Shakhtar director responds to Mudryk-Milan rumours: “Maybe they will sell Leao”

By Isak Möller -

A few months ago, AC Milan were linked with Shakhtar Donetsk star Mykhaylo Mudryk and it seemed like the interest was concrete. The hefty price tag, however, made the Rossoneri step back but a solution has been suggested. 

Mudryk plays as a left-winger and has attracted the interest of several big clubs over the last few months. Given that he’s just 21 years old, though, the price tag is also very high and Milan have been ruled out for quite some time.

Speaking live on TVplay on Twitch, as cited by PianetaMilan, Shakthar Donetsk director Carlo Nicolini was asked about Milan’s interest in Mudryk. He stated that they probably don’t have the money, unless they sell Rafael Leao.

“Many have taken an indirect interest in Mudryk, without an official offer. There have been a lot of phone calls. I believe that to date, the Italian teams are struggling to sign a profile like this, both because of the price tag and a lack of courage. Maybe they [Milan] will sell Leao and understand that Mudryk has an important talent and they will try to get him,” he stated.

Milan are currently in talks with Leao over a renewal but it’s proving to be difficult, and nothing can be ruled out amid the current 2024 deadline. Mudryk, however, will probably not be the solution for the Rossoneri in any case.

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    1. This is exactly what they should do IMO. We need quality now. If Leao goes we need Mudryk and then 1 other quality player either a ST or RW. Then we can hopefully invest our CL money and other money from the summer in the other position. We need an attacking overhaul and are just lucky Giroud is such a legend.

      1. I like Mudryk, but he isn’t a sure thing. If You pay 50+ million for him, and he flops, Milan is in big trouble . If he flops at Arsenal for 50 mil it’s no big deal because 50 mil for Arsenal is like 15 for Milan.
        I think Milan can find similar profile talent for way less money. Look at Napoli and Kvaratskhelia .
        Milan has way too many holes in the squad that need addressing. Spending the majority of Leao money, if sold, on 1 player isn’t the right way to go about it, IMO. Spread that money on a new CB, a midfielder, wingers and a striker/CAM(depending of where CDK will play) the bench etc.
        Just swapping Leao for Mudryk and be left with about 20 mil doesn’t make Milan a better team than they are now

          1. Ha ha, obviously, I don’t expect all those needs to be filled with Leao’s money, but if they shop in “up to 15 mil store,” anything is possible .
            I believe in Moncada

        1. So you’d rather 5 average to bad players rather than 2 excellent ones… ok… bad choice. We have a solid core. We need to add quality. We don’t need a bunch of ballo toures and bakayokos

          1. Ok, but what makes Mudryk excellent? What has he done in his career that makes signing him excellent at that price tag?
            His overinflated value because of EPL Interest?
            And what 2 excellent signings?
            Mudryk price, because of Arsenal and EPL interest, is at minimum 50 million.
            The highest offer Milan has received for Leao is 70 million, and with less time left on his contract every day, his price tag will not go higher. It might go lower. Forget about his release clause. No one is paying that.
            Milan spent 35 million for CDK. It hasn’t looked good at all so far. Like, AT ALL.
            For that money, Milan could have had both Enzo Fernandez and Julian Alvarez.
            Both Kim and Kvaratskhelia.
            Is Mudryk 4 times better player than Kvara?
            You Don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy good players.
            And our core isn’t that good the way you think. Milan needs a CB, needs a CM ( if Bennacer gets injured we might finished 7th). Needs a RW for 4 years now, needs a n10, needs a striker born in this century. Those are only needs in the starting lineup. The bench is non-existent.
            Like come on, Milan isn’t a player or 2 away from competing for the UCL title, especially not if Leao is sold to get tat 1 or 2 players

    2. And what should they do in your opinion?! Buy several mediocre players, or, a best case scenario, players with potential & wait on them for another 3 years to develop, in order to lose them too, on account of the rich EPL clubs?!
      Shiiit… This boy is the only one who can fulfill the shoes of Leao!

  1. Maignan’s injury getting v⁴ery worrisome ….. hope he will not have to retire early like van basten ….. that would be disaster …

  2. zoro caloro, agree with you.

    And Mudryk is for real — did any of you watch the Ukraine WC qualifying/playoff matches? He was the most impactful player on the pitch. And he has blazing speed too to go along with good strength and skills. Young player, plays same position as Leao (who we will never be able to sign because we’ll never be able to offer him what he wants so we should just sell ASAP). I love Rafa — don’t get me wrong; but he just won’t accept our best offer and we need to face reality on that.

      1. Yes, of course you’re right MBM! Because it’s so easy for one player to effect a match. Which is exactly why Norway and Erling Haaland (and Arsenal’s best player Martin Odegaard) have clearly been successful in making sure Norway qualified for the World Cup.

        You make an excellent argument. You should go to law school and be the best lawyer ever. LOL

  3. @20&8

    I wanted both Enzo Fernandez and Julian Alvarez. Also wanted Kvara after Kaladze recommended him. It’s not that Mudryk has done much in his career yet, but I just feel the kid is going to be special and hit the ground running. Yes his price is inflated, but so are most players. 90% of players are overpriced and overpaid but this is the world we are in.

    Mudryk is the guy, I’m telling you, he is destined for success.

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