Di Marzio: Milan renewal imminent for Leao as Chelsea interest fades

By Isak Möller -

Rafael Leao is currently in talks with AC Milan over a contract renewal and while the process has been long, the winger is expected to renew after all. In fact, the interest of Chelsea has faded. 

Leao is one of Milan’s best players, if not the best, and it’s not exactly surprising that Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara are working on a renewal. There have been quite a few roadblocks, but the parties are nearing a conclusion.

According to Gianluca Di Marzio, via ChiamarsiBomber, Leao is likely to renew with Milan as he knows that it’s the best choice for his career. He’s simply trying to get the best deal possible due to the Sporting fine, if it hadn’t been for the latter he would have renewed already.

In addition, Leao has realised that Chelsea aren’t too keen on him after all. If that had been the case, then the Stamford Bridge side would have made an offer last month. A renewal is thus on the cards, only a matter of time.

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  1. This is not true. Chelsea guarantees to Leao help with 18 million debt to Sporting, and that’s why here we have this situation with Leao.
    Same thing happened to Inter with Skriniar, when in summer Psg promised very good sign in bonus if decided to join PSG.
    We witness Milan do bad with contract handling to players and this summer is last train for Milan to start selling players and not leaving them for free.
    Inter lost 50 million offer for Skriniar, and in this year they only managed to pass group in champions league, and nothing more.
    Milan with Leao might finish after sixt spot and without Europe next year.
    That’s why Milan need strong team and not strong player(s).

    If Leao don’t sign till summer —> sell that dude for any fee.

      1. You don’t read what is written. Chelsea guarantee Leao help with Sporting to py fine.

        The same thing happened to Inter with Skriniar. Inter wanted 70 mill and Psg offered 50. Inter rejected.
        Chelsea will offer some amount to Milan in summer for Leao. If Milan rejects Leao will leave for free to Chelsea in summer 2024. Because Leao will gain big contract and full payment of fine.
        Skrinar will get 20 million bonus and net more than 9 million…

        This summer is really last train for Milan.

        1. Chelsea could have payed the fine and offers the contract in January just as they did with Murdyk while they sit 10th place in the standings. There isn’t a fundamental difference between January and June as far as Chelsea are concerned.

          1. Chelsea easily could have offered up 100m for Leao, paid his fine and gave him a long term contract. Instead they signed Murdyk and Madueke. Why? Sporting fine is irrelevant to them who throw money carelessly. They won’t get a discount by waiting til June and even if they would in ordinary circumstances everybody knows that Prem teams will always be charged a premium especially Boehly who spends indiscriminately.

          2. Milan is doing same thing as Inter. Milan did not accept 80 million for Leao and now his price in market is going down. Other teams needs to wait only 1 year to bring him for free.
            What did Psg do ? They offered 50 million for Skriniar and Inter rejected. Psg waited for 1 year and in June they have Skriniar for only 20 million, which will be paid to Skriniar as sign in bonus.
            Same story is with Leao. He can get huge sign in bonus to pay penalty, his lawyer also and sign at least 9 million net salary.
            You Think that won’t happen ?
            Think twice.
            Milan must learn handle players contract, and do the player transfers.
            You can’t keep anyway player who wants to go somewhere else, or player who will get more money.
            That’s why players needs to be sold every year. And every year to invest in new one properly.
            You sell every year player who are unhappy in team, and player who doesn’t participate regularly in team player without big impact. In that way you show the squad they need to earn spot in team and not other way around.

        2. Im sure you are referring to an article from football italia whch goes as this

          “Chelsea have reportedly promised to help Milan star Rafael Leao with his €18m debt with Sporting CP should he join the club in the summer.”

          take notice at “have reportedly promised” basically a rumour

          1. No one known about sign in bonus that PSG offered to Skriniar. But they did.
            We don’t know what Leaos representatives have as a offer to Leao.
            Milan can reject all offers like Inter, until the end of players contract .
            Now, due to new FFP-s, all big clubs want to bring players for smaller fees or on free transfers. Because they pay a lot to agent comissions etc. And now is better to give some fee as a player sing in bonus, then to pay a transfer fee to club.
            Think logically, if Leao does have any offer from abroad or not…

          2. Well i get those things but you presented one thing as a fact that is only rumours currently so how about you think logcally yourself which you clearly didnt manage to do.

