Di Marzio: Pioli determined to keep Krunic – Milan could offer a pay rise

By Euan Burns -

There is a strong desire from Stefano Pioli and AC Milan as a whole to keep Rade Krunic at the club and a change to his contract could be made, a report claims. 

As has been reported by Gianluca Di Marzio, Pioli does not want to see Krunic move to Fenerbahce despite the serious interest that is coming from the Turkish side.

It became clear last season that Pioli values having a versatile player in the squad like Krunic and it seems that the club agrees with him.

There is a suggestion that Milan would be willing to improve the terms of Krunic’s contract with the Rossoneri, given the terms that the Bosnian has been offered by Fenerbahce are greater than what he currently receives.

If Krunic were to leave the club, Milan would need to dip into the market for a midfielder. Bologna’s Nicolas Dominguez is a primary candidate.

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  1. If this happens, I’d be okay with Pioli would be fired and replaced by a top class coach who’d be able to elevate the potential of this group.

    1. I hope he gets sacked, and we replace him with someone like Nagalsmann, Will Still, Edin Terzić, De Zerbi or Arne Slot.

        1. Bro thinks Pioli is better manager than Nagelsmann. We ain’t winning another trophy under him. Also, getting rejected by Chelsea, Spurs and PSG where you got no job security is not particularly a bad thing.

          1. ” wr aint winning trophy under him ” . So scudetto not counting trophy ? Nagelsmann want include with DS to support him buying player, can ACM satisfied his demand ? Even chelsea & spurs cannot doing that , why you believe ACM can satisfied his demand ? You sacked pioli and his replacement are cheap coach too like vicenzo italiano,ivan juric ,palladino . De zerbi ? You must pay brighton 20 m euro his release clause and give same salary with brighton give him

  2. This is such a joke, he sucks. And we’re going to give him a pay raise! Meanwhile we can replace him with a 25 year with more quality but no. Pioli has to be in love with him, there is no other explanation.

  3. I’m sure Pioli wants him and if he stays he plays. But if Fener comes with the cash, they will sell and Pioli can weep all he wants. Simple.

  4. If they give this incredibly mediocre player a pay raise somebody should be sacked. If you want to keep him on the bench, that’s fine, but he should not be starting and they certainly should not be paying him any more money.

  5. This stupid coach Pioli must be fired immediately. Is that low class Krunic his brother? If he mess up he will cry bitterly. That player is not a top class but we keep on trusting him. Tomatoes seller Pioli deserves to follow Maldini

  6. If this news correct is, then there is something wrong with Pioli.
    I‘ve never heard a coach who is willing to keep mediocre player. Krunic is not even starter.
    Pioli got no problem with Tonalis leaving, but then tries hard to keep Krunic.
    However I hope Milan will be more succesful this season but Pioli is just not the right coach. This news is really frustrating to see

  7. He doesn’t deserve a pay raise. He’s been with us since 2019 and just after January of the previous season did he become a regular starter when we were struggling? Before that he got 10 minutes here and there but was never more than a bench player. He’s easily replaceable and if we can get over 10m let him walk. One season of decent doesn’t mean he should be a high earner

  8. Pioli must be having big plans for Krunic ,like making him a starter. I’m sure it’s been suggested to Pioli by someone to buy a midfielder who’s known of being a DM.. But Pioli want to gamble with Musah for that position so if it fails he could give the spot to his fcken son. It will get bad with Pioli and Krunic together. One should leave.

  9. I like Musah btw, just that he’s more a CM and I believe after a couple of games of not delivering as a DM Pioli will be ready to shift him to CM and then say Musah is young and needs some time to be ready for DM.

  10. Rade plays OK in high pressure games, he can cover 2-3 positions, plus he is a starter for Bosnia. That more or less makes him the perfect substitute.We should not let go easy, especially with the changes we are already getting. I make similar case for Salemakers.

    1. Lol well high pressured games are were Rade struggles the most. He’s to slow. I’d be ok with him being a backup but Pioli will always play him which is the issue with me

    1. So because he wins the scudetto one year then comes in 5th the next, he can keep donkeys like Krunic in the starting 11? Not to mention, we would use the money from his sale to get Dominguez who is better. Are people dense?

      1. Shame on you for calling Krunic a donkey. 4th and a CL semi-final is absolutely acceptable with the players Pioli had available. I appreciate Dominguez as a player, but I don’t think these disrespectful attitudes towards Krunic, who has always given his best for the team, is OK. As I said, zero loyalty.

