Di Marzio: Milan reignite pursuit of Benfica midfielder with €30m price tag

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan are in need of a couple of midfielders this summer amid the departure of Sandro Tonali and the injury of Ismael Bennacer. Therefore, they have reignited their pursuit of Florentino Luis. 

Luis, now 23 years old, was first linked with a move to Milan in the summer of 2020 but it never materialised. As said, though, the Rossoneri really need to sign some midfielders before next season and have thus reignited their interest.

According to Gianluca Di Marzio, Milan have initiated contact with the midfielder’s entourage and they are evaluating the possibility. Benfica are asking for €30m to part ways with their star, which is a figure that the Rossoneri are willing to invest.

It remains to be seen if Luis will be the chosen one, though, as Giorgio Fiurlani and Geoffrey Moncada have other midfielders on their radar as well. Davide Frattesi is one of them, even if Inter seem to be ahead in that race.

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  1. Deco suggested him for barca so I don’t think we will get him.

    It seems like the club’s algorithm is really good at identifying talents but not signning them because it is skill that is not learned through readding books.

    Hiring a finance rat to convince athletes to join our club will not work.

  2. Why not fratessi a player that has been playing in italy and will intigrate with the team much easier. Seems like a no brainer, and the fact that he would cost half of the price we got for tonali should make cardinale happy. I dont know too much about florentino luis but ive herd hes a good talent.

  3. So we get 56m for Tonali after Brescia’s take and spend 30m on an equal player (assuming) which leaves us with 16m. So basically we sold Tonali for a.profit of 16m unless we use that 16m on someone else.

      1. Who is running the show Furlani?
        I think it’s some 2 year old kid

        I strongly believe Milan will not sign anyone of any quality and Cardinale will look like first class idiot

        Stay tuned bad news to come

    1. You didn’t factor in what we paid for tonali in the first place… we get basically nothing from this move. It’s essentially a straight swap. What an embarrassment of a club.

      1. Lol how much did we pay? Didnt we pay like 10m first season loan fee then negotiated the buyout to around 10m incl Ozler and the sell on clause over 30m? I guess we could say it’s about 20-30m. But to buy a player like Tonali is in itself 50m 🤔. Ok, So I see where you’re going with this lol

        1. we paid 5 mil for the first years loan and then 14.5 equaling 19.5 for buying him. Then the resale at 14 -16 mil going back to brescia from 70/80 leaving 56-64 mil. Oh yeah olzer was valued 3 mil in that sale as well had forgot about that part so the combined investment is 4+14.5+14/16 mil., 30 some mil and training and improving the player to become a success and earning 50 some mil doesnt sound good then or does it ?
          tonalis valuation is by the way around the 50 mil mark,

          1. Holy moly. It’s worse than I thought. i always thought was 10m first season but obviously i could be wrong. I’m using my aging memory here after all lol 😂. Seems like it comes up to around the same ballpark amount. I can’t keep up with all the transfers but I do recall them haggling for a discount with Tonali that got me pissed. I’ve seen him grown leaps and bounds from where he was at the start and he still has room for more growth. A defensive mid that can produce some goals and assists and will run for the colors, you’re not getting that replaced easily. But market is early, let see what they have in store for us

          2. i hope they give him more chances as a freekick taker, tonali is actually a pretty good kicker
            i will though have a hard time seeing him play for newcastle but i wish him all the best and hope he one day comes back,,

    2. It is not like that . Residual contract are count too. We sell tonali 70m euro cash+ bonus 10m euro + resale value 10% in future. 15% from that 70m euro cash will going to brescia , so we get about 59m euro cash that will add to transfer budget . With our basic budget 50m euro + 59m euro , we can get 3 player atleast ( striker ,DMF & CMF ) . Thats if RedBird fully use tonali sale to transfer budget,lets see until mercato close

      1. Our basic budget was 50m? So why did we need to sell Tonali, we could get a striker and cmf like you’re saying and not have to find a replacement dm?
        Besides we now have to go look for 2 dms because of Bennacer injury and Tonali loss.

        1. It is same with last season budget . You all said last season budget not enough so we need more from sale player. Last season maldini use 56m euro ( 50m euro basic budget + sale player 6m euro ) to pay CDK + thiaw cash ( 35m + 5m ) , activate junior + florenzi buy option ( total both player 8m euro) ,pay signing fee for origi free transfer, pay loan fee brahim,bakayoko,aster,dest. 50n euro this season not enough to fix RW ,striker and DMF so they sell whoever have buyer with high price. Yes it will riot after sell tonali , i prefer sell tomori but no club put official offer for him

        1. its not correct because tonalis agent said the other day that brescia would also benefit by the transfer.

  4. Why is Mateo Retegui not considered up front? His contract expires in December and has Italian passport. Can’t be more than 15-20 millions. Oh right we don’t have a midfield. Need to spend there.

    1. Another one that sounds like he’s off to Inter – seems Thuram and Retegui are their replacements for Dzeko and Lukaku – well played Marotta

  5. Ac milan needs Marc Overmars to negotiate for them in their staff if he arrives milan will buy top tier players for a lower price

  6. Milan should absolutely buy this guy, though he isn’t finish product he’d add faire and fluid passing to our midfield. We’d also need to buy someone with presence too

    1. He doesn’t fit the moneyball algorithm. They have to have somebody they can turn a quick profit on as sms is getting too old soon, we are now 100% a business and no longer a team.

    2. Sms is a very good player ive always liked him. But him and tonali are bery different players and sms isnt a cdm. Its like pogba going to man united and being asked to play a defensive midfielder role.

    3. SMS can still arrive. He would not be a Tonali replacement as he is more of a mezzala/trequatista than regista like Tonali. But I think SMS is someone who won’t be bought until late in the window

    4. I think the question would be whether that would be a good use of money, especially if Kamada signs and that’s also where we have a lot of money tied up with CDK. The central mid slots are critical now, and the right wing is also surely more important.

  7. Why not try to bring Aurélien Tchouaméni, a perfect substitute for Tonali. Or just bring Paul Pogba instead. For winger just go to Brazil and find A really good young winger like vincinius JR whom still At cheap price when get bought, or just bring back Hauge. While bring some free agent former big clubs likes form city, psg,Munich, madrid, atletico, barca, so the money for them can be focus on wages.

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