        3. Chelsea are getting around FFP by offering 8-10 year contracts and spreading the transfer fee across those financial years to show less losses for each year. I haven’t seen them snag anyone in a free lately, quite the contrary they just broke the Premier league transfer record for Enzo who had one good tournament. If you are Leao you have to think “Wow Chelsea just speak half a billion dollars on players I closing two wingers and didn’t make an offer for me.” Why? So they can wait to get him on a free? Milan can sell him in summer or he can renew so there is no guarantee of that. Chelsea do not have the same constraints that we do. They can buy any player they wish WHEN they wish. Spending that much money it’s no offer for Leao and buying another player of his same position should tell you something.

          1. Leao needs only money. He will get that away from Milan. He don’t need to think about playing time etc, cause after first year he can always request a transfer.
            This is money business and not football any more.
            Chelsea splash the cash we can see easily on any player, just because they can and just because they use option to spread over 8 year contract.
            In summer, Chelsea will sell many players and bring some more.
            You can see now from the space that Chelsea invest in young player with huge potential. They expect money to come back in future. Chelsea or other team will get Leao.

  2. This is next cause:Kakanoglu,Dollaruma,Nessie….we can only pray to god that AC is not going to make SAAAAMEEEEE old mistake with this guy.Is it so hard to sell someone who doent want to play for the Club with his heart?????Those things could NEVER happened to Galiani.NEVER!Not once!Same sh i ty szenario each transfer period…..one or two costly investments leaeving AC for peanuts.Or for free.That is thaeter!!!!!!SELL THAT FCKN GUY ASAP!!!!!

    1. Yes. We have two delusional manager like Maldini and Massara. And now tho worst case is new owner which doesn’t have any emotional connection with Milan.
      New owner only cre about ac milan revenue without players sale – minus, expidenture. He will always handle easy expidentures, so he doesn’t care about transfer market or players. With naive duo M&M we are destiny for the same sh*t over and over again.

    2. This situation is much different because of the value of the player. Think about last year when Kessie and Roma left on free. If we let them go the summer before we maybe would have got 45m combined for them. Now we have to replace two first team players with transfer fee PLUS salary with 45m. Instead we chose to pay their very low salaries (6-7m net combined) and won a Scudetto which earned us close to 30m euros. That’s a positive gain of over 20m for letting them leave on a free. If we sold and then tried to replace we almost certainly would have spent more than we made between transfer and salary AND it’s unlikely we would have won the league, having to integrate two new players in critical positions. You have to think in more than one dimension to understand how the clubs operate.

      1. It is not same situation because new owner already put the system in the club that they will not spend in 1 year more than the club can collect revenue.

        This (contract extention) is the case where player is much more important than a club because player needs to decide about his future. Club can only SELL and sell on time if player is unhappy with contract extension.
        If player reject transfer, there are many repercussions that club put on player. Like in case Roma and Zaniolo .

  3. I’ll believe it when I see it. For now just looks like another drawn out saga where we get nothing and the player leaves for free at the end. Typical milan

  4. Sell Leao and get minimal transfer 80 million euros. If Milan get 150 million euros for Leao transfer,this is bonus for Milan. With 80-150 million euros,Milan can get more 3 excelent player to replace Leao out, defensive midfielder, right winger, and striker. Noa Lang (20 million euros), Desire Doue (10 million euros), Antonio Nussa (15 million euros), Youri Tielemans (free), Lesley Ugochukwu (10 million euros), Angelo Gabriel (20 million euros), Luis Guilherme (clausul rilis 40 million euros), and Rasmus Hojlund (25 million euros).

  5. Potter has said Chelsea wont be spending big in summer.
    Anyway they have more attackers than they could ever need.
    Even if they tried to sign Leao, i would assume he wouldn’t go, too much competition in his position.

    So there are not many teams now who can afford him and need him.

    I don’t think Pep would like his attitude and style of play.
    So who’s left? Man utd? PSG?

    IF PSG could get rid of Neymar, maybe, but that will be difficult.
    Leao has few options

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