Di Marzio: When De Ketelaere will undergo his Milan medical and sign the contract

By Isak Möller -

Charles De Ketelaere is now really just one step away from joining AC Milan, as the latter have reached an agreement with Club Brugge on the transfer fee. The medical should take place soon, a report claims. 

The Rossoneri have reached an agreement with the Belgian side at €35m including bonuses, as well as a resale percentage. An additional effort was needed to get the agreement, in the other words, but the parties are now both content.

According to Gianluca Di Marzio, De Ketelaere is expected to arrive in Milano tomorrow and he will then undergo his medical either on Sunday or Monday. It will take place in the morning, with contract signing expected in the evening.

The clubs are currently exchanging the final details and an end to the saga is now in sight. Good news for Milan, who struggled big time in the No.10 role this past season in terms of creativity in output, which CDK should provide.

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  1. Saluti, Charles, benvenuto!!!

    And now… for our beloved ‘doom & gloom’ pack:

    Satisfied now, you lousy bunch of excruciatingly boring and stupid crybabies?  So the deal was completed, as I and others here said it will be done since the beggining; just like Maldini and Massara signed their contract extension with the club, as we also it will done; and, last but not the least, just like we will reinforce properly, wisely and in due time our midfield and defense departaments.

    But of course the doom & gloom will continue to whimper & whine endlessly: “oh CDK will be a flop!, “oh besides CDK nobody else of value will come,  we’ll hire some washed-up deadbeat on the last minute the transfer window”, “oh all of your rivais are your stronger than us, we’ll never manage to achieve CL qualification, much less fight for the title”, “oh we’re already eliminated from CL this season” and blah-blah-blah-blah-blah 🤮🤮🤮

    Well, let’s forget these pathetic morons.


    1. Exactly bro like how do they call themselves fans? They’re more haters. And their excuse always is “iM jUsT rEaLiSTic uNLikE yOU”

    2. Likewise for the “just give them the money” crew who suggested these protracted negotiations cast the Club in a poor light. There is a reason it is called a negotiation and is not simply the same as buying a carton of milk at the store. In the end, Milan will only lay out 31m for the player on the current window, leaving us an additional 4m to complete other signings in much needed areas of the pitch. Just like you wouldn’t do surgery on yourself, don’t presume to know better than those at the highest level of Milan’s organization. Sit back, put on your jersey, and support the club….from top to bottom.

      1. Exactly bro they say that we take too long… It’s called a negotiation, most other European giants over pay for players for absolutely nothing while Milan aren’t stupid. Now if those people want a team that recklessly spend they can support a different team

      2. Nice try to spin it you jackass LOL. The deal is for 35M like was said all along. What a donkey you are. End of the day we are paying 35M period. You were wrong just admit it kid lol. Glad we got him but like I said the price was always going to be 35M and we could have saved lots of time getting this done weeks ago had Elliot/Redbird ponied up the cash and not had M&M beg for it. I trust M&M that CDK is well worth it. Just hope ownership gives them more $$ so they can still sign other players that are needed.

        1. We’re not paying 35. We’re paying 31. Bonuses are performance related and this will be paid(if they are paid) next season, therefore not counting against our transfer budget. The stories all had Bruges asking for 35m FIXED. Full stop. Y’all said stop mucking about and pay the 35m. You were wrong. Own it.

          1. Well said Flo”ro”ssonero!

            Every relationship has it’s (long or short) adjustment period but may this love affair atween us and Charles #CharlieChaplin De Ketelaere be blessed; may it be!

            AcMilan Forever!

    3. No offense bro, but what you get after winning the argument or loosing it? Maybe, this time you were right with the successfull transfer of CDK. But, if the transfer doesnt happen, where r u? I guess you will be in your room hding behind your blanket. I hope not. Like I said before, I do not mean for offended you. Let just happy with this transfer. We all Milanisti, doesnt need to judge whose opinion right or wrong. Everyone have the right to express their feeling, and ofcourse everyone have diffirent way of thinking, so the differences always expected.

      1. Incorrect. If the transfer didn’t go through then I would have applauded Milan for not going above their valuation for the player. I assume they always do what they believe is best for the club unless and until they do otherwise.

  2. You write 31-4, but I think the result was 32+3 and 15% of resale value.

    But as you say, I think this is a good deal, all things considered. The quality of the player is so obvious that it is very low risk.

    CdK – Adli – Leao behind Origi/Giroud will be very exciting to watch.

