Emotional Castillejo reveals why he cried after Verona win: “My own mother didn’t even want me”

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan winger Samu Castillejo has revealed the trigger behind the outpouring of emotion he showed at the end of the win over Hellas Verona.

Milan completed a fantastic turnaround in the second half having found themselves two goals down after a quick start from the visitors, who scored twice in the opening 30 minutes through Caprari and a Barak penalty.

Olivier Giroud’s header with just over 30 minutes left halved the deficit, and then an equaliser came from a penalty of Milan’s own before the winner came via an own-goal from Gunther. Castillejo had a hand in the comeback by winning the spot kick and crossing for the own-goal, and he was spotted crying after the game.

Samu Castillejo spoke to the microphones of Milan TV after the game about the victory and also about his tears at the end of the game, with MilanNews carrying his comments.

“My tears say it all for the time I’ve been through and I’m going through. I’m a guy who likes to leave his soul on the pitch. Thanks to my family, friends and god I managed. Yesterday my own mother didn’t even want me and today I can cheer with the fans at home,” he said.

“Sometimes it doesn’t depend on a single person but on many other things. I always put my heart and soul every time I played for this team. I’m happy for me and my family who have lived through this difficult period with me. I am very happy to have won this match and to have shown the great family that we are.

“I am surprised that I am physically well after a long time not playing. I like to work to be ready for the team. Today I helped the team and I am happy for these three points that keep us at the top of the standings.”

Speaking to Sky (via MilanNews) he added: “I was more going staying over the summer, but in the end I stayed. My attitude is always the same, I always train well and I aim to be ready. Today it went well and I’m happy with that.

“I have been here for several years. I arrived when Milan were ill, now we have managed to change everything. My team-mates are important, we are a family. Destiny keeps me tied to this shirt. My family is far away, it’s difficult for me. Today I gave everything and it went well.”

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  1. Today, you deserve our respect big man, if you keep this up, we may not need to sell, Milan fans are passionate and Loyal, you just gotta bring your A game every time fam

    1. “loyal”? People have been demonising players like Samu and Conti for not leaving the club in recent windows. And demonising others like Hakan who do leave. We just need to remember they’re all human beings with feelings and families and give a little respect.

      Not aiming this at you personally BTW, just don’t think all of Milan’s fans are as respectful and loyal as you make out.

      1. Yes, Loyal, When you play over 100games and your return is 10goals and 9-11assists, as a winger in today’s football, it can be frustrating for fans, Samu doesn’t play like this everyday, let’s be honest, if he even plays half like this every weekend, he won’t be on the shopping block, Milan fans love their players, but that’s doesn’t mean they shouldn’t perform, and yes we demonize players like Harlan and Donnaruma because they didn’t respect the love thrown their way by milanistas, they tricked everyone by declaring loyalty then move for money, that can never be received well at any club

        1. He is the only guy that brought change in our team today ,competition with suso and gave him a way out ,to me he is not bad ,if u can go and watch Milan vs bodclim last season ,u will no that he deserves to stay,and staff need to do their work and upgrade the area he need to work on
          Did u see krunic coming back to life since bernacer injury ,also tonali,,u have to believe in what u have ,same goes to gattuso ,no sub for 90 minis cos he is job
          This team I will always say that everything we need to finish top 4 and carry the league is in there
          As u can see the fighting spirit yestaday ,
          Rome was not build in a day
          Give them trust and confidence ,u will see the best in them
          Do u think atlanta have better players than we do?

  2. You can search through my previous posts here, I always said, even when he was attacked that he was blocking his own transfer, that even though Milan outgrew him, he always gave his 100% on the pitch. He was always a great Milanista.

    Even though he might be leaving soon, he should always, and I mean always be loved and respected by Milan fans. Because he always loved this team and gave it everything he had.

  3. Wow Samu really left his soul on the pitch tonight I’m literally crying as I’m reading this article Always Milan!!!!!

  4. For me, Samu is good enough as back up. He is a good false nine when we play defensive. It’s just that I feel he should be utilized as LW also as he is used to play in Spain since he is a left footed.

  5. Milan issue with having weird coaches. Not technically gifted and that explain losing L9catelli, Passena and Cristanti to who all playing in international levels which enough prove management are blind sighted. Sami is good, not top, player but with smart couch he could be technically very useful
    Another prove of poor coaching is just look at injuries list. And buying expired players like crazy instead of investing in either youth ones or top player, look no further at Inter who invested and made over 120 Euro on only 2 players.. Also Atlanta who getting cheap but talented players who can stand against any team but still playing very beautiful dynamic technical games

    Get rud of this overweight on budget players and get a Technical coach enough playing with fans with all these stupid managerial bullshit

    1. Are you well? Which of your youthful team is leading the table now? Are okay? Which of the finest investment is doing well now? Please check, confirm and verify before you write your nonsense.

  6. Saelemaekers was chosen by Pioli. Castillejo was inherited. They are similar players, but it is always tougher on the one who was not chosen. I am happy with Castillejo. Not surprised he performed well.

  7. I said this summer Samu deserves our respect, maybe he is not what we all would dream on his position but he give 100 % every time, sometimes is not enough last night it was enough, lucky for us and much more for him. I’m really happy for Samu

  8. Well done Samu, you can be great like any other Milan player if given playing time, you always remained my star, good performance after sitting so long on the bench, much love and respect from me, keep it up 👍🏿💪🏿

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