Di Marzio: How much Milan will pay for Okafor with Chukwueze expected to follow

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan have closed an agreement with Red Bull Salzburg over the signing of forward Noah Okafor, with Samuel Chukwueze possibly to follow.

According to what is being reported by Gianluca Di Marzio, following on from the exclusive from his Sky colleague Fabrizio Romano, Milan have indeed secured the signing of the Swiss international.

An agreement was reached for €13-15m including bonuses, a fee which seems low but is influenced by the fact he has less than one year remaining on his contract.

The 23-year-old will undergo medical tests on Saturday 22 July and then should fly out to the United States to meet his new team-mates ahead of the friendlies.

Meanwhile, Milan are negotiating over Villarreal’s Samuel Chukwueze as well. They insist on finding an agreement with the LaLiga side at around €25m plus bonuses given he has a deal until June 2024, and the feeling is that the deal can be closed.

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    1. Yes, it’s a smart move, and Pioli is a big fans of him (maybe since that goal he scored against Milan when Kalulu was tricked like a kid, lol). At the very least, he’s the one that our coach thinks we need.

      And with him being on board, there’ll be less and less role for CdK. That should be resolved sooner than later.

  1. Got to give props here. He is in his last year of contract but what a steal for 13-15 millions. They were talking about no less than 30 millions few months ago.

    1. I’ll always give props where props are deserved and same applies to critique. I don’t care if we are managed by Maldini or Furlani or whoever. I expressed my negative thoughts about chasing RLC even when Maldini was after him, I’d say it is a waste of funds that we already lack. There’s nothing wrong when people stay true to their beliefs and principals whatever they are. And as usual I always hope those who I criticize, prove me wrong and shut my mouth.

      1. The problem always was the unjust panic in June, it made no sense, nothing happened yet and people were pretending like Milan would finish 10th next season and Redbird are these Bond villians here to ruin everything

        After a 1.2b buyout did people really think they had no plan???

        1. Thats a distortion of the truth as it has only been very few commenters that actually said we would either get relegated or end up 10th or that the ownership was out to destroy the club, obviously comments like that was idiotic. The rest of us was angry about how maldini got treated and the fact that we sold tonali,
          I stand behind my bitterness and anger in that regard but ive also said from the begining that i would judge the management after the mercato but for now minus the tonali sale it actually looks pretty promising as i see it especially if we get chukwueze.
          When that is said the other half of the commenters has been just as vile as the other half and has pretty much kept it going as well by taunting the other calling them maldinistas or ac maldini so why wouldnt people strike back at such comments or staright up fabricated bs thrown at them.
          Either way im sure most people here all want whats for the best of the club even if we strongly disagree on some matters.

          1. Thank you Bernard for this. I was going to post but this basically sums up my feelings too. Obviously bitter from Maldini sacking and Tonali sale doesn’t mean we hate Milan. We just hate what happened. At the time, the optics def were not looking good. There was no direction, but now it seems they’re showing their vision through the signings. And I must say this is impressive work

          2. Glad to be of service IKWYDLS 🙂 Yeah i agree it did look very bleak and the entire june i was pretty much distraught about what had happened.
            Absolutely its basically about how it whent down and i dont think anyone on sempremilan hates the club minus maybe a few trolls frequenting here and there.
            Also i doubt that many of us actually enjoys the trench warfare we have seen the last couple of months but it was a dire moment that hugely disapointed many of us,
            Either way its actually starting to look like an impressive work done by the management.

  2. I don’t think Okafor is a player we need at the moment to be honest, not prolific, physical and with a questionable injury record, but if that number of €15m is accurate then it seems very low risk and a decent opportunity.

    1. Yup smoll fee and low risk.. no brainer..and if he fits in like a glove his value will rise very quickly.
      Worst case scenario, he’ll be like origi

  3. How exactly did we manage to sign him for that fee is beyond me? Afterall he is only 23 years old. I was not expecting anything less than 35M for Okafor. Does anyone know whether he was on the last year of his contract, or is there something else that could explain such a low fee? I am so happy we went after him rather than 31 years old Taremi.

