SM: Elliott ready to provide a big budget for Milan’s summer mercato – the details

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are planning a summer transfer window that sees the squad move up a level in terms of quality, and there should be a good budget available to help do that.

Thanks to our colleagues over at, we have gained some insight into what the current thoughts of Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara are ahead of what will be a crucial summer mercato, as they all are.

There are changes expected in each department from the defence to the midfield through to the forwards, with the aim to give Stefano Pioli a squad capable of reaching the next steps: to win the league title and to get through the group stages of the Champions League.

You can read more about the moves planned here, while we have also gained some insight as to the budget that Elliott Management intend to make available. The American fund are inclined to allocate around €70-80m for the upcoming mercato, excluding the proceeds from possible sales.

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  1. Use option buy junior. Buy botman,Renato ,and starter quality RW should be enough that budget. 4 player priority. AC Milan receive money at end of season from hauge sale too. Try to sell caldara,castilejo,Balo toure,saele ,krunic if this club can ( probably only small fee but can help free salary budget )

    1. There is no way Pioli will allow Maldini and Massara to sell Krunic and Saelamakers. I just hope we can at least sign Botman and Berardi (Renato Sanchez is very difficult to sign due to so many clubs being interested). Any other signings would be a plus.

      1. Renato Sanches is also less necessary than a RW. We will have Adli and Pobega coming in, so at least there is SOME depth there. RW on the other hand produces very little and given our recent struggles at AMC (which should be helped by the aforementioned Adli next season) and our two grandpa strikers, our attack needs some attention. If the budget is ~70-80m, I say 30m on Botman, 30m on Berardi, and 10-15m on a proper backup for Theo (this issue has been underreported). I would also grab Belotti on a free, since he’s free. Then we can see how Adli and Pobega perform and if necessary spend the whole budget in 2023 on a world class CM or AMC.

  2. Saele just extended to 2026, we won’t sell him, and it’s good. Just give him time. If we buy Berardi, he could be a decent enough backup. If we do buy Berardi or other RW, unfortunately this also means that we will not purchase Messias IMHO.

    Krunic is versatile and happy to be a backup without creating issues, why don’t you want him in your team? Agreed with Caldara, Castillejo, Balo Toure, but buyers will be hard to find.

    Belotti should be a no brainer, as we could then focus our funds towards RW. Kamara is also free, won’t be surprised if we pick him up instead of Renato, especially if his salary demands are excessive. Now that leaves us with the logical choice of either Botman or Bremer, IMHO.

    1. The team need great Back up for midfielder, Krunic is Good player but not give impact for Next levels of the team. We need to give a chance to Pobega and Adli are coming from loan Next seasons .

  3. 30-35 for Botman
    Kamara free
    Sanches 20-25
    Belotti free
    Berradi 30

    Gabbia loan
    Maldini loan
    Lazcetic loan
    Bakayoko away
    Saelemaekers loan

    Full team


    1. You literally already went over the budget, without taking into account additional fees these 2 “free” players would incur.

  4. what are u talking about guys? do you think berardi will help us to play UCL in spring? definitely not! Milan is waiting for impact on RW for many years, berardi is just the next suso.
    Milan needs to go for Ketelaere, Bellingham!, Rodrygo (real)
    paying 60mio for Bellingham would help the team a lot (much more then sanches and botman together) i am bit disgusted that we have that bad scouting department. Sanches and Botman became intresting for Milan after there good performance against them. Similar with Hauge, just because of his goal against milan then decided to buy him. In the end of the day thats just bad business

    1. That’s kind of a yardstick for Milan in buying players these days. I wonder what the management smokes sometimes.

      Score and perform beautifully well against us, we bring you in. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. Yes, berardi is good option he has double figures of goals and assists, much better than ketelaere who is AMC, not RW.

    3. Berardi = Suso ?!!! WTF are you smoking?

      Berardi has hit double digit for years now in a row and is a proven champion. Suso? Who?

  5. IMO, Berardi is overrated.
    For the RW position, just get Antony of Ajax, he can play both as RW and LW, and we are settled for the next 8yrs.

