Di Marzio: Milan line up Dominguez as Fenerbahce tempt Krunic with big offer

By Oliver Fisher -

The Rade Krunic situation continues to attract a great deal of intrigue, with the AC Milan management monitoring a constantly changing situation.

According to a report from Gianluca Di Marzio, the next moves in the summer window could come in midfield despite the arrival of Yunus Musah last week, with Nicolas Dominguez of Bologna on the list of targets.

The Argentine is an idea in case the club fails to convince Krunic to stay at the club, because Fenerbahce have a strong interest in the Bosnian. The Turkish side are pushing strongly to bring him in and unite him with his compatriot Edin Dzeko.

The Bosnian is highly regarded by Stefano Pioli who does not want to lose him, but the offer from the Istanbul side to the player is high.

In the event that he should remain, a pay rise and a possible renewal of the contract could be proceeded with. Conversely, Dominguez of Bologna is in the list of names to replace him.

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  1. I like krunic as all teams need bit part players but im nevertheless very intrigued by the idea of us signing Dominguez. He seems like a steal for the fees mentioned by the media.
    I would nevertheless not offer anything in the vicinity of 3 mil for the bosnian,

    1. You like liabilities? I’m quite disappointed in you. I thought you were one of the more logical ones on here. This just goes to show you have no clue what you’re talking about like some on here.

      Krunic is mediocrity. Having him start is detrimental to Milan.

      1. You simply cant read or understand or what ? so ill break it down for you so you easier can grasp it.

        “I like krunic as all teams need bit part players” – backups

        “but im nevertheless very intrigued by the idea of us signing Dominguez. He seems like a steal for the fees mentioned by the media.” – i want dominguez to join us

        “I would nevertheless not offer anything in the vicinity of 3 mil for the bosnian,” – clarifying that i wouldnt renew krunic at a high salary

        How simple does it have to be described for you to understand,.

  2. You don’t give a pay raise to someone who sucks at their job….unless they’re sleeping with their boss which looks to be the case

    1. How about you cram it im freaking starting to get tired about your ridiculous comments about pioli and krunic. Not only preposterous claims but downright disrespectfull, show our players some respect whether they are stars or not.

        1. if you want to believe so fine but ive supported the club for over 30 years im just asking people to show some respect for our players or move along you guys are freaking starting to make this web site intollerable.

          1. These players are disrespecting Milan by playing here
            They are not Milan-level players
            The owners disrespected our legend Maldini
            Krunic and Pioli deserve no respect

            Enough with mediocrity

          2. I was not in support of sacking maldini or selling tonali for that matter but that doesnt mean krunic should be caught up in a crosshair just for the sake of it, and yeah im actually still pretty bitter about those two moves in june but nevertheless has moved forward and can see some interesting moves done afterwards regardless of our results in our training matches.

          3. Martin, give it up, brother. Sheva/kaka/Doki is beyond hope. Don’t get sore thumb’s trying to prove them/him wrong. Just let them/him be.

            Your thoughts on Krunic are valid. It was a rotational figure for us when signed. The only time he saw the field was when the main trio was injured. I too, would like to see Dominguez join.

          4. My fingers are covered with thick skin so no worries there ill keep replying 😀

            He did well for the small ammount he arrived for but ive it said before every watch needs cogs and wheels and the same goes for teams. Even lesser players than him contributes to training and squad coherency etc. Its all far more complex than just training a team of 11 great stars because it goes beyond that.
            Either way i think we have done some improvements on paper and expect us to do better than last year but we will see in the end of the season but im fairly confident that we at least on a local basis will do better,

          5. Bro I’m so happy others joined in with you. I was getting tired fighting that fight. I was beginning to think I clearly see the pitch differently and don’t belong here. I’m a lover of football which means I don’t need to see the person on the ball to achieve joy. There’s lots of things happening around that really intrigues me, movements setups, and tactics. Kudos bro

          6. Lmao takes so much fight to defend such a mediocre player like Krunic. Really does take a lot of effort by the admission of IDKWTFIMTALKINGABOUT.

            You guys practically work harder than Krunic does on the pitch defending him. If stubbornness was worthy of a medal, you’d win the world cup.

            Most of us don’t want mediocrity.

          7. No worries IKWYDLS its starting to become a joke visiting this site with all those ridiculous comments and its not even that i oppose a sale of krunic but he sure he surely deserves more respect than those disrespecting him on a constant basis.

