Di Marzio: Milan to send take-it-or-leave-it €20m bid for Porto star

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are ready to send a final offer to Porto for Mehdi Taremi in the hopes of getting him in before the window closes, a report claims.

According to Gianluca Di Marzio, Milan are hard at work trying to strengthen their attacking department and they are in particular holding onto hopes that the last-minute arrival of the Porto striker Taremi will happen.

Milan are hoping that Porto will lower their asking price, with contacts between the clubs continuing. The plan is for Geoffrey Moncada and Giorgio Furlani to try until the end of the window, with the current demands being €25m.

However, the Portuguese club fear losing him on a free transfer because his contract expires in June 2024. Milan are in contact with the player’s agents and are preparing a final offer, which is around €20m.

Meanwhile, tonight Porto will take the field against Rio Ave. It remains to be seen if Taremi will be in the starting line-up.

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  1. 20 mil is TOO STEEP for a 31yo on an expiring contract… ugh. He’ll be practically free in the winter. I hope it’s no more than 15fixed with hard to get bonuses…

    1. It’s pricey given his age – but we waited too long in the transfer window and other targets dried up and this is what we are left with. I would assume if we spend this kind of $$ on a player of his age we will sign him to an extension so basically he will be the new Giroud so to speak – a solid back up to a new younger striker we sign next summer or the one after when Giroud leaves or retires. So if that is the path then it makes sense. All the young strikers are gone (Wahi, Jackson, Openda, Balogun, etc..) and the older ones (Morata, Lukaku, etc…we passed on). So not many options left. Mistake was perhaps not to prioritize a striker earlier in the window but they prob thought Okafor could play there – and they now see after training camp he is not a #9. I’d be fine getting Taremi as we need an experienced striker when Giroud goes down or needs rest. Get it done despite the cost

  2. Highly doubt they fear losing him on free.
    Seems like they want to keep him for this season and let him go in the summer. They dont have a proper back up
    Dont need money, they sold otavio for 60M

    1. I think it’s not about they not getting any money it’s more like they getting more money, like why not get money when you can get money? Is the one more season contribution of the player worth $20m? Only a small amount of top player able to justify $20m for 1 year of contribution and a 31yo player is not able to justify that in any sense possible. Milan is playing a mind game here and they likely to win.

      1. They’ll get more money if they keep him and they get far in the CL.. And ofc playing well in the league and getting into CL again. What would you want? 20M or a ST that delivers 20-30 goals?
        Its simple math

        1. “if” they got far in CL, they had Taremi for the last 4 season and how far they got in CL in the last 4 season? That 20-30 goals is mostly in Portugal league and does not translate well to a $20m and keep in mind 20-30 goal just in 1 season in a Portugal league, Porto has been dominating Portugal league since forever, since 2014 they never got out of top 2 except for 2015 when they got third place, they can sell Taremi and they will still qualify for the CL, if you argue the CL money, that’s a big big “if” since for 4 years he is the squad they didn’t make that big of a difference in CL, in that 4 years they fail twice to get out of the group stage and only go as far as top 8 once in 20-21 season.

  3. Only 2 or 3 days untill transfer windows is closed. If we sell Ballo, Saelemaekers, Origi and bring Taremi, that would be perfect transfer window.

  4. 20mil + 14mil for Okafor, they could have actually gotten a good striker who would take over from Giroud for that amount of money.

  5. this smells like desperation to me – 20M for a 31 year old. We should be able to find a good younger striker for that money

    1. Even the 15M€ almost makes me puke. 20M€ on a 30+ striker who has never played in Serie A or even the top5 leagues? Waaaaay too pricey.

  6. In my opinion, we should avoid wasting this money and trust Origi again, while reaching a gentleman’s agreement with him that if he remains a flop for the team until winter, he should leave.

  7. Porto already get big money from otavio. They dont have time to find striker replacement for taremi and risking their CL spot that worth more than ACM offer. They will choose let him go free but use him for one more season

  8. Milan hasn’t made any €20m offer. These are just speculations. I doubt if he would be used tonight. Now that serious interest is on the table, they will not want to take chances with injuries. Milan will push them till the last hour. €20m is damn too much for a 31yr old in the final year of his contract. Better to get a younger striker for that amount. They say Portuguese clubs are stubborn when it comes to player sales; can’t wait to see where this ends.

  9. His price shouldn’t be an issue.
    We will recover his cost by winning the scudetto and a semi final finish again this year in CL.

    Plus our middle eastern fan base will grow also

  10. Where did all this transfer money coming from?

    All told were $46 million in the red if I am reading transfermarket right.

    Wasn’t our original budget around $35m like the last few years?

  11. You guys don’t get it. We need someone like Taremi. Getting a “young” striker is not suitable since we already have Romero and Colombo.

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