  3. The funniest thing about this is until the signing is official a lot of milanisti are going to keep talking as if this guy is overrated but then when he’ll join and play you guys are gonna switch up real quick

    1. We must also leave room for the possibility that he takes a season or even two to start to perform well. Remember Tonali was very inconsistent in his first season and he was on the radar of teams like Juve, Barca, and Man U. Hopefully he hits the ground running but more likely a seasons with some ups and downs while he adjusts.

      1. I know it’s a very unpopular opinion but I don’t think we need another box to box midfielder. Id rather we invest into getting someone like Ziyech on a loan with obligation/option with an initial of 5-7 mil and a defender like Tanganga who can also play at RB with those I think we can go for the second star and do better in the UCL

        1. I think we might be able to get all of that as well as a midfielder. If we buy Ziyech for €10 million, Tanganga for around €15 million and find a CM that’s a little cheaper than Sanches (who doesn’t seem likely at this point), we can complete all three signings for the same price we would’ve paid for Botman.

          I’m not Maldini or Massara, and obviously they know more than me about the financial situation, but I trust them and I think we can really pull this transfer window off. Forza Milan.

        2. Unpopular or not but I’ve been saying that also for quite some time. We don’t have issues in midfield. We’re in fact well covered there. Much better than a year ago.

        3. It’s just impossible to get both Ziyech and Tanganga. Both of them are non-homegrown and not U21. Milan is currently over the limit by 1 non-homegrown player who is over 21 years old. In order to sign them both, Milan have to remove 3 non-homegrown players who are over 21 years old.

          Besides, I think CdK is going to play as RW so there is no need for Ziyech.

  4. Glad to finally see us get our man. Out of all the big Italian sides we are the only ones to sign a top player without selling one of our most valuable players. Good business and I think we can win something again this season. Forza Rossonero!!!

  5. If its an correct report ill hope the medicals goes well as he would be a massive boost to the team. He is a potential world class star in a couple of years if not already before.
    Never was really worried that it wouldnt happen but im actually pretty happy that we get the apparent deal because half a year ago i would have expected him to be sold for 45-50 mil so kudos to management for striking what could be considered as a pretty favourable deal in nowadays market.

  6. Perfectly said, Flossonero and Gigi.

    You see, I’m an old fart haha, I’ve been a fan of Milan since the dark, terrible pre-Berlusconi era of the early 1980s, so I know very well what a period of administrative chaos and very hard times in general means for a football club. I tell you: even the Li Yonghong period can be considered a GOLDEN AGE compared to those times, without exaggeration.

    That said, I can safely say: we’re definitely on the right track.

    1. Absolutely, and those teams who are currently trying to hide their ffp exploits will at some point be caught and punished I’m sure

    2. It’s so true. That’s why it’s frustrating when people complain so much. Support your club through good times and bad. Root for whatever players put on the jersey and give an effort for the team. Then revel in the successes when they do come.

      1. Just because you criticize ownership for not spending enough $$ doesn’t mean you don’t support the club. Ownership must be held to high standards to ensure they keep out great tradition going. That is our responsibility as fans.

        1. Spending high amounts does not a good club make. Spending the right amounts on the right players at the right time is what matters.

          1. Nobody said you need to spend “high” amounts. M&M would never spend recklessly like the Li era. But asking ownership to spend a reasonable amount doesn’t mean your not a true fan. One doesn’t equate to the other.

        2. @KJ

          You need to accept the era of Milan owners spending big amount of money more than €100 M ala Berlusconi and Yohongli is finished.

          Now is the era of smart buying with affordable price based on solid data from scouts and what the team needs to fix their weakness. In the same time the club doesn’t need to worry about FFP regulations nor a big debt from these purchases but also can gain profits in the future.

          So if you still expect Milan will be back to the old way like Berlusconi and Yohongli era or like PSG, City, or EPL club who ruin market value with their gigantic transfer budget then that’s your problem, not Milan owners.

  7. Another very funny thing about the ‘doom & gloom’ pack is the fact that they consider themselves ‘realistic’, whereas we, who always remained calm, collected and patient, simply waiting for things to happen, are qualified as naive and/or dreamers.

    It’s really comical…

    1. Naive for thinking that the members of Milan’s board of directors and M&M know infinitely more about football transfer business than I have learned watching games from my couch hahah
      Spot on

    2. “Another very funny thing about the ‘doom & gloom’ pack is the fact that they consider themselves ‘realistic’, whereas we, who always remained calm, collected and patient, simply waiting for things to happen, are qualified as naive and/or dreamers.”