        1. So even though he asked to leave for more money, because he “gives his all” he should stay forever as a starter and we shouldn’t upgrade. He has no quality, can’t play one-touch football and has no physical presence, but he gives his all haha okay. He’s a bum like Spider Rico

          And we came in 5th, we’re only in CL because Juve is Juve

          1. I didn’t say he should stay forever as a starter, that’s on you. I didn’t say we shouldn’t upgrade, that’s on you. We came 4th because Juve got a penalty, all records show this. Your anger is clouding your thinking and you make things up. I stand by my observation that people like you show zero loyalty.

  11. Pioli’s darling boy. I bet he’s blocking the other darling boy Messias from moving as well. You can’t blame him really can you? After all, they’re the only ones who are ready.

    Get De Zerbi already would you

    1. Give it time. If we’re stuck in 4th-6th by the time December rolls around he’ll get the sack. Unfortunately De Zerbi, *IF* he’s be willing to leave the EPL, would not arrive before next June.

  12. Where did all this Krunic hate come from? It’s even more than usual 🤷‍♂️
    Krunic should not be a starter but he can fill in admirably as one. Plus he’s very adept at positioning and reading of the game. He’s never going to be that ultra aggressive runner but he’s very smart.

    1. All of the other “bad” players have been replaced. When Krunic is gone, they’ll start picking on Calabria. Watch.

      1. Lol 🤣bro I literally was on vacay for like 2 wks, came back and saw this like wtf. An all new midfield if Krunic goes? And I’m trying to figure out if that’s a good thing but based on the comments they want blood lol. He’s the only one left who knows Pioli’s system 🤷‍♂️but ummm sure lets get another signing I suppose

    2. I dont understand that ppl too. Krunic never disrespect ACM or his coach pioli, he only get 1,2m euro nett working hard last season while other bench get 3m euro -4m euro nett last season like dest,florenzi,rebic,origi without impact, whats wrong give him pay rise . I agree with you ,suddenly massive hating come for krunic . He is the last one midfield that understand pioli tactic ( benna injured) that available . Krunic never push / forcing ACM to accept fenerbahce offer. Tonali – krunic even better pairing last season in double pivot than tonali-bennacer

  13. Krunic is KDB with downgrade skill, he have good vision but lacking skill and physic. If Pioli use him as a bench player, he can stay. But as a regular DM starter, he has no chance. So better sell him immediately

  14. I thought oscar tabarez was the worst we ever had (since the first time i saw milan match), but i was
    damn fuckin* wrong 😂…. Please cardinale give us a gift this christmas

  15. This is worst news for the whole transfer window!!!!We all hoped his depart is guaranted!C’mon please…..let him go,kick him out,bid him farewell…How someone like him made up to club like AC Milan???…Man…please release the guy!

  16. What are doing with a player that wants to leave your club, with zero ball control anyway the coach too has almost zero knowledge of football.

  17. Why are you guys hate this guy so much to the point of disrespecting and wanting to kick him out that much? Dude never make a fuss and has been versatile and useful for us thus far. Part of the scudetto team and also CL semifinalist. He’s no Makalele but then again, no one is.

    This season would be Pioli’s baptism of fire. He would be solely responsible of our fate and could no longer blame anyone else, as the management has shown tremendous faith in making him central of the projects by providing players that should suit his style. Let him have players he wants/needs. If he thinks Krunic is still needed then let him have his way.

    Then at the end of the season, his work would be judged accordingly.

    Side note;

    I find the hate of our players baffling. I meant not the hate towards players who betrayed us like Hakan/Gigio, but those who are deemed a deadwood like Castillejo, Ballo-Toure, Messias, Saelemakers, Krunic, etc. Some of these players cried when they scored for us. We would never comprehend the amount of pressure to these ‘lesser talented’ guys, wanting to be protagonists to a big club such as ours, but even our own fans are usually the ones who kept putting them down.

    1. Good thing is fans here are irrelevant

      they arent going to games they arent buying merch and they def arent watching most of the games

      The fact that they treat Pioli like a relegation manager is proof enough

    2. Disloyal, disrespectful and ungrateful cretins they are. The bigger a club gets, the more of these fans it accumulates. Sadly. They don’t understand the meaning of ‘uno de noi’. All we can do is call out these posers where we see them.

  18. That dumb coach Pioli should be fired immediately. kick him out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!
    Noooo, we don’t need him, Krunich’s level doesn’t satisfy Milan’s requirements

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