GdS: Elliott’s mission is to bring Milan back to the top but patience and sustainability are key

By Oliver Fisher -

The goal of the Milan management and owners Elliott Management is to bring the club back to the top, but the message remains a sustainable project.

According to the latest from La Gazzetta dello Sport (via MilanNews), the American fund Elliott have set themselves a target  – to bring Milan back to the top – and they will do everything to achieve it, but the watchword of sustainability remains.

Of course there is an emphasis on sporting results and seeing improvements on the pitch, but that goes hand in hand with the overall health of the club from a financial and a brand standpoint, with the two being linked in several key areas. For example, Milan are fighting for the Scudetto despite having bet heavily on young players, reducing the wage bill and other costs.

Elliott’s vision was always going to have ups and downs – just as clubs who throw money at a project do – but their patience is bearing fruit. Another huge development will be the new stadium as that guarantees much higher revenues and more control.

The latest club accounts confirmed significant losses of €96m, but those losses were halved compared to the previous season showing the path is the right one.

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  1. Its definitely hard to be patient. I think seeing how well Milan has been doing the last 2 years has given us fans high expectations (and maybe unreal ones too). Its true this is a long term thing. Rather than asking to win the scudetto this year maybe we should ask for winning a scudetto in the next 3 years.

    Patience is a virtue. Lets stay in top 4 consistently from now on! Forza Milan

  2. Please be patient while you watch Inter win another Scudetto and our best players leave to teams that actually want to win trophies. F”*k off and sell the team Elliot.

    1. So you want another dumb owner like Yohongli who spent big money but didn’t achieve anything beside failures and a big pile of debt?

      Seriously shut the F up.

      1. That is a child, 100%. Anyone who is over 20 and has something in there can’t think that a model where you are forced to sell 2 of the best players not to be kicked out of competitions is something any club should look up to. Inter can win the scudetto again, but they had to sell Lukaku and Hakimi after winning the title.

        1. You mean you can sell your players and get money? Somebody tell Milan that, they just let their best players leave for free. You know what Inter did withe money they got for Lukaku and Hakimi? They re-invested into the team and got Dzeko, Calhanoglu, Correa and Dumfries, and now they are going to win the Scudetto again. That’s ownership that wants win for their fans.

          1. No they did not, they used 25% of that money for those players and 75% to cover the debts that would get them out of the CL. Players that were signed a year ago, with a long term contract sold for big money? Suprise suprise. Not really something to compare, but you could say that Inter have Brozović and Perišić expiring, both key players. We will see for how much will they sell them. Cherry picking situations to prove your point is idiotic.

      2. They don’t have to spend stupidly, they can spend intelligently, but you do have to spend to win. This is not a small club this is Milan. How is it smart to let Donnarumma leave for free, and Calhanoglu leave for free. Now Kessie is going to leave for free. You don’t let good players go into the final year without a new contract. That’s bad management.
        I love these fans who feel they have to support the ownership when the ownership doesn’t support the team. Milan has been very lucky. They got lucky with Ibrahimovic that he would still play this well at 39 and 40. Pioli has done an amazing job with what he has but to be honest , Milan probably has about the 4th or 5th best roster in Serie A and that’s not good enough for a team like Milan.

        1. You clearly are stupid. How shameful that Milan have dumbass fans like you 🤦‍♂️

          1. Yes this is Milan but long gone the era where the club is super rich and can buy anyone without worries to their bank account. Now this new Milan is NOT RICH but they have good management under Maldini.

          2. Did you forgot how much Dollaruma asked Milan for renewal!? 12 million euros /year + 20+ million euros commission for his pig agent + a couple of million euros for his family.

          Milan management tried to negotiate for months and even a year because they want Dollaruma to stay. But Dollaruma didn’t care cause he only wants money, not wearing Milan shirt with pride. Now he’s rotting at PSG bench which is serve him right!

          No one missed Dollaruma except dumbass like you because Mike is a much better goalkeeper.

          And Hakan is a fkin snake. He’s good only one season but he asked 6-7 million euros /year as if he’s a worldclass playmaker lmao.

          If you can’t handle the truth then go support Inter, City, PSG, or any rich club. I would be happy to see Milan without dumb and glory hunter fans like you 👎

          1. Ok tough guy. It’s not about signing Donnarumma ( his real name, not some juvenile nickname, you sound like a child), for an outrageous amount, I’m glad they didn’t pay that much for him. It’s about getting value for your good young talent if they are going to leave. Donnarumma, Calhanoglu, now Kessie). Then you can use that money to replace them. They didn’t do that, they didn’t replace Calhanoglu, and now we have no number 10 and it will probably cost them The Scudetto. If you are too dumb to understand that point, I can’t really help you or make it any more clear. But fans like you are just happy to squeeze into the top 4 and the ownership knows that and will do just enough to keep fools like you happy.

