Di Marzio: Milan management ‘sensitive’ to fan criticism and will re-evaluate Lopetegui

By Isak Möller -

The rumours linking Julen Lopetegui with the AC Milan job have caused a storm on social media as fans have urged the management to reconsider. According to a journalist, the desired effect has been achieved. 

In today’s edition, Gazzetta dello Sport are reporting that a contract is ready for the Spanish manager, worth €4m per year for three years. However, a final decision has not been made yet and the Rossoneri fans continue to make themselves heard on social media.

Speaking live on Sky Italia last night, as cited by MilanNews, the well-known journalist Gianluca Di Marzio shared his thoughts on the matter. He stated that Milan are sensitive to fan criticism and that a new evaluation will be made on Lopetegui.

“Milan certainly likedLopetegui a lot, both for his working methodology and for how he presented himself in these meetings he had with the club. He didn’t seem pretentious, he seemed like a coach ready to share the path of Milan. He put Milan ahead of teams that want him.

“I’m not sure that he’s a Milan-worthy coach. The ownership is very sensitive to environmental reactions, so with today’s heavy anti-Lopetegui movement in mind, I think it has led he management to make further evaluations. They don’t want to make a mistake.

“Other profiles? They have evaluated both young and experienced managers. Fonseca is also on the list. If you ask me about Conte, there hasn’t been any contact. If the conditions were to change, De Zerbi is certainly more fascinating than Lopetegui, maybe tomorrow morning they will have called him already” he stated.

It remains to be seen if this will stop Milan from hiring the manager. He’s certainly not the only one on their shortlist, with the likes of Roberto De Zerbi, Paulo Fonseca and Sergio Conceicao also mentioned previously.

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  1. Fonseca statistics : Apart from Donetsk , in Ukraine there’s no second team that can challenge them so let’s not count it. Roma
    Win % – 51 ; Lille % – 52 ; Porto % -56 ; Pacos de Ferreira – 35%; Braga – 50%. Fired from every team he coached within year – year and a half. TRUE WINNER!!

  2. I don’t understand milan fans… why so many are against Julen Lopetegui? Yes he is not a world class coach like Guardiola, Klopp or Ancelotti but the guy has won a Europa League final against Inter, he was fired after only 27 games from Real. I m not saying he is the best coach but he has a better CV than Pioli who haven’t won a single title before joining Milan. Who else is available? Conte, he is expensive and fans don’t want him either, De Zerbi? Nice offensive fotbal but his team doesn’t know how to defend, who else is available now? I say let’s leave the management hire what they think is right and we see after how it goes.

    1. The only reasonable names there are Conte and Motta. But please man – he won yes a Europa League and that is the only highlight of his career. Aren’t we aiming for the next step? Why change a Pioli if we change him with his brother from another mother?

      1. Conte seems to be going to Napoli, also he won’t get along with our management. Motta is already taken by Juventus. In my opinion Lopetegui is a decent replacement, not my favorite choice either I would have preferred Motta or even Sarri.

    2. Because Pioli is being replaced with, in the immortal words of Mr Burns, his non-union Mexican equivalent.

      There are 2 ways to take this thing forward:

      1. a tactically innovative young coach at the cutting edge and ideally someone who has demonstrable over achievement in his CV (as it is unlikely this person will have multiple trophies in his CV);

      2. a senior coach who is a proven winner / has a pedigree of success at big clubs. This is a matter of degree, at the top of the tree sits Guardiola, Klopp is not far behind and neither is Conte but it could be Sarri.

      Whether the coach should be 1 or 2 should come down to: fit for the squad which has been developed; and our budget.

      What has happened here is that Zlatan stuffed up the progression to Motta because he wanted to win so it had to be Conte who is a ‘winner’. This was despite the reality that Conte represents a significant reset of the project built for a 4-3-3 / 4-2-3-1. While Conte is a great coach we’d be throwing out much of what has been built to go down the path of Conte. It also then leaves us with a back 3 and wing back system which pretty severely restricts next moves – because that’s the other thing about Conte, he wont be around long. Milan does not have the money for reconstruction of the squad for a back 4 based system should we not like the post-Conte options to continue with his work.

      This doesn’t even get to brass tax and whether we can afford Conte and the players he would demand without cannibalizing the good parts of the squad.

      So while the brains trust put the freeze on Motta, Giuntoli (a man who has actually built a dynasty from the ground up, which ADL chose not to take advantage of) jumped and threw the weight of Juventus behind an approach to Motta.

      Now ADL has jumped because he’s desperate enough to put out the dumpster fire he has created, and Conte appears to be off the table.

      This is the real reason we became content with Pioli again because we’ve missed the best available options. Yes I am cynical but remember that it wasn’t really until Juventus emerged as genuine competition for Motta that Milan re-floating the idea of sticking with Pioli (because we’d beat a string of bad teams and teams which were out of form) and it had become apparent that Conte would be a problematic appointment (due to finances, other interest, ect).

      The new found appreciation of Pioli did not last longer than the first time Milan was tested by a good squad in a good place (i.e. Roma in the Europa finals). Think about it, all it really took for Pioli to be gone again was 1 loss. That is as much confirmation as you can expect that wanting Pioli again never had anything to do with Pioli. If there was faith in Pioli a few results would not matter.

