Di Marzio: Milan may accelerate pursuit of Man Utd or PSG defenders amid Tomori worries

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan could be forced to speed up their pursuit of a new centre-back if the injury sustained by Fikayo Tomori keeps him out for a few games, it is claimed.

Speaking on Sky (via MilanNews), Gianluca Di Marzio gave an update regarding Milan’s search for the defender and confirmed that the coaching staff and management are waiting for news on the condition of Tomori, who came off in the first half of the Coppa Italia win over Genoa with discomfort in his left knee.

It is possible that the situation could push Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara to accelerate their pursuit of a new defender, especially if Tomori’s injury were to leave him out for a few games.

Di Marzio also mentions two names in particular that Milan might make a lunge for: Eric Bailly of Manchester United of Abdou Diallo of PSG. However, we must add that both are at the African Cup of Nations so wouldn’t be available until February anyway.

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  1. Just amazing how you people STILL can’t see how inexcusably CHEAP this ownership group is! You think it’s a coincidence that a handful of winter targets are at AFCON and not available for weeks? Is it possibly that these players are less expensive? What makes it even more pathetic is that they’re nickel and dimeing not over modest transfer costs, but over MINUSCULE loan amounts! Hahaha. Its so embarrassing to be a Milan supporter right now. I love that the club can keep pace in our below avg league with the horribly meak roster we have. But what good does domestic success do if we’re always going to be embarrassed out of Europe because Elliot acts like they own Sampdoria and not AC bleepin MILAN! A club who should not have issues spending a little bit of money here and there to pick up 2nd rate players like Balily. Such a sad time. Wake up people, the supporter’s are the only ones who can pressure Elliot to be different!

    1. Another case of fan that does not understand that
      1. We were close to bankrupcy just 2 years ago. Lost 200 a year, then we had revenue of 140, equal to SHEFFIELD UNITED
      2. Ffp applies to us. To PSG and city not, they have huge influence. Elliot is rich but not Saudi rich.
      3. As a result we need to limit losses to 30m this season

      Some of you are so basic you probably loved last berlo years, or buying random trash like Biglia, Duerte.

      We have just 17 games this season. We will manage. Even top teams have 5 CBs max and those rival till last stages of Champions League
      Even Chelsea had issues this year and they have billion people in the squad

  2. Please, Maldini, start a campaign on GoFundMe to collect money among fans. If we all drop 10-20 bucks each we will have money to buy someone decent.
    And this way you are free from FFP terms.
    I am really tired looking at those “Let’s loan some outcasts from random clubs and hope for better”.
    We are just one step away to become ‘The AC Milan’ again, but Elliot’s still pull strings back.

    1. We are 200m in revenue from top 10 clubs and you think we are just one step away?

      Elliots are the best owners in last 20 years. We paid off debts, increased revenue to prepandemic hights.

      This takes time. Or do you want owners who rush, crush and run like the chibese?

      We do not have to sell anyone, Inter would be happy to keep Hakimi. Juve cannot sign both dybala and chiesa.

  3. You guys really think other clubs are willing to let go of their world-class defenders in a January window? Not going to happen. All that’s available are backup-players (for backup players).

    Stop acting like getting a solid defender in January is like visiting the candy store and saying “I’ll have one of these and two of those please”.

    1. And… Even those “2nd rate players” of other clubs with zero playing minutes can be good. Have you noticed that Tomori & Kjaer both came in January and were unused in their previous clubs. Deemed surplus. Look at them now. Just go ahead and say Maldini f’ed up with those two transfers, eh?

    2. If those players came, they wpuld be surprized why do we pay them so much for sitting on bench

      Some go their whole lives suprized at everything

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