La Repubblica: Elliott Management founder has a favoured buyer for Milan

By Euan Burns -

The founder of Milan owner Elliott Management would rather RebBird Capital buy the club than Investcorp, a report claims.

As has been reported by La Repubblica on Tuesday (via Milan News), Elliott founder Paul Singer would rather the American firm become the new Milan owners rather than the Bahrain-based investment form of Investcorp.

It is believed that Singer is very wary of the club being saddled with a lot of bank debt when the takeover goes through.

This does not work in Investcorp’s favour as whilst they would be willing to pay more for the club, some of the money would be borrowed against the club.

RedBird Capital would not pay as much but they would be funding the purchase entirely out of their own pocket.

Given Elliott has worked very hard to make Milan financially stable whilst also improving results on the pitch, saddling the club with debt is not appealing.

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      1. Elliott literally deals in money. Real money, imaginary money, debt, etc. They dont give a flying fu*k about anything other than getting more money. They would sell Milan to Satan himself if he offered more than Deadchicken or Arabs.

        Follow the media any you will be able to easily identify those that are on Elliott, Redbirdsh*t or Arab payroll.

        This story for instance it bought and paid by Elliott or RedDeadMuricans. Sadly this website doesn’t have a filter, they just share stories as they find them online. So all the crap served to us by any media no matter who is financing them, ends up here.

        Let’s make it simple:

        1. ALL parties involved have media they own, pay or bribe to run stories they want

        2. Elliott doesn’t care about Milan, they never did. They care about making money. Their entire wealth is built on keeping the distance from their assets so they can easily and without attachment rip them apart and sell them for maximum profit if/when necessary

        3. Bloodybirdsh*t will care just as much as Elliott if not less. They believe Football is the same as Baseball and that Moneyball will work same as it does in that retarded sport with sticks and running around a square. They are clueless.

        4. No they do not own Liverpool, they just own 11% so they are not part of the decision making process there. They do own Toulouse which they successfully got relegated last year, lost all of their sponsors and were forced to sell their best player to finance their stay in 2nd league. So they got that going for them.

        5. Investcorp is not just Bahrain owned. There are some shady Saudi royal families there as well. So far from perfect.

        To sum it up. Don’t trust any of the media, they are all bought and paid for. They all support one of the parties agendas. And definitely don’t trust that Elliott cares about anything except money.

        1. 1: massive speculation right here with no evidence other than what you “think”

          2: ofc they only care about money, why is that a bad thing and they have hardly “ripped apart” Milan, I would argue they have done the opposite of that to actually make more money on their investment.

          3: redbird have a vast knowledge of sporting analytics that has been used to great success in teams like Liverpool, what they don’t do is waste money on overpriced athletes when they can use specific sporting data to find players just as good as the most expensive “named” athletes

          4: redbird actually own 10 – 11% of Fenway not Liverpool FC, Fenway own Liverpool, redbird bought into Fenway to have access to all the sporting teams that Fenway own, baseball, NHL, etc

          5: when you are at those levels of money there are no saints, berlusconi was no better than any of these guys, this is just the way the world has always been.

          But you are right not to trust the media, we have just had one guy from Investcorp speak and he said: “Is Milan a done deal? At this stage, it’s not possible to comment”, anyone involved in this deal is not talking it would be dumb for them to do that

          1. Man thank god some fans are just fans and not involved in takeovers. It’s almost as it they’re living in this eutopian world where business don’t exists. I can’t tell if Shiva wants a takeover or not. He doesn’t like Redbird and Investcorp nor Elliot who are on the verge of giving the team a title while balancing our books and not overspending…the very reason we had 10 prior years of hell. Like u said Berlusconi days are gone, even he relied on a generational talent in Maldini and bought other generational talent to win trophies. No different to what City and PSG are doing right now.
            Liverpool literally bought great players when needed. VVD and Alisson were the biggest spend and for needed positions to get them to the next level which they did and who maintained their value. Pool’s second team which outplayed Milan in the final UCL group of game costed almost nothing and they’re the next crop that will continue their success. How one doesn’t want that for Milan blows my mind.

          2. Well it is obvious Elliott Investment Fund is looking for bigger profit. If you think otherwise you aren’t that bright. Their name says it all.

        2. So, what’s your ideal owner? Someone who will spend a billion a year from money that grew on the beanstalk and also somehow be impervious to FFP? By the way, FFP is set to be strengthened to the point where clubs can only spend 70% or revenues. So it’s not going to matter how much money is on that magical beanstalk.

          Also, isn’t it amazing how this money hungry organization has taken a club with a bunch of randos in 6th place to a club with a young, hungry, talented TEAM on the cusp of winning a title and is pushing hard for a nice new stadium? Remember when football and fan “loving” Berlusconi and Wang Chang Li were driving the club into an abyss of debts and failed stadium projects?

          Also, funny that Maldini refused to come and work for the club until a serious project came along….and now works for the club?

          Also, don’t you need to care about money to have the kind of money to buy a club like Milan in the first place? I’m not sure Karl Marx or Mother Theresa or the Dalai Lama would have been able to bring us back to the top.

          1. LOL, is this a bad joke? An investment fund got into Milan ownership because Li didn’t pay his loan he took from them. And they made their investment more attractive so they can make more money from it. That is their business, stories about them looking for the best buyer are true, the one that will pay more and gain them a bigger profit.

          2. Well said @crorossonero and @shiva. Money talks. That is all what this is about. Elliot want the most profit from the sale. Period. I’d rather have Investcorp IMO as they will likely set us up like PSG and Man City – state sponsored (allegedly lol) revenue flowing into the club….and most importantly – they WILL BUILD A NEW STADIUM. This is the most important and fundamental part of new ownership -who will build us a new stadium. We will never compete unless we have this. Investcorp will build us one, Redbird thus far has said nothing about it. So my vote would be Investcorp for the stadium issue alone. For the silly argument that say Investcorp have no experience running a sport business – lol. They are worth 40B I’m sure they can hire capable people that can help guide the “sport”a side of the business lol.

  1. Its really important that funds to buy the club are not borrowed against the club. Man utd had this, and had to pay hundreds of millions back over the years because of it.

    1. Bro, maybe we can find a billion Milan fans (1/7th of the world’s population?) to contribute a Euro each to buy the club and then elect Shiva chairman so we can get back to the top spending 100s of millions every summer, free tickets for everyone, no advertising, stay in the San Siro until it falls (free tickets) and just a lot of grinta.

  2. Elliot own milan not by buying it, so its all about business not passion.. but i hope the owners fall in love with milan, they’ve vast ability to increase our revenue trough sponsorship.. why not they sell quarter of their share to both redbird & investcorp.. 3 investment portfolio company combined with limitless sponsor partner/contact would be great for milan.

  3. Elliot has been one of the best owners so far – year by year growing club professionally and financially

    Id rather they remain in some capacity ie minority shareholder

    I dont like PS football- rich teams randomly put together.
    City or PSG are a soulless product
    Milan has a sensibly run team now – id rather have sensible owner too not some hotshots a la Li.

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