Di Marzio: Maignan’s recovery time and the games he should miss

By Oliver Fisher -

There was some anxiety about Mike Maignan’s condition after he went off during last night’s draw against Newcastle United, and an MRI scan took place this morning.

Gianluca Di Marzio reports on his website PazzaDiFanta that Maignan underwent an MRI to ascertain the extent of the injury to his thigh, and it ruled out anything too problematic meaning he will be monitored day by day.

The French goalkeeper will not be present for Milan’s next two matches, as per the report. The former Lille player will certainly miss the match against Verona and also risks not being present for the midweek match against Cagliari (27 September).

He could therefore be back between the posts for the game against Lazio on 30 September, with no risks taken. Marco Sportiello should take his spot, and Stefano Pioli has great confidence in the Italian.

Unfortunately, the Milan goalkeeper is no stranger to muscle problems. Since his arrival he has missed 42 matches in two years for a total of 199 days.

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    1. I’ve been watching for ~25 years and never seen anything like it. I would take first big offer that comes in for him in the summer. It’s hard to see his injuries becoming less frequent as he ages….

      1. Too late. Other clubs will be seeing what you’re seeing. He should have been the sacrifice this summer, not Tonali. Maignan would have fetched slightly less (60m?), but still enough to still fund most of the same transfers made. At this point, I think it’s the “error” of the summer market (not that a top player was sold to fund improvements, but which one).

      2. Too late. Other clubs will be seeing what you’re seeing. He should have been the sacrificed this summer, not Tonali. Maignan would have fetched slightly less (60m?). At this point, I think it’s the “error” of the summer market (not that a top player was sold to fund improvements, but which one).

  1. Thats at least something as we should be able to deal with verona at home and cagliari away with sportiello in the goal and even if he were to have less good games the rest of the team should be able to win us the matches. He did well though yesterday when called upon.

  2. It’s becoming a norm for Maignan. We lost so much points last season due to his injury at the beginning of the season. Now, another….

    1. Also, I fear it’s a year too late.

      If he plays this season at the level he did against Fiorentia, in reality that will be his base, he’s not going to come cheap.

  3. Such reactionary fans calling for selling Maignan lol just because he misses due to Injury. Sure unfortunate but the points he saves for us FAR outweighs the negatives.

  4. People have to calm down.

    Every player gets this sort of issue. This injury should not last too long. Unlike Tata, Sportiello is a proper replacement keeper who plays well with the team, neither Cagliari nor Verona are strong teams.

    Take a deep breath. It’s going to be OK.

  5. Verona and Cagliari are prime matches to go and score 3+ goals in each. That way we can cover our bases if we let some goals in. But Sportiello should be reliable

  6. Seems like a training issue in Milan’s staff. Keepers are different than others in that they are 90% explosion and 10% aerobic fitness. Outfield players are about 20%/80%.

    They need every inch of vertical leap and training for this shortens muscles and makes them prone to strains and sprains. You can see this with the worlds fastest sprinters and the common muscle ailments for example.

    To combat this it is typical to implement rigorous stretching routines. The sort that hurt and mean a lot of sweat and effort. This is how gymnasts and martial artists explode often but avoid muscle injuries.

    So is the Milan training staff missing this (doubt it), is Mike lazy (doubt it)? I am now concerned he is one of those folks who simply doesn’t “bend well”. This makes him explosive and gives him that uncanny ability to react, but means he is prone to injury b/c of it.

    I’ll take solace in Sporty coming in rather than Tartar this year. Fingers crossed a defense like we had against Newcastle will keep him from necessary heroics and we will slice through the likes of Verona and Cagliari in case one slips through.

    FWIW, I really hope to see Okafur and/or Jovic start this weekend and maybe even Pobega for RLC. Time to take the depth we bought and integrate it for when it matters later in the season.

    1. Yep agreed with this. It’s something about his body. I thought it could be his flat footed was. He does walk in a way that uses his heels alot and therefore more calf work. Or maybe be doesnt run properly for his body type and as such gets injured because of it

  7. Cannot offer this guy a big contract. He misses too many games. How do you get injured this much as a keeper? It’s just standing for 90% of the game with some light running occasionally. How do you get injured?

  8. in hindsight it would have made sense to sell Maignan over Tonali. I mean we all love Mike and he is probably the best in the world right now but i know Man United were keen.

    Vicario was available this summer.

  9. Mike Maignan was never an injury prone player at Lille.
    Maybe u should consider looking into it medical team because EVERY PLAYER IN AC MILAN IS INJURY PRONE…

    You can tell me if I’m wrong.
    Considering our previous season after the banter era minus this season that we have multiple new players, starting from last 3 seasons, last 2 seasons that we won the scudetto, last season and it still continues this season.

    You can’t just blame a player for getting injured often because he’s playing for a team u support without looking back to his fitness in his previous clubs, check ur medical team or fitness team the problem is within and it will continue if it’s not fished out.

    1. Exactly my thoughts…. I don’t think Mike was an injury prone before coming to milan. I know zlatan is old but he was a player who’s strong and stubborn against injuries.. But look at how he ended up missing so many matches, yes he’s older now but he had battled so many far worse injuries… Milan needs to do alot of work…..

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