MN: Eight Milan teammates showed anger with Tatarusanu during Inter defeat

By Euan Burns -

There were eight different AC Milan players that showed anger with goalkeeper Ciprian Tatarusanu after he failed to come out and claim multiple crosses against Inter, a report claims.

As has been reported by Milan News, the Romanian goalkeeper was the subject of unwanted attention from his teammates against Inter at San Siro on Sunday.

He was one of the team’s better performers on the night but there were multiple occasions where crosses into the box caused more of an issue than was necessary as he did not claim them in the air.

It was counted that eight teammates seemed to criticise Tatarusanu during the game for this. They were Alexis Saelemaekers, Pierre Kalulu, Simon Kjaer, Rade Krunic, Malick Thiaw, Theo Hernandez, Brahim Diaz and Sandro Tonali.

Tatarusanu did make one or two very impressive saves during the game that kept Milan in with a chance of snatching a point.

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    1. Actually Thiaw was pretty impressive. And while Tata made two good saves (doubled the tally of this season!!) , he did fumble one easy cross and almost let in two(!) embarrassing direct corner-kick goals too.

      It says a lot when FOUR Milan-players were ready to dive in to block a Barella(?) shot in the 1st half as no Milan player on the pitch (nor off the pitch) think he can save any shots. That’s how good trust there is between the players and their superb GK.

        1. Gabbia didn’t even play 6 full matches. You are talking like he played 20 matches and Thiaw didn’t get a chance because of that. They are 4th and 5th choice.

      1. He absolutely was not close to letting the corner kicks in. He punched them away. Stop putting all the blame on the goalie when you’ve got players like Calabria and Kjaer in defence.

      1. @Jerr.
        Maybe you’re the clown for being a Milan fan. this is just a phycological and mental decline from the players which they need to come back to their form as soon as possible.
        So think before you criticize those players.

    1. Watch the replay. Kjaer was marking Dzeko, who is faaaar more dangerous player in set-pieces. Should Kjaer mark both Inter-attackers at once? Hardly. Someone else left Lautaro wide open. I think it might have been Giroud but can’t recall.

      1. I you must be blind…watch again and you will see Kjaer was marking martinez just like in supercoppa where he was a flop…so many of these buffoons have not what it takes to wear a milan shirt,not only tatarusanu…everybody speaks about tatarusanu when those idiots on the back have no f clue how to defend…calabria,hernandez,kjaer,kalulu,tomori,gabbia…thay are all rubbish and they just act out this “crisys” so ibrahimovic’s comeback to be more emphatic …this is so predictable…wouldnt be a surprise to take out the bench from pioli keeping bonera for his acreditations

        1. Dude u been reminded and corrected but still insist u were right with no proper evidence, plus saying that some player who won scudeto last season are idiots and dont know how to defend. Are u an 8? Getoff internet and get urself a life

  1. Cost the goal was always calabria and the robot tata looks nerve or scare to claim the ball from the air. Disallowed lukaku goal was from tata. Looks like statue in the park.. tragic…

  2. Vous êtes mal tomber !, la défense est totalement absente dans ces dernières déroutes! la faute à qui ? …
    1. Pioli, incapable de trouver la solution :
    – Une défense trop passive ! on fait les mêmes bavures en défense avec les mêmes joueurs alignés; KJAER, GABBIA, CALABRIA, il faut bien revoir les buts encaissés face à la LA ROMA, LAZIO, et hier face à INTER.
    – La non utilisation d’éventuelle solution : THIAW,FRANCKS et DIAZ (Gardien), pourquoi ?
    – Des choix tactiques non réussis !
    – Ajoutez à cela, l’indiscipline de certains joueurs dans plusieurs rencontres : manque d’engagement dans les duels, manque de rigueur…

  3. I think everyone misses out the smallest detail that matters the most:

    Ever since Ismael Bennacer’s 4.5Million per season contract extension was announced, the team’s form started to dip! I believe, whilst none of the players in the main squad perhaps brave enough to openly utter it, everyone is in reality having that same envy feeling! Two or three probably even gang up talking about how their salary is lower than Bennacer, than Leão than so and so while in the last Ibra was the only one with that huge sum. This has created a “hidden disunity” if the management tomorrow announced that every player will get 2 million euro per annum increase, I bet you the team will be back playing the type of football they demonstrated last year! That football was a killer for any team because they gave no chance for the opponents to enjoy the ball on their feet even for a few seconds.

