Di Marzio: Milan very interested in Villarreal winger and have begun talks

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan have begun contacts over a potential summer deal for Villarreal winger Samuel Chukwueze, according to a report.

It is likely that head coach Stefano Pioli will ask for some improvements to be made in the attacking department, especially on the right wing given he ended up moving Brahim Diaz there because he was dissatisfied with the performance of Junior Messias and Alexis Saelemaekers.

According to a report from Gianluca Di Marzio, Milan’s summer window is already moving despite the recent sackings of Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara.

The Rossoneri are very interested in signing Samuel Chukwueze from Villarreal, he adds. At the moment the asking price is ‘very high’ but Milan are trying and have started the first contacts.

The 24-year-old plays mostly on the right side, and he amassed 13 goals plus 11 assists in 50 games cross all competitions last season, with 11 goal contributions in 37 LaLiga games.

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    1. Club can make personal agreement with player 1 year before. Player reject new contract offer from domestic club, and waiting for contract to expire. Domestic club is forced to sell more than half price or to wait 1 year for free transfer.

      Will of player is most important thing in today football.

  1. That’s Di Marzio reporting….. We best believe. If we eventually get him, trust me it would be a key signing as there would be less pressure on Leaò. It’s gonna be 60% of our problems solved. Let’s get it done❤️🖤

  2. Now we will see who has better results in transfer market; old school thinking like masara, Maldini etc, or artificial intelligence with youngsters like Moncada.

    Maldini did very good job compared to Chinese era. Now Moncada and Cardinale have to do bigger step forward. But compared to Maldini they have now c”clean” balance sheet.

    1. Moncada is a great scout and I’m not sure he was relying much on data, at least not as much as the baseball wizard is. But Jerry is the king now and if you don’t follow his supreme and wise will, it’s clear now that his highness will fire you and maybe if you’re lucky enough you can have two sentences on the official website like Massara.

      Besides despotism, Jerry also shares Trump’s affect for fake news. Wtf since yesterday we heard so many names, guys that cost obviously more than the mere 35M available for the summer window. Is this the strategy from the crisis communication team? If these news are true, there is so much nonsense since Maldini is gone, seems like Milan is a headless chicken without him.

      1. Money available for transfermarket is directly connected to salaries. They probably count on free transfer, so no need to bigger spent on amortisation.
        Data, probably is in bigger usage by young employees like Moncada, than before existence of data.

        In my mind is question if AI data is going to be more effective compared to “old school” transfer handling.

        Maybe in 100 years of comparing, the results for trophy should be the same. But on money account AI should earn much more money, because of the concept by itself.

        We witness now how Americans already earned a lot of money for them selves. They put 1,2bn and just by raising the brend, in 1 year, they earned a lot. In future sale they could earn 2 or 3 times more they invested.

        If anyone asked why Americans bought Milannor any other eu football club, it is the money they will earn in future.

    2. This is not M&M vs Moncada

      This is triple M (Moncada was advisor to M&M, including in signing Hauge and CDK) vs Moncada + Furlani + Moneyball

      Moncada has always been the one who identify young talents we bought, Maldini only attract/convince them.

  3. It seems Milan is alergic to Italian players. Good way to lose the fans that actually bring money in the club.

    1. Italian players are usually overpriced and overrated. Berardi is way too expensive for how little he could actually help Milan at the highest level. Same with Frattesi. Orsolini would be good be nice but again, Bologn will demand too much for what he is worth…

      1. Orsolini can come for less then 10 mil he is on a expiring contract. Then again it can be some young Italian prospects as well, it doesn’t have to be some expensive player like Berardi. But Milan just doesn’t like Italians. Also Italian players are not overrated at all. Who is better then Tonali in our mid ? Or take Calabria that everyone critisized, but then when others were given the chance at the RB position they all did worse than him. The overrated ones are all this cheap players from Africa and France that we scout who have one good season and then in 99% of the time they fail to live up to the hype.

        1. Expiring contracts don’t mean as much as they used to with increased money in the game. If Bologna don’t have a decent replacement lined up, he’s with far more than 10m to them, especially if they think he makes the difference between relegation and staying up, or the difference between getting into Europe vs not doing.

          And they’d be hoping to get two or three clubs interested in which case those clubs can compete on price and drive it up for them.

          Just because a calciomercato report threw out a figure of 10m doesn’t mean that’s his price like beans in a supermarket, Bologna can ask whatever they want.

  4. “Oh we’re so fvcked”, “oh we’re doomed”, “oh we’re broke” “Lord help us!”

    Hahaha, the Doom & Gloom crew is thriving these days… 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. This is another R Leao with Expiring Contract if Moncada and G Furlani succeed brimging him to acmilan we will win Trepeleta next year if not fail because of Dullness of Piioli

  6. Like before, just speculation to another speculation. At the end, there is no player come to Milan, because the owner not giving any budget.

    Let’s hope that will not happen

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