          8. Giancarlo its not about mediocrity its as about showing our players some respect because if people cant do that they really doesnt deserve mine either.

            As ive said several times i wouldnt give him a great salary increase or even consider a renwal at this point of time and i doesnt even oppose a sale of him but clearly krunic deserves my respect more than those sitting here yapping their mouths off in disrespect on a constant basis.

          9. IF he performed consistently and well, and did his role well, then he would get more respect. People like to say he’s versatile. The jack of all trades. But the reality is he’s not particularly good at anything. He tries to do a lot, but he’s not even an industrious or hard working player.

            If he had any respect for this team, he would push even harder for a transfer to Fenerbahce and end this saga.

          10. Except your argument has a fault. He doesn’t deserve respect when he’s constantly messing up this team, ruining plays and is just an all around detriment.

            And now he’s possibly looking at a salary increase? If he wants my respect, he’ll leave and pack his bags to Turkey. Today.

            It’s all about him being either mediocre or a downright poor player. He’s HURTING this team. Period. When someone hurts this team, I take issue with that.

          11. If you guys had any respect for this team and website you would also scoot along, fact is i can live with oppositions bashing our players as that is expected but its not too much to expect that milans club fans shows some decency as some of those comments directed towards krunic or pioli are downright disrespectfull and personally i would have a difficult time tolerating that stuff if people actually spoke about our players in front of me in that manner.
            Anyways i could start sit here calling other commenters here all sorts of bs and targeting and making up stuff like i saw fit but i dont intend to do that but maybe i should as it seems like a widely accepted thing to do.

          12. I have such little consideration for your argument. Krunic clearly is disrespecting the shirt he’s wearing and he needs to leave.

          13. @Martin and that’s the thing. I wouldn’t be opposed to selling him but for a suitable replacement guarantee. I think that got lost in these conversations somehow. In some ways I wish he leaves if u get my drift….lol

          14. IKWYDLS Yeah i think ive propably said that ten times in these comments but apparently it just doesnt seem to sink in,
            😀 I get it but he has his good sides as well but im nevertheless starting to get rather irritated as this is starting to become a cesspool of bs with no room for discusion its full on trench warfare, and that is not what im coming here for.

      1. Pioli disrespects the fans by playing this MLS-caliber scrub week in and week out. Now a pay raise so he stays haha it’s love I tell you

        1. Im not saying he should be a starter either and i can question some of his choices as well but come on this is at the level of toddlers or teens saying that they are lovers. complete bs and absolutely withoutb any wit.

          1. He is not good enough to be even 3rd choice for Milan
            Milan used to have players like Rivaldo, Rui Costa, Tomasson, Papin etc. on bench

          2. Martin I could actually have a few beers with you, you talk some sense. Some proper numptys in here always thinking the grass is greener. We should keep krunic for the fact domiguez is no better and is intergrated into the club nicely. Yeah, he’s not the best but he’s not the worst and he’s always been willing to fight. Christ we pay the man peanuts he deserves to sit down and discuss an uplift.

          3. Well if you read my first comment then you would know that i was intrigued about getting Dominguez so that pretty much opens the door for a sale of krunic, just show our players some respect its absolutely ridiculous to read those sort of comments about our own players and coach,
            Those players are good and as a dane always liked thomasson but not what i hold my milan standards up to either as ive witnessed far better players in milan like the flying dutchmen, maldini, baresi, weah, savicevic, boban and so on but still our players desserve some respect even those not of that standard.
            Should we replace krunic with dominguez, i would be sorry to see him join someone else while we up krunics salary, absolutely.
            Still i would never compare the milan of the 00s with the late 80ies or early to mid 90ies as the early era was of a different class,

          4. Muretti even though id gladly drink some beers with you and who knows maybe one day 😀 im not really opposing a sale either but i still think krunic desserves some respect. same with saelemaekers but i can also see some ideras in keeping a player like krunic because he could hep with some trasitions in regard of new additions to make it all slide a bit easier but overall selling krunic for 10+ mil and get dominguez isnt really a bad idea either.

