Donnarumma bids farewell to Milan with emotional message: “Now the time has come to say goodbye”

By Oliver Fisher -

Gianluigi Donnarumma has officially said goodbye to AC Milan with a post on his Instagram account, once again highlighting his attachment to the club.

After a season in which he helped Milan qualify for the Champions League once again, Donnarumma was the big hero for Italy in the European Championships, saving two penalties in the final against England.

Many were surprised when the No.99 decided not to renew his contract with the Rossoneri despite what was a hefty offer on the table. Now, he is preparing for an adventure in France with Paris Saint-Germain, highlighting how quickly everything can change.

In an interview with Sky Italia, as cited by MilanNews, Donnarumma hinted that the departure from Milan perhaps came with some friction, but he stressed his love for the club. Now, he has done the same with a post on his Instagram account.

“Some choices are difficult, but they are part of a man’s growth.

“I arrived at Milan when I was little more than a child, for eight years I wore this shirt with pride, we fought, suffered, won, cried, rejoiced, together with my teammates, my coaches, all those who have done and they are part of the Club, together with our fans who are an integral part of what has been a family for many years.

“In the Rossoneri shirt I also achieved important personal milestones, such as making my debut at 16 in Serie A. I have lived extraordinary years that I will never forget.

“Now the time has come to say goodbye, a choice that was not easy, indeed, and certainly a post is not enough to explain it, or perhaps it cannot even be explained because the deepest feelings can hardly be translated into words. What I can say is that sometimes it is right to choose to change, to face different challenges, to grow, to complete oneself.

“All the Rossoneri I met, from the first to the last day, will always remain in my heart as an important, indeed fundamental part of the life path that made me who I am.

“I wish Milan all possible successes and I do it with my heart, for the affection that binds me to these colours, a feeling that distance and time cannot erase.”


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  1. All the best to Gigio in all his future endeavors. I really wish he wasn’t such a money grabbing piece of shit, but it is what it is.

  2. Gigio probably saw that this project is going nowhere and we’re going to keep searching for cheap loan deals so he left to a top club that he can win important things at and play with world class players, and make more money to boot… Can you really blame him?

    1. Yes. The least he could do was to allow Milan get some money. Apparently you forget that Dona was not born ready, someone had to give him plenty of time and space to grow, to allow for his mistakes (yes he made lots of them, he costed many points along the way) before he becomes good keeper.
      He could have left in much more elegant, decent moral way – and then we could agree with you.

    2. Thank you sir. It’s basically you and I willing to say this right now. The rest of the Milanisti are far too giddy about Elliot and running this club like the hedge fund that they are. You are EXACTLY right on why Gigio left. Verrati said as much. Who should we trust the players telling us Milan’s current ownership direction is a joke or the ownership and the executives who they’re paying lots of money?

    3. PSG has invested billions just to win champions League but what has been the result failure. Remember man city too. Barca invested billions of euros but it still elude them. Sometimes it is not by buying expensive players that is what make a team unbeatable. Coutinho and ousmane dembele are more expensive than most teams in Italy have they lived up to their pricetag. Remember the year we sign players with over 200m what was the result only kessie. Look at Bayern Munich how much do they spend on players transfer. Most of their players are free transfer or low budget players but Bayern is a great team. We have spend the most cash on players in Italy so we should give kudos to MM. Man United are an average team with average players with the money they spent. Left wing and attacking midfield that is were we need an upgrade. This Milan side isn’t bad for any reason. We should pray for favourable season. Gareth bale has he lived up to his transfer fees?

      1. Alex Ferguson left Unided champions and since then they spend like a billion without a premier league title.. just 1 europa league

  3. Good riddance to bad rubbish

    Leaving to a club that is just building history is a step down.

    If not for a Dumbo coach Pioli, Milan actually have capable Squad

  4. He and his agent are all the same we wish him well but he shouldn’t come and insult us that he has good intentions for Milan he should just go and give us a break with his lies

  5. Well he left, he had not patience dis time. He had other thoughts and interets. If we can not match his values so be it, all the best for him tho and he showed his values/class in the euros. Whatever u guys say he is still world class

  6. It is emotional but it did not touch me because when you love something you fight for it. You showed two faces Donnarumma and I think that wherever you go you will never have what you had in Milan. I can only say in a few months and we will forget your name.

  7. As said he is still a class keeper and he wanted instant success instead of long term development. Also Milan does not have the money so be it, he is still world class whatever and he showed it at the euros too

  8. This small boy is foolish ooo. Giving me street orientation. Haba really now I hate this guy more. He is not different from a low life prostitute who sell her body for any amount. We know you love Milan and it colour thanks. Pls who is the next free transfer we can get

  9. We feed you . we take care you. We raise you We lov do you
    We take care your family. We take care your brother. You stupid idiot. You are really unappreciated ,selfish, low life
    You and your family
    We hope you fail

  10. this guy should have stay home and create name for himself because yet, he is nobody. don’t have to tell him how change sounds like but Milan , inter ESP juventus were genuine leather than this so called psg. Marco veratti ll soon leave fraction and come back home to play tactical football both famously and financially including victory. but I personally jealous Milan as long as Buffon left dodonannaruma too should leave plus ceaser to retired. wish you all the best any moment you decide to come back home and play in bianconero same as Gigi Buffon.

  11. You would have become a legend like Maldini,Baresi,and the likes.These great players were at Milan when we got relegated and still stayed loyal and fought for the jersey and made Milan great again.You wanted quick success but Milan will be great again and win the UCL and serie A title.We Milan fans don’t care about you again.Bye Dollarumma.

  12. What he said is not only ridiculous but disrespectful to Milan but it confirmed that he never believed in the project Maldini is building all along and chooses a club that is yet to reach a UCL finals over a club that had won 7 UCL Cup.

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