Di Stefano on Donnarumma’s peculiar situation: “It’s not just the Milan fans”

By Isak Möller -

Gigio Donnarumma has been heavily criticised by the AC Milan fans ever since he decided to leave the club on a free transfer. Even though it’s been two years, the goalkeeper is still struggling and it’s not just the Rossoneri fans. 

Italy will face Ukraine at San Siro on Tuesday evening and they have thus been training at Milanello today, and will train there tomorrow as well. For Donnarumma, it’s a special situation and he’s not expected to be well-received at the stadium (as we have seen before).

Speaking live to Tutti Convocati, the Sky Italia journalist Peppe Di Stefano shared his thoughts on the ‘hostile climate’ that has been created around Donnarumma. He made sure to highlight that it’s no longer just the Milan fans criticising him.

“Donnarumma? Even today there are 50 fans at Milanello, they all blow up if you talk about Gigio. The problem is that it’s not just the Milan fans. By now a hostile climate has been created even with the rest of the fans. Tonali? I expect a great welcome,” he stated.

The goalkeeper has been very prone to mistakes since leaving the Rossoneri, which has hurt Italy as well. The added pressure of the fans is probably not doing him any favours, but ultimately he made his own bed.

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  1. I’m an African and Italian fan
    If Italy wants to rise again he should be dropped.
    And again a Milan player must be on the call up for national team.
    When they do this Italy will rise again.
    Forza Milan

  2. Anyone who give a false big love will always get hates. Gianluigi Donnarumma should now show fake love & promise to always with ACM to leave Milanello.

    He should do what Tonali did : Shut up, discuss well with club so all party win, then go with good farewell.

    And his behavior completely copied by Frank Kessie, who will get the same treatment as Gianluigi Donnarumma got, because they deserved it.

    In other hand, Milan fans will always welcome Tonali, even if when he come back at San Siro with Newcastle shirt and make a goal (Hopefully not).

    1. I think the reception for Kessie will be neutral. He did “copy” Donnarumma, but he wasn’t from the Primavera and he was key during the scudetto season.

  3. I will cheer on Gigio in every game he plays except in those when he plays against Milan.
    Watched him play for Milan for 5 years starting when he was 16. Performing great in a position that’s always under a spotlight, where every mistake is magnified. One of the very few bright lights when the club was a mess.
    He has done or said nothing wrong against the club while he was at Milan or since he left even while he was getting abused by meatheads.
    It’s not a crime to want to leave the club.
    Gigio and Tonali both left the club for the same reasons, money and more ambitious financial projects, and there is nothing wrong with that. The only difference is that one left for nothing and the other for a lot of money. But that’s on the competence of the directors, not the players.
    Donnarumma was at Milan for 8 years, 5 as a starter and for 95% of the time he was performing outstanding.
    Tonali was at Milan for 3 years and he was poor for half of that time.
    Gigio will always be a Milanista

    1. It’s amusing how hard you try to convince (who?) that Tonali decided himself to leave for money.
      We sold him (for good or bad), face it. We wanted the money more than him. He proved more than anyone else that he wanted to stay forever, he was not looking for every penny he could get. And that’s why we will always welcome him.
      Very, very different story to Donna. He never wanted to be sold, he always wanted to go for free to get the money.

      1. 👍 OK, and you say I try to convince someone that Tonali left for money?
        Let’s see..Tonali went from making 2.5 mil at Milan to making up to 9 mil at Newcastle.
        Yeah it looks like Milan wanted the money more than Tonali.
        Did you see any talk from Tonali or his agent that rhey left against their will?
        His transfer happened in June.
        Happened in 48 hours. He even did a medical while he was on International duty with the u21 squad. Newcastle had to work soooo hard and sooooo long to convince Tonali to leave a club that according to you he has proven that he wanted to stay at forever.
        How did he prove that he wanted to stay forever? By accepting the first big money offer that came his way. He could have at least pushed back and maybe chose another club to go to.
        The Athletic wrote an article describing Tonali transfer. Newcastle were surprised how open Tonali was to make the move.
        Keep telling yourself that he didn’t leave for the money.
        No difference between Gigio and Tonali, both left Milan for a lot more money. Matter fact Tonali salary was quadrupled by the move, Gigio only doubled.

        1. It’s not Tonali’s fault that Newcastle gave him that much. He didn’t demand it. Tonali offered a paycut to facilitate a Milan stay and never asked for a pay increase during his time at Milan. If Milan didn’t need money Tonali would still be with us this season.

      2. Tonali will always have our greatest admiration. I will always want him to return to Milan and end his career here, just like Ibra did. It is such a pity some people compare him with that rat $ollarumma.

      3. Donna asked for a fair contract. The refused to give him one and signed another goalie after he brought us into the CL. Fans blaming him for management not offering him a fair salary are being Stans.

        He deserved to get 6 to 7 million at the time. We see what happened when Tonali signed for under market value to help us. We sold him.

