CM: Dortmund reignite interest as Vicenza striker’s move to Milan falls apart – the reason

By Oliver Fisher -

A deal to bring Vicenza striker Tommaso Mancini to AC Milan has collapsed due to the demands, according to a report.

Tuttosport (via were among the sources who reported that Milan were expected to use the friendly game against Vicenza last Saturday to complete the purchase of Mancini.

It was expected to be an operation worth about €2-3m, and Milan moved ahead of the competition, beating several top clubs – including Juventus – in the process. Talks were seemingly advanced, but now everything has fallen apart.

According to a report from Daniele Longo of, the player’s father had made demands deemed unacceptable and took too long, so Milan have decided for the moment to give up the negotiation.

Longo goes on to mention that there is also competition to sign the teenager as Borussia Dortmund have reignited their interest, but it remains to be seen if they will match the demands.

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  1. Darn that’s a shame. I reckon this is a first team ready player within 3 years, he’s got a much higher ceiling than Colombo or Roback imho.

    Can’t blame the dad for being greedy especially if he has other offers on the table, but its a risk to send him to another nation at such a young age.

    BV09 are know for giving youngsters a chance so perhaps it works out for him. Would have done well at Milan though, especially as most of our strikers will retire within a couple years!

  2. Here Milan go again, offering peanut to every player, clubs and players will put on their glasses when dealing with because it is now obvious to everyone that we are bad for business……they probably offered the 10 k for 2 years 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    We keep degrading ourselves with eery transfer we get into, time will come when we will genuinely want a player and the player will say NO and we will be stuck with Krunic and bakayoko, praying they don’t get too much seizure in the matches…. this is the reason why our youth system is trash, we fill it up with garbage then look up to heaven and ask why we can’t get any of them to first team….let me predict the future; another team will get him, train him and he becomes a start, then Milan will wanna compete and buy him, then they will go and bid 5m when he is worth 60m 🤣🤣🤣, then he will refuse and Milan fans will come here and call him greedy and not even good enough, just like now…same old cycle!!!!!

    This team is becoming a circus, I just pray that udinese doesn’t surprise us…krunic and Diaz in the same team😟😟

    1. He clown, we won the scudetto with players like Krunic, Saelemaekers and Messias who aren’t overpaid fat pigs. We send the’ biggest goalkeeper talent’ in the world away only to replace him with a better one while the dollaraddict is warming the bench and making a fool of himself when he plays. Go support Juventus who spent millions every year and still never have won a fair CL trophy in their live (don’t talk about the coke cup of 1996). Or even better, go support Goldman Sachs if you love money that much. We refuse to become the next Barcelona so if the price isn’t right it’s not happening. Asking for more money never stops. Players should play for us because they want to, not because we outpriced other teams. We’ll decide the price ourselves and if it’s not good, go walk away and try your luck elsewhere. That goes for the fans as wall. Bye bye fat piggy banks

    2. Seriously bro I’ve always tried to avoid commenting on your comments but I may not be able to do that for long if I’ve not already. Not every youth prospect gets to fulfill their potential potential which I’m sure you know. It’s clear we have a strategy now which is that we will run the club on a sustainable project and not go living above our means like on club are doing right now. Please and please don’t make it seem like it’s your money and you’re willing to spend but your financial adviser is advising against it. What salary is Kalulu on and isn’t there talk of a renewal with a salary increase? My point is that you prove yourself before demanding crazy money like you’re the next Roberto Baggio. Kalulu, Tomori and thee likes have proven themselves and they’ve earned better contracts. You can say what you want about the project but you can’t deny the fact that the project and its parsimonious directors won us our first scudetto in 11 years. Please and please stop making comments that sound like you’re ridiculing the club. We all love the club but maybe differently with some being overzealous and others being reasonable with their affection. Oh I like FIFA too especially on the Playstation.

  3. Well, he obviously does not have a dime invested in Milan. If his money was part of the funds, he would not be so hasty to splash money around every name picked from FM2022. Probably our guy is a disguised interista

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