Di Marzio: Milan hold concrete interest in Morata with tempting clause active

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan’s search for a new striker continues to dominate the headlines and the latest report claims that Alvaro Morata is a concrete target.

According to what is being reported by Gianluca Di Marzio, the latest name for the attacking department is Morata. The Spanish striker has a clause of €13m and is someone that the management are seriously evaluating.

Morata – who is currently away with Spain at the European Championship – recently made a post that reiterated his unwillingness to go to Saudi Arabia. Milan have also courted him in the past, and now might be tempted to accelerate.

While Morata might not be a name considered as glamorous as some of the other targets such as Joshua Zirkzee, he is in his prime currently and he knows Serie A well given that he has had two spells with Juventus.

The 31-year-old scored 59 goals and added 39 assists in 185 games for Juve across all competitions, and he arguably played the best football of his career so far in Italy.

He is currently with Atletico Madrid with whom he has 58 goals and 14 assists in 154 games, while before that he was at Real Madrid and he also had a couple of seasons with Chelsea.

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    1. Of course we are interested he has a 13m release clause!!! Moneyball be damned when the price is right!

      Now If it was 40M release clause – do you still think we would be interested in a 31 year old striker who only wants to play for Juve if he returns to Italy??? Moneyball now says no of course not!

      But no worries I’m sure he makes 5-6M a season and when we ask him to take a pay cut to 2.5M I’m sure he will be jumping for joy at the chance to sign with us

      Anyways let’s kick the can down the road for another few more seasons and get a stop-gap striker for real cheap cause that’s what all the winning clubs do. No need to address a position that was neglected for numerous years.

      But wait I thought we had 100M to spend this summer on 4 areas of need??? Plus the CDK sale AND Sales eventual sale and likely Benny. So What happened to all that $$$??? I mean we are PROFITABLE again – so Do we STILL need to HAGGLE AND look for DISCOUNTS? Apparently so!!!
      How wonderful it is to watch for teams like Brighton (yes I said Brighton) swoop in and pay 30M for Weiffers without hesitation while we beg teams or players to take less. Love it – because that is how all TITLE winning teams are built!

      Good times Gerry good times!!

      1. And there it is!!& the famous DISCOUNT!!

        Milan, negotiations underway with Morata’s agents ( first call @DiMarzio )

        “Rossoneri club willing to pay the 13 million clause but asks the Spaniard to make a sacrifice on the salary (currently 6)”

        Hahahahaha!!!! Ya I’m SURE Morata will take a pay cut because you know there are ZERO OTHER TEAMS interested in him 😂😂😂😂

        Just be patient lads I’m sure Furlani and Moncada will find the perfect striker capable of scoring 20 goals a season for FREE TRANSFER with ZERO commissions and who will play for FREE. Perfect scenario!! I know he’s out there!!!! LMAO🤡😂

  1. Morata and a risk in Abraham.

    With Leao, Puli, Chuk and Ok4 as the winger selection for rotations and tactics we are tough to prepare for and tough to adjust to.

    Forza Milan
    Fornicate Kia

  2. The Milan shopping list is running off the table…more names and no real negotiations. What Juve, Inter are doing on the mercato is reason for concern…Will we keep up with nothing tangible to show for at this stage.. And to make matters worse we are fishing in the wrong waters. The main targets are being snapped up… and we are running after short term solutions. 😴

  3. I absolutely f*ng HATE Morata. Hate him more than anything. But… I’m so effing tired of reading the same old Zirkzee story multiple times a day and Milan waiting and haggling and waiting and haggling while every competitor is actually IMPROVING their squad instead of arguing over a few cents & euros and p*ssing on current players’ extension papers.

    So… If this is needed to improve the team and move on to actually improving our squad then f*ng buy that Spanish f*cker already and move on. All the other teams have moved on and actually buying players so why not this (used-to-be-)prestigious club?

    1. The thing about this Zirkzee story though is that Milan brass isn’t dumb (contrary to popular belief). We may disagree with the moves they make, but if a target is unrealistic, they don’t waste time on it.

      Under Maldini, they pursued CDK pretty much the whole summer until they finally got him. Seems like a similar storyline here with Zee too. If they haven’t officially given up on him, that means they still intend to sign him. That’s how I look at it.

      No matter what you think of Morata, he is experienced and isn’t a terrible back up.

  4. The embarrassingly ridiculous display of hysteria on the part of certain fans here is making me burst in tears with laughter… 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. So this is the start center forward that Cardinal was teasing last year and promising it will be the year of the grand replacement of Giroud 😕

    If money is everything then go for Niang, so we can guarantee that we are staying in Serie A 😮‍💨

          1. If being healthy js reason enough to put on Milan colours for you idk what to say… poor Milan to have such fans..

            Only a mongoloid would want that log niang back in this club

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