Donnarumma hints at turbulent exit but admits: “I will always be a Milan fan”

By Isak Möller -

Gigio Donnarumma was the big hero for Italy in the Euros final against England as he saved two penalties, bringing the trophy back to Rome. And for some Milan fans, his success surely must have hurt a little to watch. 

Many were surprised when the No.99 decided not to renew his contract with the Rossoneri despite what was a hefty offer on the table. He’s now preparing for an adventure in France with Paris Saint-Germain, highlighting how quickly everything can change.

In an interview with Sky Italia, as cited by MilanNews, Donnarumma hinted that the departure from Milan perhaps wasn’t beautiful. However, he also made it very clear that he still supports the club and always will be tied to it.

“Let’s see these days, I’ll talk about everything,” he began.

How sad are you for leaving?

“I’ll talk about all this, I’ll always be tied to the Rossoneri colours, then I’ll talk about the rest. Now I enjoy all of this, then I’ll go on vacation and then I’ll talk about the rest.”

We are sorry to not see you in Serie A again…

“Thank you, you have given me a lot of affection. I will always be a Milan fan and I wish them all the best in this world. Then I will speak later.”

Hopefully, the parties closed the matter on good terms as it would be a shame for the goalkeeper’s fantastic spell at Milan to be tainted by a nasty exit. Then again, that’s football for you sometimes.

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  1. Dollarumma there’s no need for you to talk about it “all” later. In fact, we would appreciate it if you keep your mouth firmly shut.

  2. This is an ingrate son. Milan didnt earn a cent from your sale. Paying a $1M a year brother was such kindness extended to your family. Get lost and never return to milan. We would take a broom to shoo you away if you come near.

  3. We raise you ,We feed you. We train you
    We made you professional
    We give your brother 1M just to warm couch
    That’s why you pay club back.
    You deserve to be lost stupid idiot. You and your family most unpredictable family.

  4. Let just not disrespect antonio,he has 3 clean sheets,one of them is against inter
    He earn my respect
    But for gigio,we all knew you only loyal to money,thats the way it is

  5. Pls who want to hear JUDAS talk about it all later????

    Certainly not me.

    Milan had the last laugh not matter how painful it is.

    He will go from being protected, well package with necessary promotion to be truly recognize as the best Goal keeper in the world at Milan to just a COG in PSG where he will just be an insignificant COG

  6. I’m allways a Milan fan. Yes i tried my best to go to Juventus but in the end the only teams who will trow money up the window are City and PSG so Vive la France.

    1. Hahahaha! Well said!

      It would be totally destroy any good memories left about him if he’d try to whitewash his greedy behavour and his agent’s monstrous demand by going PR talk to trash Maldini & co.

  7. I have absolutely no problem with his departure but just to help us he wasn’t supposed to leave for free considering what the club had done for him…atleast we were going to use the money to sign a very good midfielder like DePaul and ziyech

    1. That’s why Milan fans around the world hate him: greedy über everything!

      He wants all the money for himself and his greedy agent Raiola: if he was not a free agent, he would not get 12M from any other clubs.

  8. such a shame…Milan took care not just of him,but of whole Donnaruma family,raised him,gave to family everything they could ever want or need,payed his antitalented bro year after year just to please whole family….greed?not enough money?MONEY?MONEY??unbelievable realy…such a gesture from such young person.Karma is a wonder..everything comes around,I wish him just the same

  9. Just remember that he was always professional and gave his all during all matches. He was one of the main reasons why milan has returned to serie a position and champions league. Lets look forward to the coming season.

  10. If something will hurt you, you try and avoid it. If it will hurt millions of people you run from it. You can’t say you love me and hurt me. That love is the greatest love ever. Guy you have done your part. So we wish you luck In every endeavour of your life. If your love is real then may your career be like the love you have for Milan and it colours. Dollars can buy you a lot. If €8m can make you show your love I wonder how great that love is. He thinks we are fools not so. This 22yrs old boy thinks he is wise not so. Mr. King Solomon.

  11. He shouldn’t left for free out his said love for Milan. That is super unthankful act. He should have help Milan raise money. He’s kinda Pogba.. Hahaha

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