Donnarumma gets AC Milan temporary tattoo and addresses Rossoneri fans – photo

By Oliver Fisher -

Gianluigi Donnarumma has been given a temporary AC Milan tattoo after he was given a hostile reception on his return to the San Siro.

Donnarumma decided not to renew his contract with the Rossoneri in the summer and left on a free transfer to join PSG, something which did not go down well with the fans. This was clearly highlighted during the game at San Siro between Italy and Spain in the Nations League as the 22-year-old was jeered on multiple occasions.

Mino Raiola, the goalkeeper’s agent, wasn’t happy with that and hit back in an interview with il Corriere dello Sport, questioning why Milan didn’t release a statement in support of Donnarumma.

Now, the goalkeeper has been given a temporary Milan tattoo by Le Iene (the Mediaset programme), and after it he was asked to send a message to the Rossoneri supporters in light of his hostile reception: “I will always love them. I will always have a Rossonero heart.”

“There is a bit of disappointment with the whistles. I spent eight years at Milan and it’s always an emotion to come back to San Siro. I grew up here and I remain a supporter of the club. You don’t forget eight years like that… I hope to be better welcomed next time.”

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  1. Temporary? What a hypocrite.

    He can tattoo it permanently on his forehead for all I care, he will always be slimy little sh** and should be booed every time he is in Milan.

  2. Sorry, you betrayed the club purely for money, and left us tens of millions out of pocket. Those aren’t the actions of someone who loves AC Milan, and they will never be forgiven.

  3. Can this guy take his activity far firm Milan? Let him switch his attention to PSG and avoid Milan by all means. Before I forget f*** him and his agent

  4. It is my hope that the majority of Milan fans accept that players are not prisoners of a club, understand what a salary is and that the urge to earn waht you are worth is somewhat natural for every human. What some who do not seem to understand is that it is not only about money, but about being valued.

    Unfortunately this majority is much less vocal in case of Donnarumma so what you mostly hear is bunch of grown men acting like a 6th graders who got dumped by their first love.

    I understand that fans have a right to dislike players and boo them when they show up at San Siro, but there is also a large group of fans who do not share the hate for a person just because they chose a different path.

    Good luck Gigio. If you want less hate from Milan fans, than instead of getting a tattoo, maybe you should make your fat agent shut up and stop stiring up shit in media.

    1. Mister, it is not compulsory for Dollaruma to remain at Milan.

      Our pain his him leaving for free especially when he knows that the club is not out of the woods yet in terms of finance.

      Inter got £110Million for Luka, we could get at least £50million for Dollaruma.

      Our pain is him leaving for free and the club had to invest in replacing him. This is why the club could not sign a young striker this season.

      For all true Milan fans, Dollaruma should keep his distance from Milan and the Rossoneri supports.

      To add salt to injury, the fatso agent is asking Milan to back Dollaruma, can you imagine????

      1. I agree. But that anger is missdirected.

        It is not on a player to make money for the club. It is on Milan management to make sure players dont leave on free. This happens to every club and every player everywhere, if you let them enter their last year of transfer like we did with Donna, Hakan, Kessie, Roma…

        But for Milan fans those are all some evil characters. They are not – most players in the world would have acted the same. You hand all the negotiation power to the player – they will use it.

        Yes he could have bailed the management out and stayed one more year just to let Milan earn on his transfer. If he did that he would be a Milan hero. And I just dont understand hating on a person for not being a hero. Most people aren’t.

    2. Is that you Mino?

      First of all he is now earning less that Milan offered.

      Second he could have left in January and let the club earn some money, they are responsible for his entire career and that ability to earn his worth you are mentioning, so paying back someone you owe your entire existence is kinda a decent, human thing to do.

      Third, he could have been open about it and not lie to the very end about having an agreement with PSG and that the only way his manager is getting 20mill commission was if he went there.

      So to sum it up.
      1. He is earning less
      2. He was unfair to the club that made him
      3. He wasn’t honest

      Bonus, Mino’s commission.

      I am sorry to break it to you, but Gigio is just a dumb little sh**. But I agree with you, he deserves everything that is coming to him in future.

      1. Ad hominem – just what I would expect from a 6th grader.

        “He could have left in Januray?”
        Did he block any transfer in January? It the club’s responsibility to sell a player if they want to earn money on transfer.

        And he is earning much more than he was at Milan. What he was offered is just journalists speculations.

        What does he “owe”? He got paid for a job that he did very well. Do you owe anything to your employer because they pay you? Do you think that clubs run academies as a charity project? They do it to produce talent they can sell. And it is on the club to make a profit off of those players – not on the players.

        1. “He got paid for a job that he did very well” actually he made a lot of mistakes but he was a Milan child and everybody closed their eyes. Other Milan goalkeepers didn’t had that chance. Milan paid his brother for nothing, just to keep him happy, and the return was… go to other team for the same money

          1. That’s what youg prospect players do. They make mistakes and they learn. Milan payed him for potential and then Milan did not capitalize on it. I don’t klike it either, but it’s Milan management who let him go for free and couldn’t sell him for decent price.

