Di Marzio: Milan and Bestikas negotiating over Rebic but salary is an obstacle

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan have only managed to sell Sandro Tonali so far this summer and they must now try find solutions for players not deemed part of the plans, including Ante Rebic.

The Croatian winger did not have a great season in 2022-23 due to physical problems, and Gianluca Di Marzio confirms that Milan are in talks with Besiktas about a possible loan deal with his salary being the main issue to overcome.

Milan would of course prefer a permanent sale but are open to a loan deal, but the problem concerns the €3.5m net per season that Rebic currently earns. Comparatively, the salary Besiktas are offering is considered too low.

The Rossoneri hope that the negotiation will be unblocked, but unless there is an increase from the Turkish side or unless another club come along, the 29-year-old will remain at Milan.

Last season, the former Eintracht Frankfurt man made 23 appearances in Serie A, amassing 3 goals and 2 assists.

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  1. How much is Besiktas offering him? If he complains about the salary offering being too low, I would present him his stats and end products for the last season and also call them “low”. If I ever get to negotiate with these players, they would feel the burn. Yes, very low contributions and very high salary demand. If he can make sense of the asking salary, we would pay. What a joke.

  2. So, as ‘terrible’ as Rebic became last season, he was still statistically better than CdK…

    CdK has got a lot to prove. if not, he is toast by January.

    1. Statistically AND mentally. Even if had issues he still looked like he was on the pitch to make things happen and not look like a scared little girl.

  3. I applaud the management for trying to offload the deadwood rather than 1st XI players. However we have the same issues as the last couple years, as people mentioned the likes of Samu get too comfortable and stay too long as a burden on the wage bill.

    Origi + Messias + Rebic have little to no chance of playing given our recent signings, disappointing they are still keen to stay shows a real lack of ambition on their part. You really want to be a permanent benchwarmer? Football careers are short, cmon guys chase regular game time over the occasional salary difference.

  4. This is ridiculous. They want to loan him but they don’t to pay his salary? Full salary.
    Is this a charity we have going on here?

    1. It’s the same thing my English, EPL team supporting friends say whenever literally anyone outside England tries to loan their players. They say stupid things like, “clubs in joke leagues expecting charity”, and by ‘joke’ leagues they mean literally any league that isn’t the EPL.

      My come back is always the same – “you created the situation by flashing too much cash in the first place. It’s not the other teams fault England has made football unsustainable”.

      We have to apply the same logic here. He’s a Besiktas level player, and it’s not Besiktas level clubs’ fault that we pay him more than they can afford.

      Even when he was contributing he was barely above average – his wages are too high.

  5. Milan should pay part of his salary and send him on loan.

    His contract is untill 2025 so in next season we might Offload him for lowest fee or use on bench.

    Or maybe use him this year if we manage to sell Origi.

    Origi Rebic and Caldara have so big wages compared of what they are capable to do on the pitch….

    1. Well… IMO Turkey isn’t that far from Saudi-Arabia (geographically or “mentally” – after all it’s pretty islamic country too). I can understand why Rebic isn’t interested in going to Turkey without a proper salary.

  6. Rebic negotiated his salary and contract duration with the Milan management – he isn’t robbing anyone. Footballing careers are short, he should take every penny he can while it lasts. Surprised he didn’t move to SA given the state of his career.

  7. He’ll leave. Don’t worry about that. We have plenty of time to work out any salary issue.

    Also, players might refuse Saudi Arabia because they simply don’t want to go there. There are possibly moral reasons for not wanting to go to a place that sends hit squads to gruesomely kill journalists in other countries.

    1. He’ll leave….at the end of his contract.

      I hope he’ll leave this mercato but I think he’s going to stay.

      He makes a great salary for not having to play. He doesn’t have to move. He is still a part of an amazing club.

      No interest from anyone who can pay his wages.

      He’s going to Samu us I’d bet.

      1. Cool wrong opinion. If you’re going to show some attitude go do it someone else. NOBODY cares about your whining endlessly.

        1. Your trolling is something else.

          I love that an opinion is wrong. Which currently as a fact, that opinion is right, unless something changes.

          The level at which you argue and disagree should concern you. Instead of an intellectual debate, your ego gets wounded when someone disagreed with your opinion. And your ego thinks your opinion should never be questioned. In turn, you resort to disparagement, belittlement and name calling. This doesn’t show your aptitude for discourse.

          The next part, trying to run off others that have differing opinions. All so you can live in your echo chamber and know you’ll always be right and never be questioned. That must be a lonely and frightening world to live in. What happens when your opinion or conjecture are wrong? You probably make up a story to protect your ego.

          As for attitude, a lighthearted comment about the timeframe which Rebic would leave has triggered a response that doesn’t lead me to believe that an intellectual conversation is at hand, but rather a bullying conversation is taking place. That’s unfortunate since it shows your true self. I am reminded of a quote by Mark Twain which likens to a disagreement/argument with you.

          “Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” – Mark Twain

          (I’ll make sure to leave a Trigger Warning at the top of my posts so you know when you’ll get upset)

    2. They killed ONE so called journalist, who also happened to be a friend of Bin Laden. He was a terrorist sympathiser, not a martyr. I doubt Rebic or any player gives two shi*s about that. It’s the conservative laws, the lack of alcohol and so on that would be a problem.

      1. This an accusation and mighty rich considering the regime itself was close to the Bin Ladens. They took hack saws to him and did it in a different country. Try again.

    3. Yep – but apart from the heat, torture, lack of freedom of speech/protest, sharia law, 9/11 connection, assassinations, zero footballing history/culture and Serie F level league…it’s a great place to play!

  8. Just pay half his salary. Pioli dont want to use him anymore . But make that loan have obligation to buy at end of season . Pay half salary still better than pay full salary but not used him in squad

  9. “He will leave at the end of his contract”

    Lmaoooòoooooooooo mwawmawawawawa

    We have some screaming toddlers on here. Watch him leave this summer and the cry babies on here will not say a word.

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