    It’s simply like “I play so hard too, not less harder than Bennacer how in the world I earn less than he does…and Leão, and De Keteller, and so and so…hidden envious feeling is dangerous


      All we need to do is cancel Bennacer’s contract and we’re on our way to winning again. Yay 😁. Easy peasy

    2. Milan started playing bad around the time that Pioli got his contract till 2025.. Happens all the time in this club. Coach gets a new contract the lvl of play drops. Almost like a curse man. Also if you wanna talk contracts the new players Origi and Dest earned more than any player in the club.

  4. This Milan team played like amateur,not like team ,and coach Poli making very bad decisions with Mesias& Origi ,this players don’t need to be on Milan team.Elliot group do big mistakes selling AC Milan to Red bird capital partners by Gerry Cardinale don’t like to spend money.(50 million)this is disaster.Milan with him can’t exist like BIG team.Is time to find another person or company to invest money,RedBird get AUT

  5. Milan nightmare started right from when Mike got injured. We were two points behind Napoli, but since Tata take over, some cheap and unacceptable goals stated coming in.
    Am not hating him, but I want to say that Tata cause us 75% of this nightmare. He can replace Mike and that one match can justify him.

  6. Actualy, forwards are always defended bu centerbacks, Kjaer was on taller Dzeko but Calulu has to keep Lautaro! 80% of the goals came from Calulu side! Calabria is out of form after injury, he has to be on bench! In a fact, Tatarusano was best Milan player last night. He save 2 goals and 2 dangerous shots from corner.

  7. Anyone still trying to claim that Tata hasn’t been the problem defensively, that it’s been the line in front of him, should take note at how EVERY SINGLE defensive player who entered the field yesterday spent time shouting at him for one thing or another. When the defenders don’t have any confidence in the man behind them, it affects every aspect of their play.

  8. I thought Tatarusanu was good. Not great. We are used to the prowess of Donnaruma and Maignan (who do everything well). Tata is not as physical as our previous keepers. Coming for crosses is one of the most challenging aspects of goaltending. You come flying into a physical challenge with your arms up and your ribcage exposed to elbows and shoulders, which can be very punishing. In the short term, opposing teams may not notice it enough to develop an exploit. But over many games, this will grab the attention of the other teams in the league. And they will adjust accordingly by creating more crosses, which is what weaker teams are relegated to doing anyways.

  9. The whole flippen team is useless!! Stop blaming one player!! Everyone sucks!! They aren’t a team anymore!! They are below average!! Just watch the demolition that happens next week at the hands of Tottenham!! 0-4 first leg, second leg 4-0!!! Bunch of useless cows!!!

    1. I wouldnt be so sure of that…they will pass over totenham overall and after ibrahimovic and maignan s recoveries the boys will remember “miraculosly” how to play again…

  10. its funny people now defend tatarusanu after the match yesterday but a couple of days ago they blamed him. face it, 50% of the goals conceded, and games lost are his fault

    1. Yep. One decent match (even with couple of plunders) and people think he’s almost as good as Neuer or Thibault. 😀 😀 😀

      One good/decent match in 50 doesn’t make him great though.

  11. Hello everyone, how are you all doing, it’s very sad to say but A C Milan players to be honest with you guys, Ismaila is the only Milan player who’s paying good football,

  12. It’s all because Milan do not want to spend any money, they want to win titles and Champion League with cheap labor players, we all have to be objective and realize that Milan are not up to speed. The owners are like all the other American owners, they want to own a soccer club but are not interested in the investing part of the club, look around the different leagues and see how many American owners do invest in their soccer clubs, take a look at what Liverpool are going through now.

  13. All those guys lack confidence they can’t even make 1to 3 touches at a time if I have my way its only 2or 3 plays dat left in dat team they played as if they don’t attend trainings no good football connections among them,they should sometimes sit and watch the way Napoli move with the ball even the league they won last season they didn’t play to well to deserve it and as for the useless management dat refused to spend they busy chasing after plays dat has been rejected by their club and the ones dat can’t make second team in other big club,imagine having player like junior massia, pogbega, Calabria, tonali, player dat can’t make first team in international level wearing the great AC milan jerssy wat a shame.

  14. Tata is disgusting. Ya sure he makes a nice REFLEX save now and then, but a goal keeper needs to be so much more than that and this proves he inspires ZERO confidence from his players. I have been saying it all along this guy offers nothing and is a huge liability. When players lack confidence in a keeper it’s over. He doesn’t command his six and offers zero presence in the 18. His positioning on set pieces and corners is atrocious . He is one of the worse keepers in Milan’s history if not the worst. What’s worse than Tata is M&M not recognizing this and finding a adequate replacement over the last few seasons. Garbage

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