Di Marzio recalls how Donnarumma’s exit came about: “It was Milan’s decision” – video

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan made the decision to move on from Gianluigi Donnarumma and to sign Mike Maignan as his replacement before he slipped away, it is claimed.

It is now a closed chapter, but Donnarumma’s exit aroused plenty of disappointment and anger in his decision to reject Milan’s contract offer in favour of joining PSG. Many believe that he chose to leave in the wrong way, having constantly professed his love for the Rossoneri but in the end allowing a situation to happen where he left without the club receiving a fee.

Gianluca Di Marzio has now given the full recollection of how the Donnarumma saga went down.

“Donnarumma was in tears on the pitch after the Atalanta game because he knew it was his last game. He was told few days earlier that Milan signed a new goalkeeper,” he said.

“It was Milan’s decision to not wait for Donnarumma, while he wanted to wait and see if Milan will participate in the Champions League. Milan could not wait because Roma joined the race for Maignan and they would have risked losing him.

“In my opinion if on Monday after the victory in Bergamo Donnarumma was called to Milan headquarter he would have signed the contract extension.”

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  1. Story for the gods. He was not to be trusted anymore after he missed the deadline to sign the contract then Maldini made the right decision.

    sorry dollar, rot on that psg bench. my grandmom would hv saved that goal against swiss.

  2. Very stupid talk! Were u expecting the club to dance to his tune or to wait for him at his own convenience…. Rubbish!! This is the first time Di Marzio will be talking stupid! Let’s just say u are doing this to create peace within the fans for Dollarama! Nonsense!!

  3. Cry me a River dollaruma…
    Champions League or not, the anger is him deciding to leave for free. Look at grealish of mancity he signed an extension with Aston villa just so they could get a fee when he decided to leave. That’s putting his boyhood club at heart. Enough of this dollaruma bullshit. The guy is gone and we have moved on from him, there hasn’t been a single game so far this season that we wished he was the one between the sticks. So we are happy without him

  4. With him or not we are strong so he his not our material we don’t need his talk at all because if you will not give something to support Milan you will be kick out…

  5. Back when Donnarumma signed his 1st contract, Riola was hell bent on taking him to juventus, he had a nice fat commission lined up from that deal and Maldini went over his head and appealed to his family and Donnarumma directly resulting in a deal for his brother too, this is when Riola made it clear to him that he had to allow him to negotiate his contracts and to keep the peace Donnarumma agreed to it. Now fast forward to his most recent contract and Donnarumma made it clear to Maldini he had to negotiate with Riola as per the pact he made, Riola tried to play Maldini’s bluff and it failed amazingly as no other club could afford or need Donnarumma at the time and Maldini had Maignan lined up, except money bags psg who took him on the condition he accept bench duty

  6. Maldini had waited already the long time till the last month of season. Its already a bigger time that at club can wait after loosing him for free. If he really cares about Milan he could have done grealish thing for Milan.
    But now its a matter of past, we would have loose Magic Mike and watching him with our opponents.
    We are better in goal keeping this year than last year. Thanks to Mike and Tatarusanu

  7. Dimarzio are you fkin drunk? It’s clear Dollaruma not gonna sign the paper when he and his disgusting agent was hellbent on 10-12 million euros wages. Maldini was lost his patience after waiting and negotiating so many times.

    Now Dollaruma crying and eat his karma as a bench warmer at PSG. Lol served him right!

  8. I believe DiMarzo. He’s doesn’t lie (has no reason to) and his reputation is impeccable. Doesn’t matter tho. Maldini believed we would lose our chance at signing Maignan so he didn’t want to wait. We will never know what could have happened had we waited until Monday. I also believe he wasn’t going to sign and wanted the money PSG was offering him. The rest is history. Maignan is excellent. The only thing that still upsets me is that we lost out on a transfer fee. Prayed it would never happened again with other players – then Hakan happened and now Kessie and maybe Romagnoli. Thank god we have finally learned our lesson and are now being proactive with extensions coming for Leao, Theo and Bennacer…enough articles about Donnaruma. He’s a PSG player and no Milan fan gives a shit about this baby any longer. Let him continue to whine about playing time at PSG. He is no longer our problem.

