Enzo Raiola explains Donnarumma’s Rossoneri exit: “Milan didn’t want to wait for him”

By Euan Burns -

Gianluigi Donnarumma’s agent has suggested that AC Milan’s conduct led to the departure of the goalkeeper on a free transfer, rather than for a hefty fee that could have helped the club.

Enzo Raiola spoke to Tuttosport (via Pianeta Milan) about the events that went down in the lead-up to Donnarumma leaving Milan for Paris Saint-Germain on a free transfer, something which has led to immense anger towards the goalkeeper from Milan fans.

He explains that his agents had no intention to take him away from Milan without a fee, but there was a condition: “We will never take the boy with no score away from you, but he would like Milan to qualify for the Champions League. We went to Casa Milan several times and they came once to Monte Carlo and relations were calm.”

Mino Raiola’s plan was to sell Donnarumma to Juventus for a fee if Milan did not qualify for the Champions League. Milan did qualify, but Milan then said they have found a new goalkeeper and would not be agreeing on a new contract with Donnarumma.

Maldini said: ‘Mino, we are here for something else: the Donnarumma chapter is already closed because we have already signed our goalkeeper. That boulder fell on Donnarumma’s head. We, in addition to Juve, who would have only signed him at the end of the season if Milan had not gone to the Champions League, had not gauged interest in Donnarumma who in January, again in order not to betray Milan, had not even wanted to listen to an offer,” Raiola explained.

Donnarumma then apparently told his agents that he wanted to leave Italy, as he would have only gone to Juventus if Milan had not made the Champions League and could get a fee for him. That led to the PSG move.

As Raiola said: “Wait, wait and then Milan didn’t want to wait for him. This is the truth.”

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  1. Honestly he shouldn’t have even said this, AC MILAN is too big a club to be kept waiting , apart from the rest of his team mates and management he kept in limbo, what about the millions of fans…?
    He said he wanted to sign only when Milan makes it to the UCL, since he has been in PSG has he won the UCL..?
    He never wanted to stay, what Maldini did was the right thing to do, Milan got a better keeper, with a very moderate salary.

    1. He will never win the Champions League. Even if they pass group stage! PSG can keep him. He is a liability. MM has one important thing, he is a gentleman that is why he is loved by Milan fans.

  2. “but he would like Milan to qualify for the Champions League” — like he is not a part of the players responsible for qualification.

    Qualification would be certainly there if he would have made less dumb errors, learned to play with his feet & conceded less goals.

    Ungrateful mofo.

  3. This is a very Big Lie…. The agent Raiola and Donnaruma wanted more money that the club could not offer at the time… and it’s a shame that now Donnaruma is left to face this anger from his own for betraying a club that gave him everything…..

  4. Dollar even making his mind to have joined Juve if we hadn’t qualified for the UCL is even more annoying. Leaving Milan for free for Juve? It’s better for him if he doesn’t show up for the home game against PSG.

  5. This is total bs he would have signed with juvmerda have they sold Scezny who gets 7 mil a year and dollaroma with his pig raiola wants 8 mil a year which was impossible for juvmerda so he went for psg where he gets 10 millions. For Milan it was over we can’t pay this kind of money and also the pig wanted a big commission so we signed maignan

  6. “Donnarumma who in January, again in order not to betray Milan, had not even wanted to listen to an offer”


    Enzo give it a rest, your father was much better at this.

  7. We have Tek Szczęsny to thank for Donnarumma not having gone to Juventus straight away. His refusal to transfer meant that Juventus would have two GKs on 8m per year, and even they aren’t that stupid. But Donnarumma may achieve his dream yet, as Szczęsny’s contract expires in 2025, and Juventus may finally make a move for him this summer or the next. In 2025 Donnarumma will have a year left on his contract…

  8. Hahaha sure buddy. Trying this smear campaign as usual against someone who doesn’t talk to media as much. He thinks time would pass enough for ppl to forget that Mino wanted a 2 year contract at 12million dollars per year, thereby not only breaking our budget but also putting the advantage once more in their favour in terms of a transfer (one, the huge wages and two, on the 1 year contract remaining after the first year). People aren’t as stu.pid. we knew exactly what they were doing. And the club is better for it, there are no more Raiola clients I think

  9. This guy is like Hillary Clinton.

    Everything out of his mouth is lies and deception.

    That’s why I never liked the Raiola’s because that is their business model, lies & deception.

  10. Absolute bs, not willing to wait? Literary kept signing 1 year contracts at the end exactly because Milan where waiting for him to make up his mind.

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