Di Marzio: Milan trying for Genoa star – player-plus-€20m deal the idea proposed

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan have entered the race for Radu Dragusin and there are ongoing talks over a potential player-plus-cash deal, according to a report.

La Repubblica reported earlier today that Milan are now the team that are in pole position to sign Dragusin from Genoa, and it appears that Lorenzo Colombo could be the key to unlocking things in their favour.

According to the latest update from Di Marzio, Napoli and Tottenham are the two teams who moved first and most concretely, but the Serie A side have stuck with their offer of recent days, while the Spurs are increasing it more and more.

The English club remain ahead in the race and aim to close the deal as soon as possible to avoid competition from other teams, because Bayern Munich are on the hunt for a defender and have shown interest in the last few hours.

However, the journalist adds that Milan have also tried in the last few hours, trying to understand if there is the possibility of including Colombo in the operation, without however formulating any official offer.

It would require around €20m in cash in addition to Colombo to reach the valuation, and there have been contacts with the entourage of both the striker and Dragusin to see if an agreement can be set up.

Today could be an important day. Juventus, meanwhile, retain 20% of the future resale after they let him go to Genoa, which is why they might favour a player-plus-money operation (thus reducing the cash sum and the amount they would lose).

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  1. Buongiorno from AC Torino is better. Same price. In the next summer I would give them Pobega plus cash for Buongiorno. I don’t see a romanian player become a star , they have weak mentality. Personally , I would bet on Buongiorno . AC Milan must construct a strong italian core of 6-7 important players.

      1. Not really. It’s a well known fact that east Europe doesn’t produce top grade footballers. You might see an expectation now and then (loke sheva) but generally, they average at best. It is what it is.

        Insult the heads of those countries for producing shît sports programs not random people online

    1. @enzo

      F**k you from a weak mentality Romanian .

      Dragusin is better and stronger than all players we ( Milan ) have at the moment .

      He’s been in Italy for like 6-7 years so he is like an Italian and also 21 yo.

      1. I get you wanna “cheer” for you guy do it, but be fŭcking realistic about it.

        I don’t cheer Oblak for being the best gk ever born, even when he was at his peak. Why? Because it’s fúcking true. Handanovic was better…

        Dragusin can’t hold a candle for our cbs. Tomori, thiaw, kalulu, kjaer and even gabbia. All better. Shít even Theo makes a better CB than him

        1. did you watch this guy against inter? this guy dominating inter on both end, offense and defense, and he is a fukn cb, did you watch tomori, thiaw kalulu against inter?

    2. No, Romanians as a whole do not have weaker mentality. And if we’re restricting the discussion to football, Italian NT is not that much better than Romania’s these days, unfortunately. I don’t see city, psg, ect… fighting over Italian nationals

  2. I judge players by their merit and quality. And Dragusin is a wanted player by many teams, it’ll be tough to land him. Buongiorno isn’t it. Mr Strong Mentality has 2 caps for the Italian national team and can’t even break into that where Acerbi still starts.

    1. When he goes to Bayern for 30 million euros and starts every single game and becomes a 60 million euro player, then get back to me.

  3. We already have Kjaer , Simic , Pellegrino , Gabbia , Terracciano . Injured Caldara , Tomori , Thiaw , Kalulu . How many defenders milan want to buy ?

  4. If Milan can get him, good for us. Aside Tomori, most of our defenders can’t seem to head the ball goal-ward. This guy is strong, and fearless. Romanian or not, he can make a name for himself at Milan. So many rejects – Tomori, Theo, Pulisic, etc,- from other clubs are already making names for themselves.

  5. I am romanian and as a romanian i find your comment rasist. I hope it will be moderated accordingly.. dragusin is good enough for serie A.. he proved it and the interest from bayern, barcelona, spurs only proves once more that he passes any mentality test. The scouts from the best teams in europe approved entering the auction because he is a complete player ( phisical and mental)

    1. You do know Romanian people are of the same race as the rest of Europe so your little ‘ah it’s racist ‘ antics are blowing spitting spit into sea. Right? You do understand that, right? Right?

      1. The English would disagree, since they voted to leave Europe precisely because too many “eastern Europeans” were arriving. Funny thing, Brexit hasn’t stopped the migration. Oh well.

        You do know there is a difference between race and culture, right? And that discrimination can occur based on race or culture, or both, right? You do understand that, right? Right?

        1. To be fair half of london has been bought up by oligarchs and the super rich and there has been a constant pressure from calaix in france of refuges as well so i would argue its more complex as such and besides of that england is a fairly conservative country and a lot of englishmen probably has felt their countries values was under pressure which certainly is one side of the story as well.
          By the way not english myself if anyone wonders 😀

          1. Understood, but the point was that Brexit hasn’t stopped migration. It doesn’t address the root cause. And I know you’re Danish.

          2. my last point was more in the vein if some people thought i was english but fair enough 😀
            Its a complex discusion though.

        2. So one can be a culturist. But not racist, since a white person calling another white person over a 3rd white person racist is a very, very, very very, very, very big pill to swallow l.

          I understand discrimination very well and in fact I’d encourage it.

          Singling out the low lifes of society, and possibly doing something about them, should be the norm.

          Now don’t get me wrong and think I’m talking generally about Romanians. My experience with them is positive. As people….

          Sĥit, this rant went it’s course and some

  6. Dragusin would play well for Milan and tomori and Dragusin would be strong together .

    Whoever says that we have kalulu , kjaer etc , are you fking serious ? Are they on the same level with Dragusin ? Ofc they are not .

    But I suspect we don’t have enough money for Dragusin and he most likely would go to Spurs or Bayern and not Milan .

    Btw : Dragusin just got 1 yellow recently , he plays well and has right mentally ( also remember from who fagioli was borrowing money for his gambling addiction , who had the weak mentality?

    with the right guidance he will surely become 60-80 mil player in the next couple of years .

  7. Though its very true that east europe doesnt produce good players, Dragusin is actually different. He is actually.. Produced in Italy more than Romania even though his nationality is romanian. He turned into a really good defender. Since he is young, we got at least 6-7 years of his career peak. If his mentality falters, we can sell him. But the way he played against inter and dominated inter’s attack.. that was unreal.

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