Di Marzio: Lyon will be at Milan-Torino to observe Krunic – the potential replacement

By Isak Möller -

Rade Krunic has been heavily linked with a move to Fenerbahce this summer but the Turkish side aren’t the only ones interested. In fact, Lyon have joined the race and will be present at Milan-Torino tonight. 

Krunic will play from start in the deep-lying midfield role as Milan will take on Torino at San Siro this evening. 72k fans will be present as well as Gerry Cardinale, the owner of the Rossoneri, but there could also be a surprise visit.

According to Gianluca Di Marzio, Lyon representatives will be present at the stadium to observe the display of Krunic. The Bosnian has ended up on their wish list and it remains to be seen if they will make a move in these final days of the window.

Milan, in the event of a sale, could turn to Bologna’s Nicolas Dominguez as per the report. However, Stefano Pioli still wants to keep Krunic and it would be difficult to make it all happen with so little time left.

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  1. I’m all for krunic leaving.
    But now i think it’s far too late.
    Maybe in january if other clubs are still interested in him.

    1. Would have been for a large group of fans, but this news is 3 weeks late, lmaoo. Now I too have changed my mind about selling him. We don’t have a fcn replacement? I don’t think any of us want to see Reijnders as a 6 with either Musah/Pobega/Adli taking his position against Roma or even inter.

      1. Oh I’ve given up entirely. Hence I’m just trolling lol 😂 Can’t deal with the negative nonsense. Dude had a decent game vs Bologna, still gets trashed. I don’t even think we need a replacement per se just a proper DM. He’s just a very very reliable back up. We can’t expect the backup performing miracles all the time but we do need these sorts of players to give the others rest or a chance to get up to speed (which he’s doing now with Musah).

        1. Sadly the ones who always trash him the most are the who should be supporting him the most at the first place; read: Milan fans.

          1. If you are talking about me, then well he is average, but this is not the right time to sell him with an important clash with Roma only a few days away.

          1. Again – this kid can’t make a logical argument to counter @IKWYDLS – instead he just insults.

            Pls explain @Giancarlo how @IDKWYDLS is incorrect when he says Krunic is a “very reliable back up. We can’t expect the backup performing miracles all the time but we do need these sorts of players to give the others rest or a chance to get up to speed (which he’s doing now with Musah).”???

            Please explain how he is wrong – That Krunic isn’t a reliable BACK-UP and that he can’t spell others and give potential starters like Musah more time to get up to speed – because Pioli certainly thinks he is. So pls explain how Pioli is wrong and how @IKWYDLS is he wrong exactly????

            Form a LOGICAL argument pls based on FACTS – IF that is possible for you – no INSULTS needed – just provide a factual argument. We are all waiting son

          2. Wow here we go again. But this wasn’t seven paragraphs. You need to write more stuff I won’t ever bother reading, Juro. Juro seems to be really really unhinged and angry. Probably because he broke yet another keyboard.

        2. Sadly the ones who always have the time to trash him are the ones who should be supporting him the most at the first place (read: Milan fans).

        3. @Juro he has zero substance. He just looks at names and immediately hates or disagrees with what u say regardless of if he might agree with u inside. He has to keep up a particular persona. Some ppl can never be correct and he is always right. You’re dealing with someone who has serious narcissistic issues..he’s not worth my time

    1. Which just goes to show that those who actually know what they are seeing out there are so much smarter than you and every other moron who thinks that he is a “crap player”.

  2. Doubt anyone will offer a proper sum for him so he shall stay. Milan has no need to sell.
    Talisman Krunić ftw. show us what you got this evening

    1. Tbh I think they are planning to sell him to Saudi Clubs in the winter. He is injury prone + Reijnders seems to me like his replacement.

  3. I think while time is short, we should definitely accept a good offer (12M+). We can sign Dominguez. Remember Thiaw had a bad game before leaving Schalke, where the team lost 6-1. Judge individual talent, and individually Domginuez is a far better player than Krunic.

        1. He’s been writing 6-7 paragraph essays to me on here though routinely.

          Maybe I’m mistaken.

          We need to raise money to help him buy a new keyboard. He must be on his tenth keyboard in three months.

          1. They say the same thing every time, so it’s confusing sometimes to know who say what. Love the banter though, seeing people sharing different opinions makes a more diverse community. But yeah @Maldinis Hair is the one with the worst opinions, we can all agree with that.

    1. So who will play DM in the match against Roma and do you think our midfield will develop the synergy needed to face off against Inter who arguably has the best Midfield in the Serie A. It’s too late now we have to stick with him for the season.

        1. IK, but I don’t think we will enjoy watching Reijnders as a DM Lmao. It’s better to play Krunic coz he doesn’t have the quality to play in a more attacking role. Let’s hope for the best and see what happens.

          1. He’s too limited of a player to consider as a DM. We could make one of our midfielders a make-shift DM if we have to. I dunno maybe Pobega.

            All I am saying is if they offer 12-15 million, we can’t refuse. He’s 29 and will only fall down in a decline.

  4. Pioli is thinking short term, while the management is thinking long term. That’s why the transfer news concerning Krunic keep coming. Ultimately, he will be sold soon – now, or by the end of the season. The management are looking at getting better quality players for the team. In my opinion, it’s best for him to move to a club where he would get better pay, than stay, and play every game under pressure. The management is not convinced. The only thing keeping him is Pioli. We have big games ahead, and I hope he will not fumble if he stays, when Milan can get good money for him now. If Lyon want him, it’s not because he is that good. They are all looking for cheap options. I doubt if any club will pay €13m for him.

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