Bloomberg: Elliott and RedBird agree €1.3bn fee – possible announcement next week

By Oliver Fisher -

Another reliable source has confirmed that AC Milan are set to be bought by RedBird Capital partners and an announcement could come soon.

According to what is being reported by Bloomberg (via MilanNews), American hedge fund Elliott Management are set to sell to their compatriots RedBird over the Bahrain-based Investcorp for a figure of approximately €1.3bn ($1.4bn).

An announcement could arrive as early as next week, while the source also add that Elliott will keep a minority stake in Milan as part of what will presumably be a transitional period.

Bloomberg go on to add that Investcorp have suspended negotiations with Elliott for the acquisition of Milan as they have been overtaken and seemingly beaten by Gerry Cardinale’s RedBird, who are at this point really close to a definitive agreement.

It seems that after weeks of speculation, Milan will change hands but not to the first fund that appeared.

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  1. Oh no! It’ll good to steady the books continuing with Elliot’s blueprint but bye bye to names like Nuñez and Nkunku

    1. are you dumb? You want another dumb owner to come and spend 200m like Yonghong Li and leave us in debt again?

      and screw corrupt arab money

        1. you literally still use slaves, this upcoming WC was made possible by sacrificing 10k people

          and this idiot is proud of that

          1. Freesa, can you be a bit more of an idiot or this is the top level? Yeah, Americans care about u and the club.

      1. Corrupt? look owners of PSG/City/Newcastle. they hv money from oil, that’s why they’re so rich
        don’t compare them to li who bought club with debt lol

        1. yes that money comes from slave labour and they get to dodge ffp by bribing and you want Milan to turn to that

          Good to see your morals which is literally nothing

  2. Whichever way it goes I just hope it’s sorted soon, Maldini and Massara are given their budget for the summer and get to work upgrading the squad.

  3. Redbirds=Elliott
    forget our dreams of watching Milan buy stars or being able to give players high salaries
    American owners are known to be stingy, it will take at least 5 more years to compete at European level (if all goes well)

    1. Weird that your dream is of Milan buying stars and paying high salaries and not for us to be winning titles.

      Stars don’t win titles, teams do.

  4. What’s wrong with spending money to buy star players?
    We are AC Milan, not atalanta or any red bulls clubs who entirely depends on young players or from their own academy.
    If we have the budget to spend €200M or maybe more to buy players to strenghten our team, why the hell not?

    to compare previous chinese owner management with Milan’s today management is beyond stupid!
    Because now we have Maldini & Massara, instead two f*ckers named mirabelli & fassone

    1. Your logic is confusing.

      With our current management we are 1 point away from winning the title without any so called stars.

    2. why the hell not? Because spending 1.5b pounds in 5 yea and have nothing other than domestic titles to show for it is not something I want here, maybe you do because you dont know what its like to support a team full of players who are here for more than the money

      if it was upto you you’d probably give Kessie his 8,5m/yr request even tho no way in hell he deserves that

      1. What an uneducated comment @ Freesa lol. Come on man. Do you really think each player when they become stars will take a pay cut and stay with us forever. LOL. What dream world do u live in? Players only go to Liverpool, Chelsea, Madrid, Bayern, Man City etc…because they LOVE the club and don’t care about all the money those clubs pay their players???LOL. Wake up bro. Top clubs pay top wages and the top paying clubs win – it’s simple. Occasionally they don’t – Perhaps us this season and Lille last season. But the clubs who spend the most on player salaries are usually always in the mix and always are there for titles on average. So your Dream of only “supporting a team full of players who are here for more than money” is fantasy lol. Like @ bob said – I have faith in M&M that if given a solid budget they will pick the talent wisely unlike the incompetent Mirabelli and Fassone. Spending bigger money on players is inevitable once they become stars. Be ready for pay increases from Tonali Kalulu Tomori Leao Bennacer Mike …it’s normal. We already lost 3 players because we wouldn’t meet their wage demands – Gigio Kessie and Hakan. In some instances it was the right move to let them go (Hakan) – (Gigio ok but not for free) and Kessie – time will tell. I wonder if you will feel the same way if Tonali Mike or Tomori (who likely ALL deserve pay increases) comes out and says they want 6.5m per season (as they all would get that in England no problem) or Theo says you know what to hell with 4.5m I want 6.5 now. Point is you live in a dream world if you think all of these talented players who delvelop into stars will just automatically take less money to stay at the club. One or two might but the majority will not. 3 already left. We will see what Leao and Bennacer do. Everybody wants to be paid their market value – you and I both included. Such is life

        1. People who think we will turn into PSG or City in the hand of arabs money are totally clueless, we already better than both for even for the next few decade. Man city & PSG spend tens of bilions so they can stand next to us. Milan only need money to extend the champions legacy. I just hope redbird (a dwarf compared to eliott) dont turn us into MU Arsenal Roma. Rich but no ambition.

        2. yo 10-year old, go support Man City, thats your mindset

          you dont give a shit about the team, just the names

          1. Freesa, someone needs to slap you around a bit so you get some brain connection with your body. We live in reality, not in your fantasy.

        3. Yeah and juve & psg spent a lot on clueless transfers and huge wages

          How did it end for them?

          You morons learnt nothing from yonghong episode…
          No wonder you are so mad – when you cannot understand your mistakes, you end up a frustrated loser

          For example this crosonero dude – if you read his comments through this season, he was suggesting the opposite of what Milans been doing – easy to see whos right & who is just clueless

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