      This! 🙂

  8. And also… The whiny little brats who are “so embarrased” about M&M’s “hagging”… Guess what. No one cares or remembers that. 1-2 years from now no one will remember how long it took to seal the deal.

    In fact I’d say 99.99% of non-Milan fans don’t even realize it wasn’t agreed instantly. They couldn’t care less. Do you REALLY think some Real Madrid or Juve-fan will bully you over the length of the CDK negotiations? Bitch, please! 😀 😀 😀

    I say: all hail the might M&M! In Maldini we trust – at least we who can proudly call us fans.

    1. All the best entrepreneurs that I know are hagglers. A dollar saved here or there on a deal means an an additional deal down the line.

    2. Nobody blames M&M – it’s ownership donkey. Learn the difference. M&M had to “Ask” for more $ to get this deal done. Says it all right there. Clueless kid clueless.

          1. Absolutely bb and it actually also makes me wonder if juro is the same clown recently harassing Rosario as an imposter on football italia

  9. Can Adli and CDK co exist without compromising their effectiveness? They both seem suited for trequartista. Are we to see the return of Ancelottis Xmas tree formation? Or will we see one of them shifted to the right where they are arguably less effective?

    Either way from a squad depth perspective, having both is excellent. It’s a long campaign and we hope to be in Europe after the small international tournament mid-season break 😉

    1. That has become a small worry for me as well. Adli has been showing well in pre-season and it would be ironic if we ended spending 35m on a player we might not need, or that the 35m CDK will send the potentially better Adli to the bench. Hopefully they can both play together, but I doubt it will be the christmas tree, as that means no play for our arguably best offensive player, Leao. If anything CDK will play as RW or it could be a 4-1-4-1, with Tonali or Bennacer deep and CDK and Adli in front of him as double playmakers. This would mean a rotation between Tonali and Bennacer, but it might not be a bad thing given the former is still growing and the latter has durability issues.

    2. They can because if we look at CdK’s heatmap, he actually occupy the flank instead of center. Triple M and Pioli often mention the importance of looking at what role is really played out in the field rather than the position written in paper.

      CdK-Adli-Leao will become dynamic trio who can switch between possesion.

    3. Pioli might play Adli as an attack-minded CM alongside Tonali to solve that issue. That actually might work beautifully.

  10. the fact that maldini was focused on this deal tell that if a report says maldini is after the player than we can say hes going to sign the player other newses are rumours

  11. Benvenuto Charles. Good luck on AC Milan . Now with remaining budget M&M must find CB & DMF ( total budget 50m euro before buy CDK)

    1. Which leaves, 15m, which would get totally blown away if Sanches does decide to join since we already agreed an 18m fee with Lille for him. My impression is that it will be one or the other (CB or DMF), and depending on which position gets reinforced the expectations will rise on Gabbia or Pogeba. That being said I think we’re deeper at CB than DMF.

  12. By the level of communication here in the way: ” I am smart and now I will tell you everything” I don’t think anyone here is more than 15 years old !

  13. I had Isuse with how long this take, our entire market stoped for this deal AND Championship starts ni 2 weeks. M&M are doing great job but for this transver they didn’t GET anything for waiting. Ok si not 35 but for taking this long si 32+3+15% of next sell. All you real Milan funs not fake like Us WHO wanted this to finish faster you Realy think se GET something for waiting?

    1. The waiting time might have been iritating ill give you that but we are about to get one of the most exciting players yet bought in the entire transfer window across europe in my view and that at a favourable cost even if expenssive compared to what we usually spend with limited funds.
      I would have imagined that de ketelaere would have been sold for 45-50 mil so getting him at 32+3+15% resale clause that exceeds the price we pays is a steal in my book in nowadays market.

      1. I hope he is great i never watched him Play but I trust M&M. If waited little longer and one more premier league Club Joned the price would rise to 50 mil. So didn’t get anything for waiting, risking that price would go much higer for primary target, and we cut of the time to complete the squad much earlier than this . Still work on the market. So we again didn’t get anything just lost time and energy.

        1. Ideally all transfers would be concluded july first but we doesnt live in an ideal world either but you can obviously risk losing out on players by negotiating for too long a time but you can also risk squandering cash in the long run if overpaying so i actually like how we conduct ourselves in the market. Overpaying for one player can also affect other clubs demands if we come calling so i think its good we are doing shrewd business.

  14. I hope we get a less competitive group in UCL this season. It should help have our forwards gel with less pressure during the first months of the season. It’s nice we got this deal through.

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