  4. Now we have gotten a striker and a winger let’s go for Lindstrom and musah now after that our signing is complete then free up the irrelevant player out please Pioli we appreciate your efforts

      1. Giroud runs for Leao too. Like he always has done. It’s kind of sad that the 37-year-old CF has to work for the two of them but what can you do, eh? Can’t force the kid to defend/press – or can you?

  5. I’m wondering what pioli is planning here …. I think he wants to perfect the counter attacking play with speedsters upfront… And a solid block midfielders who can press

  6. okafor is currently out with a Metatarsal Fracture from what i can see and he has been out for 3 months and his return is still unknown so unless transfermarkt is not up to date it would seem unlikely that he will be able to do any medical tests at current point of time.

      1. Different injuries but it certainly would be a bit worrying to buy an injured player and have to deal with this again even if okafor is younger than origi. Anyways transfermarkt might be badly informed or hasnt just updated his profile.

  7. I hope Okafor passes his medicals, he is right on the edge of that recovery window period. That low fee is largely in part due to the series of minor injuries he had and the last season ending one as well. We had been negotiating with him since mid May. This deal was being worked out a while back. Until he was finally close to being healthy, it made sense to keep that sitting in the background. He had been identified long ago as a signing as we began negotiations with Kamada.

    He stays healthy, this is a deal. Until he is fully healthy, and we get Chuk, we will be top heavy.
    Pulisic can play great at left wing as well. We have a squad lined up for two formations and two potential starting 11s. We can compete in dense fixture lists. We def can expect more rotating this season.

    Well done.

    1. I agree if he passes the medicals and can stay fit and end up costing us 13-15 mil it certainly would be a good deal considering they have been demanding around 30-35 mil previously,

  8. Great prize for that sort of talent. But then you start to wonder why? How is his physical status? I hope Milan lab do their job and makes a thorough examination…

  9. I normally criticise a lot because there are many things that are going in my opinion wrong with Milan but I can admit and praise if something is good aks the signing of Okafor at this price is definitely a good one.

  10. This is great work by the management. A front 4 of Leao, Pulisic and Chukwueze behind Okafor could be dynamic.

    I like Okafor, I’m not convinced he’s the 20 plus goal a season striker we need but hope I’m wrong. He’s certainly a huge upgrade on Origi and a different option to Giroud. Importantly he can also give Leao a break

    The lack of Italians in this Milan side does worry me but so far (RLC the exception who I don’t rate) the signage have been good.

  11. There’s no fcking way it’s 15m. Holy crap that’s a steal. Didn’t Openda go for like 40m plus? Glad we dodged that bullet. My question is who starts….Okafor or Giroud? 😁
    I don’t think they should keep a young talent on the bench. Giroud might hv to get comfortable with the seats available in the dugout

    1. Horse for courses mate. Okafor, Leao and Chukwueze would be fast, dynamic, and all have goals. A modern interchanging forward line. Giroud offers a classic centre forward. It’s good options to have. I guess if your playing against a low block and can’t get through you go wide and get the ball into Oli G as he’s an excellent box striker and can head/volley/improvise. If your playing against a high press team like city then the breakaway with Okafor, Leao and Chukwueze is devastating.

      If we play Pulisic as CAM he can be clever and care the ball into the final third.

      I’m still not forgiving the Tonali sale. I mean Bennacer and Tonali behind this front 4 makes us a different level. Let’s hope Reijnders os what we all hope him to be because I don’t think RLC is going to replace Tonali

  12. 15 mil including Bonuses is a STEAL for Okafor. Doesn’t matter if Okafor isn’t a good fit or struck by injury. Eitherway it’s a good work from Furlani. Job well done.

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