        2. As expected, when one doesn’t have a leg to stand on, they start with personal insults.

          I do apologize for not reading the rest of your post, your first sentence was indication enough that you’re just an internet troll and not someone capable of having a civilized, factual and constructive conversation.

    3. Value?
      How did he not feel value? We signed his brother and paid him just to make a handful of appearance. If he had been honest, he wouldn’t be booed. Chiesa left Fiorentina for Juventus didn’t get booed. Sterling left Liverpool didn’t get a big backlash from fans. We’re not happy because he lied and didn’t let the club earn a dime.

      1. If you are an expert in your field then you want to get paid accordingly. It doesnt matter if you enjoy your employer and like your collegues and your salary is already more than enough. Imagine there are others somewhere else that do your job worse than you but get more money and more recognition. Being underpaid in that situation is demeaning.

    4. He is not booed because he left Milan. He is booed for the way he left the club that gave him the chance to become what he is. Pirlo left Milan to sign for juventus, still a legend for Milan fans. Dollaruma left for PSG (nobody in the football history but with dollars). And… if the stories are correct …he will not gain too much in plus (but these are just stories). The fact is that he went to warm the bench in Paris

      1. Disagree, most MIlan fans have a big issue with Pirlo too. I still liked him when he was at Juve, but i stopped for what he wrote in his book and keeps shitting on Milan so many ears after. Donna on the other hand always says he loves ACM.

        Also it is Milan who broke negotiations because they found a better alternative in Mike. I dont know where is that narrative comming from now, that he snubbed Milan for the same deal at PSG.

        I’m not saying he should be the fan favourite, but the hate he is getting is disproporionate and the anger for leaving for free is missdirected.

        Besides how can people blame him for getting his money and at the same time blame him for Milan missing on theirs? It’s a double standatrd all the way. It’s a zero sum game and everybody wants to get their share. When clubs do it’s all great but when players get paid they are evil. I dont get that.

    5. Brother, you’re being very objective here. Most of the people who debated with you are fans with emotions who were betrayed by Donnarumma’s agent. It is not that Milan didn’t try to keep him but his agent played with Milan all the time. So think now, if you are an officer but one Clark doesn’t give you the files to complete the legal procedures all the time then who is going to get the blame here an officer, a Clark or the entire department? It’s only about perspective.

  5. Tonali took a pay cut to remain in Milan. Thats love for the club. Dollaruma gave nothing to Milan. In Fact, Milan paid $1M to his brother. Did PSG pay $1M to employ his brother keeper?

  6. Let him and his fat ass agent keep deceiving them self’s. Mike is far more better than him and i have never been so confident in him being in the goal post but for Mike i swear i love and trust that guy than the so called Dollarumma

  7. What is that phrase that has two words with the first starting with letter “F” and the second ending with “O”??

  8. It’s not the issue that he left. After all we are all free to chose who we want to work for in life. It’s the manner in which he left. He didn’t need to string us along. He could have told us he would leave or tell us he would sign a one year extension so that we could sell him an make some money on his transfer and not leave us with zero. Yes management must take some of the blame for not addressing his contract situation earlier (Hakan, Kessie, Romagnoli, etc…similar pattern here) but – what enrages the fans is when he constantly professes his love for Milan yet he did nothing to help the club, despite managements faults. First he needs to shut up and just play well for the national team. Second he needs to tell his fat bastards against to shut his fat mouth. That is a start. Then we can begin to heal. We have Mike we are happy. But do not think that Milan “loves” you when you showed no respect to the club that made you in to the player you are today and gave you your chance at 16 and paid you and your brother well over value at the time. All he had to do was tell management he wanted to leave to try a new adventure (that is his right) and to sell you so that the club could make some money on your transfer. He didn’t do that and that is why Milan fans hate him. You cannot have your cake and eat it to as the expression says. He just doesn’t get it. Making comments in the media that Milan still loves him and foolish things like a temporary tattoo just shows his immaturity and that he still wants to continue to rile us up. This kid is too entitled and he thinks we owe it to him to cheer for him?? LOL. Grow up kid. He is a spoiled brat. Be a man and take the insults and just shut up and play.

  9. This is all comes out from the brain of a fat pig. In order to get 20m commission, the only thing to do is delay the contract extention until the end of contract. All drama regarding next season UCL spot is rubbish. Whatever milan’s salary offer will be rejected, because milan will never pay 20m commission for raiopig. And that snake is also has a role of this drama. He said he loved milan, and will renew the contract once we secured ucl spot. Thats why they werent sell them in january. Plus, one year contract extention like giroud-esque from chelsea will never happened. Why? Because what raiopig after is the commission, you wont get any commission if another club has to pay a transfer fee. It is all has been planned by those snake and pig. And they both knew from the start, that they will never sign contract.

    This will also happend for kessie and romagnoli case. Those agent are after a commission. Your commission will be small if you put a price tag on the player. Other club will be very happy to just spend 20m for a promising player

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