        2. Who should he play instead of Krunic?
          Is there a better option for Pioli to play in front of the defense?
          Did he have a better option last season?
          I am for the sale of Krunic and using the money to upgrade over him, but all this nonsense spewed by some people in here like he is the worst player ever is just ridiculous.
          The team doesn’t have currently nor it did last season better player for that role than Krunic.
          When Pioli had better players, he didn’t play Krunic

          1. Adli is easily better but Pioli hates him and Pioli is obsessed with Krunic because he’s his lover to the point where he relentlessly defends him and blocks his sale to Turkey

            He is also obsessed with Calabria and other fodders
            Like Giampaolo was obsessed with Suso

          2. Adli cannot play in that role because he is like a headless chicken when it comes to position awareness defensively.
            As a midfielder you gotta be able to pass, create and defend. People only care about couple passes they have seen Adli made.
            And what do you base your opinion that Adli is better than Krunic? The 100 minutes you have seen him play at Milan or his time playing for a team that got relegated in France, where he even got benched towards the end of the season, while they were fighting to stay up.

          3. Im with you here Z.

            Sheva: Adli, well he did play almost the entire match today 😀 its not like he is as good deffensively as krunic.

            You do realize that we need some italans in the team that has come up through own ranks right ? he is our captain but as with abate both was bashed constantly even when they was the rb’s in serie a with the most assists in at least one of their seasons with us.
            Would i like singo though, sure but calabria should be kept in some capacity.

          4. Musah is better than Krunic at literally everything. It may not be his preferred position but he has the qualities to do it better than Krunic. Even Reijnders could be more effective there than Krunic. Just because he hasn’t been used there before doesn’t mean he isn’t capable. We know what Krunic can do there and it’s not good enough. Musah shut down Bellingham when the U.S. played England in the World Cup. He has defensive abilities.

          1. Just imagine defending Krunic, and he ends up staying and unjustly gets a pay raise… and we end up passing up on Dominguez. Then you end up with EGG ON YOUR FACE.

          2. Im not even opposing a sale just that people shows some decency towards our own players.
            If that is so difficult why should i keep my glowes on either as krunic clearly deserves my respect more than any of you on this site ?

          3. The only idiot here is you for defending this player for his constant lack of performance and multiple errors in midfield. It’s like you don’t care about this team.

      2. It is a great sign of Pioli’s weakness that he has to insert his own man into the team. That is actually comedy value that Krunic will play and one of Pulisic or Chekwueze will sit on the bench. Where is that 3 in the attack? It is still 2-1 and now not only Chekwueze will have problems but also Okafor. I think arguing about Pioli is pointless. He did the job but also stayed on the job for a very long time considering his skills. I am absolutely sure that behind the scenes we are looking for a top end coach. As for Krunic, he will be a star in Turkey and get paid more. We obviously will not pay him more than Rejinders or Okafor. That is just nature of current football. He doesn’t deserve payrise but he can be a star in Turkey. Go!

        1. And neither should we pay him more and clearly pioli makes some weird choices as well so we are not really disagreeing so much im just starting to get mighty iritated by some of those comments directed at our own players and coach as its starting to beomes azoo around here, not yours though those are fair assesments as i see it.

    1. Forget it
      Gerry said that they will give Pioli power like EPL managers
      Now we’re stuck in this mess with the bald c*nt blocking his sale

  3. Dominguez would be a huge improvement to krunic and not only that, would compliment the midfield so well. I am so against giving krunic a huge pay raise and extending when he is 30 and just started playing well last season.

    In other news, so sad to see Kessie went from being the best player at milan to being a barca reject and moving to Saudi Arabia. They’re ruining football

  4. Dominguez would be a huge improvement to krunic and not only that, would compliment the midfield so well. I am so against giving krunic a huge pay raise and extending when he is 30 and just started playing well last season.

    In other news, so sad to see Kessie went from being the best player at milan to being a barca reject and moving to Saudi Arabia. They’re ruining football!!

  5. All these people bashing Kessie for taking a 60-Million deal that will provide to him and his family permanent financial independence, would accept the deal themselves in no time. Who are you kidding? He is a professional player that so far hasn’t made that much money, and careers are short. He then gets offered 60 Million, he must accept it. It’s pretty simple. Anybody would. Most of the players who are turning down the Saudis, either are already filthy rich like Mbappe, or are at the beginning of their careers. Anybody in Kessié’s position would have accepted.

    I always liked Kessié very much. He was instrumental for the Scudetto-winning season. I’m grateful to him for that. He didn’t leave us in the best of terms and this is regretful and I didn’t like it, but it doesn’t completely cancel all that he did for us.

    As for the insinuations that Krunic and Pioli are lovers, yes, it’s profoundly disrespectful and disgusting.

