Repubblica: Elliott could remain as Milan’s owners – their objective is to keep Leao

By Oliver Fisher -

There has been a lot of speculation about the potential sale of AC Milan to either Investcorp or RedBird capital, but the idea of Elliott Management remaining cannot be ruled out.

According to reports from La Repubblica (via MilanNews), the future of Milan must include new hypotheses. The first is that Investcorp could abandon the auction with RedBird and thus pull out of the deal, and the second is that Elliott remain the owner with the aim of resisting the onslaught of PSG and some Premier League teams for Rafael Leao.

While it seemed before that it was a foregone conclusion Elliott’s time in charge of the Rossoneri would end this summer, they will only sell the club under conditions they believe to be right for Milan and thus the correct offer must arrive.

If they were to stay it would ensure more continuity and would allow already existing negotiations to continue without disruption.

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  1. In the words of immortal actor Jeff Goldblum – “This is a big pile of sh*t”

    No one with at least one working braincell believes this. This is just Elliott paying media to run BS stories that justify their staling, whis is their negotiation method and ultimate weapon to dive the price up.

    Elliot doesn’t care about Milan or anything else they own. They care about their profit, their bottom line, return of investment, shareholder value. As soon as they reach that arbitrary limit they set for themselves and try to surpass it again ,they will sell Milan and never look back. That is what they do, that is what they are.

    1. Yeah,i think that too. Elliot only want increase their price by forcing bidding war investcorp vs redbird. All talk about care for AC Milan just make from media( they pay that media ) . I hope that investcorp deal wont failed

    2. and your arabian overlords gives even less of a crap about football and they’ll use their corrupt money to ruin the game even further

      so good, dont need freaking Investcorp ruining Milan’s legacy

  2. Lets just wait and see before we believe all these expert “sources”, the same ones that didn’t have a clue about parties even being in discussion with Elliot until the French paper found out by accident. As for Elliot only caring about their bottom line, is that a bad thing? they have made Milan the most attractive football asset in Italy by a mile, lets not forget the dumpster fire that our club was just a few seasons ago and how Elliot have transformed that, making the club sustainable with no debts, and they did it with smart choices. They deserve our respect as fans of this great club for what they have done for it (in their own interests or not).

  3. Who wants to run a business without reasonable gains??! They brought us back to life so we should thank them. They have not failed us so far and will never, only if sold to the wrong buyers. Whether it’s Investcorp or Redbird, let’s just hope whoever takes charge continues with the positivity inorder to help us propel further forward…. Kudos to Elliot❤️🖤

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