Di Marzio: Ibrahimovic ‘pushing hard’ to convince Morata to accept Milan move

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan have made the No.9 position their main priority this summer and after falling behind in the Joshua Zirkzee race, they are now focused on Alvaro Morata. According to a report, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is pushing hard for the striker’s go-ahead. 

Milan have been working on the arrival of a new striker for several months, above all negotiations with Joshua Zirkzee and his agent. However, with Man Utd are now seemingly ahead in that race, the Rossoneri have shifted their focus.

According to Gianluca Di Marzio, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is ‘pushing hard’ to convince Morata to accept a move to the club. Milan have already made it clear that they are willing to pay the release clause, with only the Spaniard’s ‘yes’ missing.

The journalist adds that Atletico Madrid have expressed an interest in Girona’s Artem Dovbyk, which could be another sign of what’s to come. This past season, Morata scored 21 goals and assisted an additional five, proving his importance for Atleti once again.

The 31-year-old would certainly be ready immediately, being very familiar with Serie A after his time at Juventus, and this is something that Milan appreciate a lot. On the other hand, as highlighted by Andrea Longoni, it would only postpone the main issue.

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  1. “Zlatan Ibrahimovic is ‘pushing hard’ to convince Morata to accept a move to the club”! Well, it’s like he’s persuading him to come to the japanese league. A guaranteed place in the first eleven, the Champions League and a salary probably similar to Madrid. I do not know what is the problem!? The only question is whether he wants new challenges or not ?

    1. I don’t think people understand that these players have families and they have personal lives. Some players won’t move no matter the prestige. But Morata is overall a great team player on the field and off it. Would be a superb addition.

    2. @wasp Well maybe fact that he currently plays for Atletico, which is no worse team than Milan?

      Second, he is Spanish and plays in Spain, why would he move to Milan.

      Third, he played for Juve, why would he move to Milan now?

      It’s not that obvious

  2. Postponing the main issue with Morata is probably the best option if Zirkzee is gone to United.
    If we look at the Euro and Copa America we’ll see that the best football nations have the same striker problem. There is a shortage of good strikers.
    France have no striker to speak of, unless you wanna talk about a 37 year old Giroud. Thuram is a*s when played as a striker.
    Spain has no one besides Morata.
    Portugal has 40 year old Cristiano playing as a striker with no one behind him.
    Netherlands has a rapper with a headband playing as a striker.
    Germany plays Havertz, who is a midfielder at Arsenal.
    Croatia, no striker.
    Italy has Scamacca and Retegui, 🤣🤣🤣.
    Turkey no striker.
    Brazil doesn’t have a striker so they play wingers up top or Endrick who is 17.
    Uruguay has Darwin Nunez. Is he really any better than Morata?
    Also, Real Madrid doesn’t have a striker.
    Get Morata. He is coming off his best season. If he gives you 2,3 years that’s a good deal. Things change fast I’m football. 3 years is a long time. By then maybe Camarda will be ready to play for the 1st team.

    1. To be fair, Portugal has several good options but are hostage to Ronaldo’s ego at this point in time

      Several of those teams have options but the adoption of the pressing game and inverted wingers meant changes to style with did away with the classic no9. However, as defensive players have adapted to that new reality (especially pushing wingers outside rather than inside more and more), a place for stronger no9s has opened again in some systems.

      Not that Zirkzee or Morata are the classic ‘big guy up front’, both are very skilled and a blend of different attributes.

      1. You keep saying several but you don’t bring any concrete names. Who are these several options the nation’s have?
        Who is Portugal keeping on the bench to cater to Ronaldo? Goncalo Ramos? Please.

          1. Ramos is trash. He only had 1 good season in Portugal and can’t get off the beach at PSG.
            Scoring goals for Portugal in qualifiers vs part time players from Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, San Marino, doesn’t mean he is a good striker.
            Jota is a winger, not a striker.
            Milan needs a striker, they have plenty of wingers.
            Jota had 15 goals and 4 assists in all competitions for Liverpool last season. You can get that same production from Okafor if he gets the minutes.

    2. So
      a/ get Morata, trust Jovic and Okafor and focus on developping Camarda.
      b/ try some of those crazy systems with no real striker, perhaps a 4-3-1-2 with Pulisic and Leao up front (à la Real Madrid). Not sure Fonseca can pull this though or even if it’s a good idea.

    3. Striker is not just your typical tall, big guy target man type that Pioli prefered. Inzagi wasnt that type yet he was great. Suarez wasnt that type either… There is enough strikers out there its just that Milan don’t want to spend.

      1. Well, no one said that the striker has to be your typical tall, big guy target man type that Pioli prefered, but if you are talking with yourself i guess everything goes lol.

        1. Well you did, you literally brushed off every striker who is not in that category in your first comment. But good thing that you saw that you are wrong, that is a progress.

          1. ha ha, I see you continue to talk to yourself.
            The players I ‘brushed off’ were either midfielders or wingers played as strikers because they have nothing better, not undersized strikers. Suarez and Inzaghi were strikers, Depay and Havertz are not. The height has nothing to do with it.
            If we go based on your logic then Milan doesn’t even need to buy a striker since they have Leao, Okafor, Jovic.

          2. Nope, Suarez was a winger as well but in Barca they started to play him as a striker, same as Eto. Players can play more then one position you know. Same goes for Depay and Endrick. Germany also has target man in Füllkrug (Who was really good against Spain) but the coach mainly prefer different type of striker. It all depends on the coach and what type of striker suits his style. So they are not playing them there cause they got nothing better, but because thats what suits the coach tactic. So your claim that there are no good strikers cause faster srtikers (who can also be wingers) and false nines are prefferd rather then the classic nine doesn’t make sense.

    4. @Z you are 100% right mate. That is also why such average guy like Zirkzee is suddenly worth 50mil overall price. In past days he wouldn’t be even worth 15mil.

      By looking at fact that Zlatan played in Milan until 40 and Giroud until 37, then 31-years old Morata doesn’t seem like a bad option. Or at least it guarantees some level of quality and gives Milan time to look for younger replacement instead of overpaying for Zrikzee.

    5. You’ve really made a lot of sense, i hope some clowns understand the diffrent between an established striker to a one seasonal wonders, like Piatek ? Where is the guy now ? As much as i like Zirkzee, I fear the same for him, we can’t afford to throw money away, Morata is a guarantee, nd as u ve rightly said, there is shortage of good striker, last season Madrid only had Joselu, nd most times they played without him.

      1. Well no one said that Di Gregorio will play up front, but if you are talking with yourself i guess everything goes lol.

        1. What Juventus does has nothing to do with us. Especially when it’s a position we already have covered. Stop whining.

  3. With JZ go to MU ( source fabrizio romano ) . The option for striker are shorter. Why not try scamacca or retegui still on their prime age , rather than pay 12m euro release clause 32 years old striker morata.

    1. I think the Scamacca boat has already sailed. He contributed to 20+ goals last season and his price is now 35mil. Add to that that Atalanta is not selling cheep and you go up to 45mil at least. Plus agents and all. Its a shame we didn’t got him last year when we had the chance and we knew that Giroud at 37 is at his end, it was really a golden opportunity. Just shows you how bad the planing in this team really is.

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