    1. Totally disagree. You’re talking like Kessie was poor. He’s making well over 5m a year. Many people in this world don’t make that in their lifetime. The only way I’m going to Saudi if I’m a professional is if I’m 35 and just want a good chunk of change before I retire or if I never lived up to my potential including injury.

      The Saudi league is just getting ridiculous giving these huge contracts and players rather have the payday than be a legend towards football or a team. Kessie was in the prime of his career. No respect towards his decision

      1. I must say you are right. I looked up Kessié’s net worth and he has accumulated 29 million sterling pounds. So, OK, I was wrong. He is not poor at all. So, yes, it makes his decision to join the Saudi much less understandable.

        1. Yes man that’s what I mean. Players these days don’t care about being written in the history books, especially to a single team there is no loyalty. They follow where the money is but realistically they’re all already rich. A player like totti turned down milan and real madrid who were probably going to quadruple his salary and he opted to stay with the club he loves. At the end of the day, totti will always be remembered as one of the greatest, especially for Roma.

          1. Some people lose touch of reality when they think 20M€ fortune isn’t enough to get by after retirement and they demand 40-50M€ and go get it from places like Saudi instead of becoming one of the legends of this beautiful sports.

            Most people would be fine for life with just 1-2M€ on their bank accounts. Cashies etc. want 50M€. Insane.

  6. The people who want rade to stay and renew his contract prove that some fans are still stuck in the banter era.

  7. Whoever comment this above : adili are better than krunic , what cracks you eat dude? If you say casemiro,carnavinga are better than krunic , i will believe but adili???? I would choose sell adili and bring dominques also keep krunic

    1. I think Adli is a kind of person, who is liked by his teammates. Several players have said that he’s a funny and friendly guy.
      He has some good characteristics, but needs to build on in some areas to be at Serie A level. If we really want Dominguez, maybe a loan with obligation to buy is the best solution.
      Sending CDK the other way, on a loan with no option, would give Bologna time to look for a replacement and hopefully allow CDK to get more time to express his qualities. A win-win imo.

  8. All I know is that AC Milan have gotten everything wright by keeping all the players we have now Including the new signings and the future ones to joining except pioli (d coach) if pioli remains in d club, we can only make top 4 in d table.

  9. I can’t believe so many damn fools will defend such a limited and mediocre player like Krunic.

    Just wait as he gets older and slows down even more. He’s basically as slow as an old lady already. It’s going to get even worse.

    And the brigade of clowns on here will keep defending him. Rather gross.

    1. I think the admins of this platform need to do something about Giancarlo.

      Why would you refer to people as damn fools because they don’t agree with your opinions?

      1. Stating the truth hurts. It isn’t even about opinions. People want this team to suffer on here because guys like Krunic.

        1. Giancarlo generally i think we get fairly good along and can talk well about stuff here but on this matter you and some of the other commenters are kinda acting like kids in candy stores that isnt allowed to get what they want and then throws fit. Im not saying you or the others should be banned but come on if you cant show our players any respect why should anyone do it towards you either and im not even opposed to selling krunic and swapping him with dominguez in fact im pretty much for it due to the bosnians age and the quality of the argentinian but come on krunic might not be perfect but all this pioli/lover bs isnt even worthy of kids intellects. What if we just move on from this matter and sees how it all pans out and stops bashing our own players with name callings and keeps it on a technical assesments level instead, This website is down spriralling at the moment.

          1. I care about this team. And you called me an idiot before, and I will call you a total moron. No, I won’t blindly defend every single player on this team.

            Krunic is bad in midfield. He’s not even a defensive midfielder. He needs to leave.

            I’m not going to blindly respect every player when some of them are leeching off this team for money.

          2. i said you are starting to sound like an idiot not exactly the same but fair enough i doesnt really take much offense in your comment towards me butl its quite funny how this site has gone down the drain rercently and that is patially because of that attittude towards others opinions and i have not one single time said the player is above criticismn which he clearly isnt either. Either you cant read or are just super selective in what you wanna hear or read into it as ive also said several times that im not opposing a sale of krunic either and even in my first comment sad i was intrigued by dominguez signing for us.

          3. Oh so the last comment of yours was also for me well i clearly said i didnt want you or the other ones banned so guess you just proved me right you cant read or understand a simple comment,

  10. Just go…go and dont turn back!Go and dont come back!Just go wherever you want…Turkey,Malesia,to the Moon,it doesnt matter,just go!!!!!!!Be free to take Pioli with you!

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