Donnarumma opens up on decision to leave Milan for PSG: “We had different ambitions”

By Oliver Fisher -

Gianluigi Donnarumma has finally opened up on why he made the decision to leave AC Milan in favour of a new adventure at Paris Saint-Germain.

It is now a closed chapter, but Donnarumma’s exit aroused plenty of disappointment and anger in his decision to reject Milan’s contract offer in favour of joining PSG. Many believe that he chose to leave in the wrong way, having constantly professed his love for the Rossoneri but in the end allowing a situation to happen where he left without the club receiving a fee.

Now, the goalkeeper has spoken to il Corriere dello Sport to explain why he decided to leave Milan to marry the Paris Saint-Germain project, with his comments transcribed by MilanLive.

“I spent eight years at Milan, it was my home, I experienced wonderful moments there. Milan still excites me today, I have great respect for the people who work there and for the fans. But life is made up of choices, we had different ambitions. I will always be a fan of Milan. Eight years are not forgotten, but I needed to change to grow, to improve and become the strongest.”

Donnarumma was reminded that the fans are angry with him and that they call him ‘Dollarumma’, but the 22-year-old does not care and also says that the choices made are his, not Mino Raiola or his family.

“There are decisions that have a longer maturity. I have always made my career choices alone, my family has always left me free and supported me. The same thing did Mino. He respects the wishes of his clients one hundred percent, then of course he does everything to satisfy their requests. I left Milan and I had no contact with other teams, I swear, but I was sure that with a good European someone would show up.”

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  1. Makes sense, Donnarumma wants to win trophies, and Milan wants to become a foreign talent pool value club that makes profits off players right when they’re coming into their own and never wins anything but gets 2nd-4th place often. Elliot style…. gross.

    1. If that is whom Elliot style is, as you mentioned, they will probably renew with him and Hakan and sell them instantly. No one can deny the fact that Elliott are a company investing for profits, but they have a better plan for Milan.

    2. Zoro, yes it’s too bad Milan isn’t owned by a petrostate’s sovereign wealth fund. Your wish might still come true if the hated Elliot increases the valuation of the club to the point where one might want to buy it. Saudi Arabia maybe? The murderer Crown Prince Salman almost bought Newcastle a couple of years ago, he may be looking still.

  2. i mean

    u can just renew and go to a new club with through selling

    instead of shitting on milan after that free transfer and last minute left

    that intention is 100% dollaruma move

  3. He wanted to be most expensive player in Milan, he wanted to be “CAPITANO”.
    He wanted that his brother be in the first team with him who was funny talent wise and was on a 1.2M per year

    For me he is DOLLARUMMA and I wish him not the best career.

  4. His words mean nothing in my book and he can stick his love and respect for the club and fans up where the sun dont shine as he screwed us over. The only things i’ll be looking forward to is to see him break both his legs and getting pelted with dimes and dollars if we ever meet him again.
    If he really loved the club as he keeps professing he could atleast have signed a contract on favourable terms for the club to earn 20 mil or something, i for one will hate his guts till he dies and doesnt evern want to see him back with us in the future as i’ll nevr trust him and his commitment again.

    1. why would he sign. By signing his club get the money. If he doesn’t. he will get it on the name of bonus or one-time payment along with higher salary. Who wants to miss them?

      1. Because money isnt everything if you actually love and respect a club and he would never had gotten his debut and become a starter in any team with the setup as milan at the tender age of 16, Add to that it propably would first have happened at the age of close to 20 so he wouldnt have had his international debut at as an early age as he did either. He could have made it a bit easier for the club he apparently loves and respect so much but instead he brought up speed bumps for us instead and while milan fans like to complain about our transfers they can also thank him him for making it harder for us.
        When that is said he obviously chose money above loyalty and respect towards the hand who fed him and his family, Money wise he had already been set for life by getting 6 mil a year for for years and its not like milans offer was a bad one to begin with. being paid 6 mil a year Anyways its his choice but his choice is not a respectfull one towards our work and investments in him and is a simple choice of greed.

      2. Edit freaking hell: Money wise he had already been set for life by getting 6 mil a year for four years and its not like milans offer was a bad one to begin with. being paid 8 mil a year Anyways its his choice but his choice is not a respectfull one towards our work and investments in him and is a simple choice of greed.

  5. Dollarumma please don’t talk about Milan again we have moved on and I believe Milan win titles again starting from this season.

  6. Ended saying shit, we have moved on let him move on too. And before I forget, he can keep his love to himself we don’t need it here anymore.

  7. He wanted to grow and become the best that’s why he left Milan and Serie A for France 🙂 – a lesser league, less competition, less of a challenge but more money. Please at least be honest. You went for the rich and famous in Paris…. you wanted to rub shoulders with the the rich and lazy (Neymar)….lol.

  8. What I now and I believe donnaruma make a big mistake and he will regret for all of his life because donnaruma his going to finish completely hi make the wrong decision.

  9. His name is Dollarumma … enough said.

    Do us all and yourself a favor and do not ever speak of Milan ever again. This is not your home, you are DEAD here.

  10. I don’t believe him on anything because it all shown yesterday’s that you was so committed to Milan until when big money started knocking on you.
    If you love Milan, why not fetch some money for us?
    Why not leave in a peaceful way instead of confessing your heart love to Milan even at the extra time and then leave.
    With this, young man it was all planned with you and your agent.

  11. Rotten on PSG bench Dollaruma and we Rossoneri fans do not care.

    He was holding out for more money until Milan signed a better replacement than him. He is just lucky that PSG came for him.

    No reasonable player will gamble to become clubless just because of expectations for a big contract because of a major tournament.

    Milan is better without Dollaruma

  12. Overrated as a goalkeeper. Able to make big saves because of his physique.Cannot remember a GREAT save or two. He is simply not capable of making them. Lukaku made him look like a beginner this past spring during the derby. Before someone challenges my argument how about the flatfooted stand in the EURO final before Shaw’s goal??? So long,no one will miss him.

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