing skriniar replace with unproven yann besek, losing onana & handa replace with unknown GK like yann sommer & trubin, losing brozo replace with overhype frattesi, losing lakaka & dzeko but can only get marcus . AC Milan only losing one player compared to IM , the others on transfer list have no impact on team like origi ,rebic,ballo toure

      2. We had proper reinforcements in midfield. The base of the team is still there and didn’t change, besides with Tonali leaving. You really are off base here.

      3. Next year we can beat any team in Europe other than man city and buyer munch forget about serie a we are already serie a winners before even started, keep your head high, time for revenge now, not time to scared

    2. Lol as if gabbia has been the first cb choice!
      Can’t you read or do i need to spell it for you?
      He’s the FIFTH choice!!!

      Building a new team? After selling tonali and bennacer injury until next year?
      Heck yeah they do!!
      Since the likes of cdk, origi, vranks, dest obviously couldn’t do shit.

    3. You don’t have one shred of proof of anything you have said. Rules regarding proving of identity and age are far more strict now then they were years ago.

    4. Besides from Tonali. Who else is leaving? You are delusional. Very delusional. Oh and last management lost players like Kessie on a free transfer… not even a cent made. Guess you prefer that.

    5. Stop saying stuff without fact. I’m Nigerian and I can’t tell you for sure that Chukwueze is using his real age. Keep your negative vibe on the other side, we good over here. For godsakes, why are you complaining? The squad is being improved better than last season and you still complaining. The problem is you tbh, I hope you find peace.

  3. Okafor is a huge gamble if we signed him as our CF. Would prefer Taremi by far even though he is older. Maldini would have got Jackson but now he is with Chelsea

    1. You’re smoking something serious. We would have signed maybe one player on loan this summer if Maldini stayed.

  4. I do hope he stays. He’s a good backup player who always performed when called upon. He works in silence and is always ready to step in.

  5. He should stay only because he is italian and academy graduate, nothing more than that, on the other hand you feel that his career is stagnant now, he needs to play more, it should be up to the player, and its always hard for academy graduates to make it in big teams

  6. Everyone talks about Tonali as if he’d been one hell of a player. Tonali is one of Milan’s biggest scams of recent years. Give us Tonali’s stats for the last two seasons and let’s have a laugh! Tonali could have been a world-class player had he been willing to adapt to a Pirlo-style game. Instead, he preferred to look like Gatuso’s bully. I would have preferred a thousand times over to have a Barella or a Chiesa at Milan instead of Tonali. In any case, I was very happy when I heard about his transfer and even happier when I found out that Newcastle had been conned out of 80 million. I bet he’ll be a flop in England because he still hasn’t understood that football nowadays is different from the Gatuso years. Football is now played first with the head, then with the feet and then with the strength of the body.

    1. Just some stats from his debut match against Rangers:

      Total touches – 101
      Passes completed – 98
      Minutes played – 45

      That is a pass every 27.55 seconds and this are first half stats. But keep on convincing yourself he’s a scam.

  7. I’m actually concerned for CB depth. Kjaer isn’t a spring chicken anymore. Kalulu hopefully has a better season than the previous one. And that’s about it…. Would love more depth at the back.


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