        Remember that. The club treated our players who left for free like trash.

        I will support our players who sweat on the pitch for our colours before men in suits who try to sweat them into poor contracts.

        1. I don’t think he deserved that money considering his liability which make him unsuited to play the role of sweeper-keeper required by Pioli.

          1. A player’s skillset and value is not based on a coach’s ability to use them to the best of their abilities. Donnaruma won a European title when we let him walk as the starting GK for Italy. He won player of the tournament. Was instrumental in getting us back into the Champions League. He was worth every penny. He was brilliant for us and Italy. He could have been perfectly fine for us. 6 to 7 million for the best goalkeeper in Europe is a bargain. They did him dirty. He would have put Mimo in his place had they went back to the table instead of telling him to leave. Ibra did it, Gigi would have as well. Did his performances stay up to par? No. He was still incredible for us. He never wanted to leave.

          2. Go find how many goalkeepers can stop the ball as well as him and play the ball. Next to none. We have one and offered him 4 million euros to stay…so when Mike leaves what excuses will you come up with to blame him?

            This club has lowballed every player we had to the last moment, expecting them to undercut themselves. They let Hakan leave because they didn’t wish to offer 200 or 300k more. He didn’t ask for PSG money either, only fair value on the lower end, bottom dollar. They told him to pack his bags. Fans all call him a rat then excuse the idiot Americans for sticking to computers, choices that cost us over 100 million in lost transfer fees. Clap their hands when they spend a 100 when selling our best prospect for 70. We could have easily spent this 100 million this year over the last 3 years and kept Tonali. No one seems to be able to compute that…It is the Americans who called those shots. We are doing fine for now, we could have had an extra star on our shirt already.

          3. If the player doesn’t fit the coach system, the player doesn’t even deserve renewal, let alone 6m per season. He deserve to sign with other club whose coach fit his style. Period!

        2. Dude, AC Milan offer him 8m euro nett / season but without his brother that get 1m euro nett as 3rd GK . Gigio asking 10m euro nett and rejected that 8m euro nett offer by management, whats more awful he and his agent only want to sign 2 years contract

    2. Tonali was a sign of determination, which was important back in the day. you can see from his in newcastle earlier in transfer, his sad face of leaving Milan. Comparing everything with Milan.

      Dont put him the same page as Dollaruma. Kessie was shit too, but atleast he leaves with a pride. But thankfully Moncada and M&M got us the best goalkeeper at low price.

      Lots of ambitions, but 0 pride

  4. Blaming fans for his downfall. He has only himself to blame. He’s weak in his character letting agent get into his head. Sorry to say but he is a rotten apple.

  5. Playing at San Siro, hopefully Spalletti will use other GK and not Donnarumma. Maybe Vicario or Meret, they won’t be much worse than Donna, he is (for a long time) unconvincing and prone to mistake.

    They need win in euro qualifier and having home supporter thats hostile to our own players never help.

    1. He also lack communication and presence. This is the reason Pioli want to sign Maignan after watching Maignan played for Lille against Milan. This poor boy did not realize that Pioli had found his replacement by himself.

      It was Pioli who discover Maignan, not Moncada/Maldini. sempremilan(.)com/pioli-admiration-maignan-goalkeeper-coach

  6. There is a saying, don’t bite the hands that feeds you, Donna lied to Milan, he played Milan and eventually left a club that launched his career in the worst way possible. By saying I only so what my agent tells me. What a load of B.S, he should be the one telling the agent what he wants. Be he is corrupt just like his agent and tried to put the blame on the agent.

  7. Tonali made sure milan got the money donna did not care abt the team that made him..he could have signed one yr extension and them sold for alot of money but he rather be greedy

  8. Potential transfer fee Milan could have got back then became his salary at PSG. And the ever innocent look on his face is just priceless. His parents messed up raising him. Teach your children about gratitude or else they are done for as a human being. Gratitude guys, gratitude.

  9. Funny how the same fans who turned on Donnarumma are the same fans that turned on numerous players over the years even when they were still playing at the club including players who helped deliver our 19th Scudetto.

    If nobody has any loyalty: the club for the players, the players for the club, the fans for the players – then all bets are off.

    Donnarumma is one of hundreds of players the club has been through in the past 15 years. What’s so special about his transfer compared to the thousands involving Milan players?

    And then it always comes back to money, money, money. The anger that we didn’t make a mint from him like we did with Tonali. Money that we could have then blown on even more transfers to get rid of, you know, the deadwood.

  10. Please guys, give Donna a break…
    The fans should support him when playing for the country. (No problem to boo him when playing against PSG in Champs 😁)

    Also, despite his decision he loves Ac Milan, and he gave himself to the club 100% when he was in Milan.

    If you want to criticise him because he’s prone to error, good and fine. That’s objective. But on other grounds… c’mon it’s been 3 years or more he left. Move on!

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