    1. Well Di Marzio is not always impeccable.he goofed once on a probable benzema transfer that never happened. Benzema came out to discredit the story, and he stayed put at real Madrid. He could have got this one wrong too. He’s not infallible.

  9. Total bs.
    Di marizio: one day donnarumma is the bad Guy, next day milan is the bad guys. Do u even do journalistick our r u paid by the letter and therefore just publish all Kind of s***.
    If donnarumma was not intending leaving, he probably would be still at milan. And perhaps would have signed a 5 year contract, 2 years ago.

  10. Again, very simple question:
    If he really wanted to stay, why should he wait until Atalanta match? Why didn’t he sign much earlier?

    1. It’s been stated clearly, I think. He wanted to be assured of Champions League football. That wasn’t decided until the last match of the season. I think you can want to stay and also play in the CL. My question is: why couldn’t they have worked in a low non-champions release clause? No champions league qualification, ok, then the clause is active for 5-10 euro.

      1. This is bullshit, if CL was the reason, he should have already during the winter break where Milan were the winter champions. Or did he already believe that Milan would struggle in 2nd half and qualification 2ould depend on the last game ? If he was not that confident even after being the winter champions, doesn’t that already show that he never believed in us and just wanted to blackmail us.

  11. Dollaruma : you need to sign this contract, its gives me 8-10 Million per year and even though i know the club cannot afford it i want it

    Maldini : Errrr, NO

    Press: Its was Milan decision

    1. Continued

      Raiola : Dollaruma boy, i got us the best deal
      Dollaruma : Where?
      Raiola : PSG
      Dollaruma : Why PSG?
      Raiola : U got 8 millions per year, just by sitting on bench KEK

      1. Continued
        Dollarumma: Great, as long as I am getting my money I don’t care whether I play or not.

        —-After few months of rotting on the bench—

        Dollarumma : (crying) Now I am feeling bored. What should I do ?

        Raiola: Milan have already moved on from us, so let’s start by blaming Milan for they handled you. That way you will stay in the limelight and in news .

        Dollarumma: Great idea .

  12. Pretty happy that Milan were able to take such a bold and correct decision. They knew Donnarumma couldn’t be trusted and so brought in a great replacement in Maignan. Because that’s what someone, who cares about the club, does. Donnarumma clearly showed that he didn’t care about the club. He got what he wanted so let’s keep him out of our space. Post these in PSG space as he doesn’t belong here. Let’s talk about Milan here from now onwards.

  13. Love it how desperate everyone is to protect Dollarumma.

    Maybe he is not a bad guy, but he sure does lack personality and balls.

    As many has written. Lets talk about Milan players instead, let him sit on bench in the Harlem Globetrotter team of the Donald Duck League.

    Forza Milan!!

  14. Di marzio, don’t ever bring dollaruma and his greedy agent news here again because milan has moved on.Why making these guys look too special….look as far as I am concern,dollaruma and his greedy agent should go to hell.No player is i repeat no player is more the club and moreover Ac milan is a very great club…..we are talking about the second best club in the history of the champions league even in Europe as a whole and you are here talking about dollaruma and riola.What an ungrateful parasites you are trying to make look special….Milan 4 life. Forza milano

  15. Before he could sign the first contract I remember his bro Antonio was included in the deal before he could stay with Milan the. And this happened again that raiola has to dictate for you for a club you claim you love please and please Donna is no longer a Milan player and we have a better person and player in mike

  16. The less Raiola puppets we have better for us. Even it is a national team goalkeeper. We wasted too much time and money, and heart attack drugs to get rid of that scumbag. Really, we don’t want dramas anymore.
    Now we have Romagnoli and Zlatan only as Raiola’s clients. But they both of them are showing they are the ones who make decisions.

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