      So now we’re being sold on options who do not represent a progression from Pioli. They’re each as unimpressive as Pioli was when he got the job in the first place or they are pi$$-takes who would not be in contention if they weren’t Zlatan’s buddies.

      Motta is everything that we need from the next coach, he can grow with the project while possessing the tactical nous and preparedness and ability to develop young players which is what is required to bring the project to its peak. I assume he has the hunger to prove himself. What better opportunity could he have than to awaken the sleeping Milan giant before cashing in with the more affluent giants i Europe (assuming that the final status quo is substantially maintained).

      This has been an absolute clown show but it should not surprise anyone. These people did, after all, sack the directors who ended the banter era and who won the first scudetto in more than a decade to replace them with an accountant, a scout and a guy who has never held a role in football before (other than as a player). Remembering, of course, that it took about 8 months to appoint Zlatan,

      In this context, it is absolutely a natural progression to replace the coach with someone who would otherwise be coaching West Ham. He is as equally out of place in the Milan job as the fools who pass for management at the moment.

      1. Motta is not everything we need now. There are other coaches as well. Motta is doing fine and is working wonders but there will be new pressure especially the will to get the 2nd star after Inter. I don’t know who they would choose but I hope they do their homework on their candidate. Maybe they want a mix of someone that has managed in a much pressure environment and can also handle young players and needs a bit of a bounce

        You have made a couple of interesting points but let’s remember some of these might be the media spinning around.

        I would take you on one point about him managing west ham.. Don Carlo Managed Everton.. could you comprehend that?…

    3. I agree – the anti-Lopetegui fever’s a bit extreme. It’s not like we’re talking about Graham Potter or someone.

    4. De Zerbi’s teams are now being beaten by teams not as good as BHA. Much of what De Zerbi has going for him is from a good management and scouting dept and a playing philosophy put in place by Grahman Potter. Conte is a man of the past.

  3. I am cry from here please management should hire coach with good records it doesn’t mean if he has or not because winning starts one day, also coach that can give our young lads chances not coach with selection headaches.

  4. If Motta isn’t free then honestly I’d rather stick with Pioli, this just feels like change for change’s sake. Though if the management are truly impressed by Lopetegui’s ideas then fan grumbling shouldn’t change their mind about it, that’s the whole reason they’re in charge.

  5. Management do what you think is right! There is a reason why there are fans and you are the one that runs the club. Most Fans can’t think rationally. It’s all emotions.
    All the candidates have all their advantages and disavantages. Everyone is shouting Motta.. Yes he is doing wonders, but that’s Bologna, but big names the pressure ramps up. He might be going to Juve but Juve are undergoing transition now and hence the pressure won’t be as high as Milan who would claim they won the Scudetto recently and have been in the Semi-final of the champions league last season, so we demand success. There is a good reason Alonso stayed in Leverkusen and not jump to early to the names calling. Jumping early to a bigger club in your Career can sometimes be professional suicide. See where Pirlo is at now?..(Juve were big then when he came)

    They say Lopetegui got fired from Real Madrid.. who counts getting fired from Madrid?.. that used to be the norm.

    All am saying is give whoever is appointed a chance. We need to remember that though Milan has had a bit of comeback in recent years, we are still not as Elite like before. Fans need to remember that. It’s a gradual process also based on our Model.

    1. I’ll agree with you on one thing. While I don’t see Lopetegui as a good candidate, the fact that the manaegement seem to be influenced by the fans is a bit worrying.
      The management “should” have a solid plan and good metrics to evaluate who is the most pertinent candidate to take over Milan as a coach and fans’ opinion shouldn’t be a part of that evaluation.
      If they’re somehow revaluating because of the fans, that means that they’re “unsure” that Lopetegui is a good candidate, in this case, why choosing him ?

      1. Then they shouldn’t. As long as they are not fully convinced, they shouldn’t. Am not a big fan of Lopetegui but I wouldn’t necessarily say he is a bad option. Maybe he has clear ideas on how we will play on our current team. Am saying, they should do the metrics like you suggested and decide. Let’s be honest how many of us here would have been crying wolf if we were going for Arne Slot?.. but he is going to replace a very big name…

        For all we know, this might just be the media throwing out stuff as well

  6. Lopetegui is not a good choice in my opinion. If it is true that Milan have missed out on Motta because he is already committed to Juventus then I would rather take Domenico Tedesco or Francesco Farioli.

    Both are two young Italians who are very good coaches and their teams have a balance in defense and attack. The same quality as Motta at Bologna.

    I don’t understand why they are not considering Domenico Tedesco or Francesco Farioli more than Lopetegui or Fonseca. Especially since they are young Italians and they are doing good at their respective clubs with young players.

    Di Zerbi teams cannot defend and that is extremely bad. The same can be said for Looetegui who loss 5-1 to Barcelona when he coached Real Madrid.

    So a big NO to Di Zerbi. Worse case scenario I would take Paulo Fonseca or Ruben Amorim but definitely no to Loperegui.

    This is how Milan list of candidates should lineup if Motta is unavailable:

    1. Ruben Amorim – Sporting Lisbon
    2. Domenico Tedesco – Belgium
    3. Francesco Farioli – Nice
    4. Paulo Fonseca – Lille
    5. Christophe Gaultier – former Lille coach who was the coach of Leao, Maignan and family friend of Theo (he played with Theo’s father at Toulouse and he is a friend of the family.

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