Di Marzio: Gabbia’s loan move hinges on defensive signing for Milan

By Isak Möller -

Matteo Gabbia is expected to leave AC Milan this summer, albeit on a temporary basis, as there is an agreement in place with Sampdoria. However, the move hinges on one key thing, as a report claims. 

The young centre-back got a decent amount of playing time for Milan last season but nowhere near enough what he needs to continue his development. A loan move has thus been in the works for quite some time, but there is one thing holding it up.

According to Gianluca Di Marzio, Milan will only sanction Gabbia’s loan to Sampdoria once they have signed a centre-back. A defensive signing is expected before the end of the window and Tottenham’s Japhet Tanganga appears to be the primary target right now.

Gabbia has already spoken with the Genoa side’s manager, Marco Giampaolo, and all of the parties are happy with the solution. As said, however, Milan need to make sure they have the proper depth before letting him go.

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  1. We currently have only 4 CBs.
    We can’t go into a season with a packed schedule, playing every 3 days with only 4 CBs of which one is Kjaer who is injury prone and old.
    We need to bring at least 1 other CB without losing Gabbia. Unless Milan is planning to bring 2 more CBs letting Gabbia leave on loan makes no sense to me.
    The reason why Kalulu end up switching from right back to CB was because Milan had Kjaer and Romagnoli out.
    Can’t make the same mistake again. There is no another Kalulu sitting on the bench in case of injuries

    1. + letting Gabbia leave will reduce Milan squad size at UCL. Is there a dependable CB at primavera? Seems unlikely.

    2. Gabbia is not a kid anymore. At 22 sell him and replace him with someone better or keep him. A loan now when even with him we are in danger in defence is just stupid. I hope this is just a bored rummor.

  2. He played 537′ serie minutes and 137′ minutes in the coppa italia last season and that combined equals 674 minutes played, divide that with 90 and he has played 7.4888 matches all season. His first real season with the first team he played 686 minutes combined minutes and the second one 1038 minutes equaling 11.533 matches so not really sure why it would be deemed a decent ammount of time for milan last season.

    The fact that he will turn 23 in october its pretty clear to see he needs consistent minutes at another serie a club for a year or two.

    I get the dilemma of loaning him out but lets see if the management can solve it as it clearly isnt in the players or clubs interest that his developement is stunned. A year or two loaned out would also do great for his value if he can get consistent minutes whereas if he stays it will just keep plummeting if he doesnt play regularly.

    1. And the fact that he hasn’t improved at all during that time. He’s still the same insecure boy whose first option is to kick the ball out every time an opponent is closer than 15m from him.

      He needs to play. Preferrably somewhere else because he is prone to making big mistakes.

      1. I actually like gabbia and think he most often has done pretty well when he got his chances but surely a loan would do him good. I would be a bit saddened to see him sold as he could come back stronger after a loan.

        1. I don’t have an issue with Gabbia going on loan to get playing time if Milan brings 2 more CB.
          But if he is leaving and is only replaced by Tanganga than Milan is still short on CBs.
          Kalulu, Tomori, Kjaer & Tanganga( who will need time to adapt to serie A)
          This is going to be an extra physically demanding season because of that stupid decision by FIFA to have a world cup in Nov-Dec.
          We need more bodies in the CB department

          1. Then get for example tanganga and add an old cheap cb from serie a that can accept a short term contract with a limited role on field if tanganga do manage to exceed early on.
            I would like to see kjær in action though before a loan of gabbia happens but he seems to be on the verge of comeback so it propably would be wise to see how he fares there first. We have already played several seasons with pretty compact fixtures so 4-5 cbs should suffice. The fact that the world cup is in november/december propably also presents some market opportunities in january. In the end if gabbia were to stay beyond sep 1rst and doesnt get many minutes in between then and january then he really should be loaned out as its a shame if he just sits on the bench.

          2. It’s just impossibility to replace Gabbia with 2 CB. There is a squad registration rule Milan have to keep in mind, doing so mean the squad for UCL will be handicapped and a lot of players will be excluded from squad.

            1 CB is still possible but hard to make the squad room.

          3. Yelnats24 I never said it wasnt a puzzle to be done but you are assuming that we wont sell any players before the end of the window closes and besides of that maldini might also have a willingness to lose one cl spot for this season and the next as well.
            Add to that as ive already mentioned earlier in our conversations on this particular matter that we could fill up one of those spots with a player at the age of 22. For example had we not sold Tsadjout (attack yes i know it) he could have fllled up such spot only for the matter of keeping the extra spots in the cl squad and not even planned to play there.
            In the end ill let maldini do the tinkering with the squad as im confident he knows what he is doing.

  3. He need play time so he will be ready replace kjaer next season after kjaer contract expire. Renew kjaer would be waste fund since he is already got ACL .

    1. Kjær actually has a contract lasting until 2024 after his contract was renewed shortly before he was injured but it could at least potentially help gabbia to be in a better position to be fully ready for that task if he does gets loaned out. When that is said if kjær can get back to fitness he will most likely still be a very valuable player for the squad.

      1. Oh ,he is already renew 1 years till 2024? Loan gabbia till 2 season then . Ivan juric that coaching torino are very good train CB ,i hope AC Milan loan gabbia to torino.

        1. I wouldnt mind a two year loan either and torino was amongst my hopes as well before it became clear that sampdoria was the likely destination for gabbia to end up at.
          The fact that Marco Giampaolo wants him at sampdoria is a great sign as he has already previously trained him at ac milan which should make the transition time to addapt potentially faster than it would be with a different coach.

    2. “Renew kjaer would be waste fund since he is already got ACL .”

      FFS… People here act like ACL is a death sentence. Kjaer has 12 months to show you how he can return to HIS level. I have on doubt about the outcome.

  4. Wow cant believe some people already treat Kjaer like shit, do people remember what he done to use before his injuries? yes at this point Kalulu are better but by no means Kjaer is a waste, i swear Milan fans nowday are a bunch of ungratefull ass****s

    1. Ironic, the team win the scudetto yet the fans want to kick a lot of players from that scudetto winning team just 2 months later.

    2. If fit kjær will at minimum put pressure on the cbs to keep up their level of performances because im sure he wants to recapture his starting position and as fast as possible because of the upcoming world cup.

    3. You cannot just renew player that already 35 years ( after his contract expire 2024)that already injury ACL. So what are you suggest? We renew kjaer 5 season ? Because he is doing well before injury? Renew till his age 40 like ibra? I dont even think elliot want to renew kjaer in 2024. They will find another young defender to replace him. Player come and go at his age 35 are normal

      1. @Reccaman the usual who complain too much and think he knows it all, what makes you think that Kjaer cant go beyond 35? plenty of defenders at and beyond his age still doing well, Pique and Thiago Silva are few of the examples. and dont twist my comment like a fool, i didnt say anything about renew him for 5 years, im just saying people like you are ungratefull ass who keeps badmouthing Milan players just because they are old,getting injury etc i bet that you’re also the same person who’re badmouthing Leao before his resurgences

        1. Wanna bet ? Elliot renew kjaer contract or not? It is not me but owner only want young player. Exception if that old player are winning title type like giroud & ibra ( giroud win league,CL,world cup while ibra win league in 3 different country) . It is not my money but im sure elliot will find another young player to replace kjaer

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