        2. Yes, they should have sold them before, but paying them what they asked for wouldn’t be smart. But you can’t be serious and not support a sustainable growth of the club, by trying to invest in younger talents and have them developed into top players, are you mental? They literally bought Leao for almost 40M, Tomori for 30M, Hernandez for 21.5M, Tonali for under his value, Bennacer for 13M, Rebić swap for Silva, Kalulu for free, Kjaer for pocket change and I can go on. That aren’t good transfers that improved the team? Hahahahahahahahahahahaahahahaha, I suggest you switch to football manager, real life doesn’t work like that.

          1. Next it will be this young talent from Crvena Zvezda, Botman probably, with Renato Sanches replacing Kessie and I hope for Belotti, horrible transfers. You wrote 20 sentences of nothing, 0 reason or sense in it.

        3. Again with you stupid idiots


          Who would buy him genius? 22yo player on 24m gross a year?

          That is 120m deal for 5 years plus you all say he would go for 60m.
          180m for a Goalkeeper, you stupid idiots.

          Get a job.

        4. 1. Yes his name is DOLLARUMA. Why do you care, are you his brother or agent?

          2. Milan didn’t want to sell Dollaruma, they want him TO STAY. That’s why Maldini keeps negotiating with his pig agent for a year. But Dollaruma only wants money for himself.

          And If Milan wants to sell Dollaruma, first they need to agreed with Dollaruma OUTRAGEOUS DEMANDS: 12 million /year + 20 million for his pig agent + a couple of million for his family. After that, Milan can try selling Dollaruma. BUT NO ONE WILL BUY HIM BECAUSE NO CLUB WANTS TO SPEND THAT AMOUNT OF MONEY FOR A GK!!!

          Rich club like PSG not even paid that much for Navas, their main GK!

          Let Dollaruma free is a bit of mistakes but Milan can safe a lot of money for not agreeing with his terrorist demands!
          In the end Milan is the winner because they can safe a lot of money and they got Mike, a BETTER GK than Dollaruma without outrageous salary!

          3. Bayern and Chelsea doesn’t have no 10 when they won Champions League. You think there’s only one system in Soccer huh? Lol you need to learn a lot kid 😂

          Now go support Inter, PSG, or City if you want to see rich club buying / selling expensive players, dumbass 👎

          1. You can call him whatever you want, I’m just telling you that you sound like a dumb teenager when you talk like that. If that’s the way you want to come off, go right ahead.
            Pioli’s system does require a playmaker, and Milan do not have one, unless you think Brahim is doing a good job, in which case you really are dumb. But, because they didn’t replace Calhanoglu, and they have no backup for Diaz, they have to continue putting him out there every game even though it’s hurting the team. That’s not a good squad. The fact that after finishing second last season and making The Champions League for the first time in over 7 years , they would come into this season with a worse roster than last season is unforgivable. That’s why they were embarrassed in the Champions League. I guess that doesn’t bother you either. Ignorance is bliss I guess.

  3. Finally owners with some actual brain. It is like people don’t remember what happened with the Berlusconi era and how it ended. Selling best players not to go bankrupt and selling the club to some random Chinese guy that can’t be found anywhere in 2022. Anyone asking for that again has to be a complete emptyheaded idiot, no discussion.

  4. Arsenal 2.0
    clear project is good, but how long do we have to wait?
    We don’t want to see Milan as Italy’s arsenal, after a dozen years without a trophy
    sometimes I think Elliot only cares about the financial side.
    they forget that if they want to raise a brand, they have to invest and win something

    1. Arsenal could not go higher as Chelsea had Roman, City gas money and United has billion fans

      They still recently spend hundreds of millions and still are mediocre.

    2. They already did invest their money!

      – Leao: 30+ million
      – Tomori: 28 million
      – Theo: 22 million
      – Bennacer: 13 million
      – Mike: 15 million
      – Tonali: 15-16 million
      – Saelemeakers: 5 million
      – Balo Toure: 5 million
      – Kjaer: 3.6 million
      – Rebic: swap with Silva or around 20-30+ million
      – Paid Ibra wage 7 million /year

      And of course Elliot care about the financial side.
      – Did you forgot that Milan was banned from playing in Europe League because of FFP?
      – Do you want to see Milan have financial problems again like Berlusconi and Yohongli era or the same as Barcelona and other clubs right now who can’t pay their players wage?

      If you can’t handle to see Milan always aiming top 4 for a couple of season than go support Inter, Juve, PSG, City, Newcastle, or any rich club.

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