Di Marzio suggests Kessie’s strategy is not unusual: “Only in Italy are we surprised”

By Oliver Fisher -

Sky journalist Gianluca Di Marzio has suggested that AC Milan and Italian football should not be surprised by Franck Kessie’s decision to leave the club.

There is a lot of media attention surrounding Kessie at the moment given that he has been at Milan since the summer of 2017 but seems to have made the decision to let his contract wind down so he can leave on a free transfer.

Milan did make an offer for him to extend but the player currently appears to have different ideas, and that – coupled with the general level of his performances dropping notably compared to last season – has caused some fans to turn on him.

Gianluca Di Marzio was present in the Sky studio and he had his say on Kessié’s situation at Milan, suggesting that the market around Europe points towards free transfers being far from an anomaly.

“I think that only in Italy are we surprised so much that a player plays towards the expiry of his contract,” he said (via MN24).

“Look at PSG with Mbappè who scored and perhaps could even eliminate the team where he could play next year. If Pioli makes him play there is a reason: he is decisive in the middle of the field.”

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  1. There is a big difference with Mbappe and Kessie. Mbappe said from the beginning he wants to leave and Paris could get 150 mln euro if they accepted Milan offer. Kessie told Milan that a new contract is only a formality and he wants to stay in Milan for the rest of his career.

      1. You are absolutely correct theres a huge difference in how they have acted towards their respective clubs and fans. Mbappe has behaved respecfully while kessie and for example donnarumma has done the complete opposite in greed in their hunt for more cash completely disregarding its current financial situation.
        Anyways i wouldnt even want kessie to renew at this point and neither would i want donnarumma back with us down the road either.
        Most milan fans can propably accept that players might want to experience new adventures in their careers but no milan fans should accerpt our players holding the club and us for fools either,

    1. Yes huge difference… Cause he made one comment A YEAR AGO. This is not a reason for any sane person. Ppl wanna hate him for the sake of hating him. And in his comments they have found a justification.

      1. bs i for one supported kessie throughout his time with us while he also didnt play very well and that untill he started behaving disloyal towards the club and us all. The fact that you completely disregard his comment and promise towards the club and management shows me that you either doesnt know what you are talking about or that you put him ahead of the clubs well being and flourishment.
        In regard of jeering him, deffently not the best choice while he plays but if he gets subbed off or his name is read up then he is an absolute fair target. How should the people otherwise let their voice be heard ?

      2. That one comment A YEAR AGO made it look like he was going to renew his contract and not walk away for FREE, A YEAR AGO we could have sold him if he told us the TRUTH that he was leaving. He LIED because he wanted to cut the club out of a transfer fee so HE could get a bigger wage at his next club and a larger commission for his agent, No one is angry because he is leaving, they are angry because of HOW he is leaving and how he has treated the club that has invested a lot of money in training him and making him the half decent player he is, he turned down transfers in the January window clearly because he has agreement with another club on the condition he leaves for free.

      3. You forgot how Cashie (& agent) has increased the demand step by step? Milan has exceeded Cashie’s previous demands and he just keeps raising the bar & milking the cow.

  2. If Kessie helps Milan fight for a Scudetto then everyone should get behind him. It feels sometimes like Milan fans would rather that Kessie feel upset instead of Milan winning… it’s pathetic – get behind the team and respect the part he’s played in getting the team to this position IMO.

  3. We don’t have much choice to play kessie as double pivot since Bakayoko already Frozen to forbid his buy option become obligation. We only have tonali,Bennacer,kessie,krunic as double pivot. Our failure to get Renato in january make us must play kessie because only he can play box to box midfield. For now we can only hope kessie play proffesional respecting his contract and not play flop like lord Hakan last season ( his close friend in AC Milan )

  4. Just leave about this waste guy. Let’s get brozovic and give him 6m that you have offered to this waste guy. He is more better and experienced. He gives freedom for tonali/Bennacer to join our attack. And most importantly he is fundamental in Inter’s style of play.
    So it means you are removing the defence minister from your enemy, its more easy to win Scuddeto and Derby for some years

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