Donnarumma discusses the ‘last call’ he got from Milan and gives thoughts on Maignan plus derby win

By Oliver Fisher -

Former AC Milan goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma has tried to tell his side of the story regarding what happened with his summer exit, insisting he only found out he could leave because of the Mike Maignan signing.

As Milan reached the end of the 2020-21 season with Donnarumma having not renewed and with a Champions League place secured following a win over Atalanta on the final day of the season, it was then confirmed that Maignan would be arriving from Lille to become the new starting goalkeeper.

There was some anger about the manner of Donnarumma’s exit given he and his agent Mino Raiola decided to play hardball with the club that launched him, and in the end he left for nothing despite the fact a sale at some point in the years prior would have yielded a very important capital gain for the budget.

Now, Donnarumma spoken in an interview to La Gazzetta dello Sport and went back to talking about how his farewell to the Rossoneri came about, with his comments relayed by MilanLive.

“After so many years it is not easy to part with a club like Milan. There I grew up as a man and a footballer. I can only thank the club for what they have done for me,” he began.

“The fans have always treated me well too. In Milan I have always felt at home. You know how things went. Maybe everyone blames me, without looking at what happened on the other side. The last call from the club was to let me know that they had signed another goalkeeper. That’s how it ended.”

Donnarumma is essentially trying to place some responsibility on the Rossoneri management for his departure in the direction of Paris, though of course we know that by the end of the season no new deal had been signed so Maldini and Massara did well to proactively sign a quality replacement.

“I wanted to try something different and I feel that I made the right choice. I believe that PSG has always been in my destiny. They’ve been following me for years and have always made me feel their interest. They had to go like this. I am happy and proud to be here,” Donnarumma continued.

Even though he is now playing in France, the Italian national team goalkeeper continues to keep an eye on Milan.

“As a fan, I follow everything with passion. I often hear from my former team-mates, but also from Mr. Pioli. I’m happy with how things are going at Milan. I hope they get to the end by doing a great championship. I rejoiced for the derby won,” he said.

Finally, Donnarumma was also asked for an opinion on Maignan, who replaced him.

“I follow him carefully and he made a good impression on me. I congratulate him on what he is doing. I’m happy for him and for all the boys.”

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  1. Haha he thought Milan was gonna beg for him and wait til last August to get a replacement?? Maybe have a little ceremony to thank him for leaving for free so his slimey agent can make money?

    If you are a man like you say then take some responsibility for your actions.


  2. He had a whole f*cking year to get that contract renewal done and he didn’t. And now it’s club’s fault because they were impatient with him? What a f*king baby.

  3. Didnt you know tje reason for signing mike? You and your agent played the hardball, didnt you remember it? So, why should blame others on tje action you took. Dont be hypocrite, be a man and face tje consequence..

  4. Oh boi, u can’t imagine how good we feel now when we don’t have to talk about ur contract every 6 months.You were the real drama queen.We are so relaxed and glad that you left finally.

  5. This guy really messed with everyone. Same thing Kessie is doing right now.

    He will come out tomorrow and start talking rubbish like this guy is doing.

  6. What is he talking about? This is rubbish. So the club wait for him and agent to decide how AC milan should run as a club because you’re the god of AC milan?

  7. I believe that, you and piggie Mino and your dollars, all going to hell, has always been in your destiny, too…
    FGS! No more from him in Milan articles!

  8. You’ve got nothing to say, Maldini and Masara keep on begging you to sign but you never did, so how can you blame them, my friend just stay where you are, good luck

  9. He has always been a traitor to me, and i wasn’t surprised at his foolish behavior, we have a better keeper than him and he feels jealous and looking for something to say.. just like kessie kick his ass off them team,, he is not contributing anything,, its more like a 10 against 11 in the match, they are just ungrateful being…….,,bakayoko is just like a switch on and off,,,,,,, tonali and sanchez .. will be a great pairs………. life goes on…Forza Milan

  10. He is no more Milan Player… so what for … you guys still wrote something related with him…. It’s USELESS … Thank you…

  11. Lol dollaruma thinks everyone forgot how he & his disgusting agent played hard to get. They asked for excessive salary and commissions; €12 million /year, €20 million for his agent, and a couple of € million for his family. No club wants to pay him that much, not even rich one like PSG.

    Not to mention Milan paid his useless big brother €1 million /year, another condition from him which stupidly agreed by previous management.

    Now he’s blaming Milan because his rotting at PSG bench lol. Served him right. Eat your fkin money dollaruma! 👎

  12. Obviously Milan could have let him read about it in the newspapers or Internet but were honest and told him the news themselves. That’s classy. Unlike leaving the club who made you for free.

  13. What a Child. Still blaming others for his actions. Be a man. Own what you did. You chose to leave, fine. You could have helped the club you profess to love and at least got us a transfer fee – but you chose otherwise, fine. But don’t make it seem like you really wanted to stay and that Milan made the choice for you to leave lol. Grow some balls kid. He must really hate PSG if he’s constantly talking about Milan. Sounds like an ex in a relationship who just can’t move on. We have Mike now we don’t give a shit about you kid. Move on. I’m so happy we have Mike. The only thing I’m disappointed in is not selling Donnaruma for a huge transfer fee. Other than that we are better off with Mike.

  14. The last call from Milan was to tell me that they had signed another goalkeeper. That is how it ended.” -Wow, After months of making him offers that would have made him the highest paid player in the squad. Such audacity. Also, is he saying that if they’d waited until after the Euros or something that he would have signed? BS. He would have gone to PSG anyway and we would have lost Maignan to another club which would have been a double whammy.

    Also, not sure how playing in Ligue 1 makes him a better goalkeeper, as it’s like playing in a pub league for PSG. He would have played champions league football with Milan this season, and while we didn’t make it out of the group of death in our first year back after eight surely we’ll do better next season. Renew, play a couple of season in the CL with the club that brought you up, and then make a big money move to any number of clubs playing in better competitions than PSG (Barcelona, Madrid any of the top English clubs). Donnarumma breaks the CL ice and showcase himself in that competition at Milan, Milan then get’s their due share of his transfer value, and Donnarumma still gets his big move albeit a season or two later. It’s that simple.

    1. I really prefer loosing him for free and getting mike rather than getting around 60-80 mill a season or two later and missing out on the magic

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