    Or we get Matheus Cunha of Atlètico Madrid, he can play all through the front line, that boy can score goals.

    They have a market value of around €30-35m, and are far more affective than Barardi.

    Belotti for free is a no brainer, it’s a shame though Ibra couldn’t help us get Vlahovic, that boy is a beast.

    It’s a shame we will be losing Kessie, getting Kamara and R. Sanches is a must, it should still be adequate quality enough, regardless.

    Never, I repeat never let Romagnoli leave, just add Botman to the defence, and keep Florenzi, sell Ballo and sign Owen Wijndal of AZ Alkmaar and we have very competitive team with depth.

    1. Neither of those Berardi-replacements have zero minutes in Serie A which is know for its world-class defenses. Being succesful in Netherlands means nothing when you go to Serie A. Same goes for La Liga players. We’ve seen many, many flops from Spain in Serie A.

      Berardi is a quarantee. Those other too? Risky as hell.

      1. Yep yep yep. Berardi is proven in Serie A and is an Italy international. We have no time for 19 year olds from smaller leagues who will be wild cards or take two years to reach a certain level, as we have quite a few of those already. Whoever is comparing Berardi to Suso is smoking crack.

        1. Yep, De Ligt was 19 yrs old, from a smaller league remember?
          Neymar came from a smaller league remember?
          Hell, Kalulu a kid and from a smaller league, today has a name for himself.

          1. Neymar is in the top 10 in the world overall, De Ligt is arguably in the top 10 for his position, and Kalulu has done well, yes, but not well enough to start apparently. Maradona also came from a smaller league. Mbappe is still in a smaller league. What other world class players do you want to cite? Because for every one of them there are 100s that didn’t make it. So again, why not Berardi who is a known quantity? We need a mix of ages and experience, not eleven 19 year olds who may be stars. Even Klopp praised Milan for their mix of promising youngsters and experience.

          2. But according you to you “Never, I repeat never let Romagnoli leave, just add Botman to the defence”. So with Tomori, Kjaer, Botman and Romagnoli where does Kalulu if he’s so good? Fifa22?

  6. Ruud Gulit, from PSV to Milan, zero minutes in Serie A.
    Frank Rijkaard, from Sporting to Milan, zero minutes in Serie A.
    Marco van Basten, from Ajax to Milan, zero minutes in Serie A.
    Clarence Seedorf, from Ajax to Sampdoria, zero minutes in Serie A

    1. Lol. See my comment above. What about the 100s of flops? If every player Milan bought at age 18 turned out to be one of the best players in the world in their position in their generation they’d have 40 scudettos and 20 champions leagues right now.

    2. What about Saelemaekers, from Anderlecht to Milan, zero minutes in Serie A? He should be the next Messi by now.

  7. There’s no point listing off these footballing legends as success cases that came to Serie A from outside and, as I say, became footballing legends.

    It’s as simple as this: Berardi is a Serie A veteran with double figures in goals and assists playing in mid-table quality teams. The risk involved in bringing him in is miniscule compared to bringing in younger players from outside and it is much, much more likely that it will pay off on the field and contribute to results. It isn’t complex logic.

  8. Milan have enough young player to devolope, if we wanna be more competitive Berradi is good option, need to sell Saelemaekers (milan wont sale) if we sign another young RW. Better spend for proven CAM, Diaz still developing(but i dont think he can physically be better) so either him or adli to keep. I think signing Renato Sanchez is risky due to his injury record, furthermore we have decent midfield in pogeba tonali Bennacer and Krunic as emergency backup (whatever fan say milan won sell/loan him anyway). Milan doesnt seem to belive in Gabbia(he will be loaned) and see kalulu as backup only(i belive kalulu is 1st team material) so botman is obvious starter. Although milan doesnt seem interested i belive we need belloti (most ideal option for striker right now since no other striker as profilic as him is openly wanna move to milan without transfer cost), since ibra can only play 15~20 minutes and losing sharpness.

    New signing
    New quality CAM

    Milan wont sale player until contract expired


    Florenzi (ready to fight)
    Junior Messias (maldini like him)

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