ESPN: Milan or the MLS – Giroud’s thinking regarding his future explained

By Oliver Fisher -

We may well be witnessing Olivier Giroud’s last few games at AC Milan because he is tempted by a move to a team in Major League Soccer, a report claims.

According to what is being reported by ESPN, Giroud is interested in a move to the United States should Milan opt not to extend his contract, which is currently set to expire at the end of the season.

Giroud helped the Rossoneri to the Serie A title in 2022 and has been in excellent form this season too having netted 12 goals in 25 league games, and his preference is actually to remain.

The report states that the 37-year-old would prefer to stay for one more season in Milan because he continues to contribute at the highest level, but he is keen on a move to MLS if the club decide not to offer him a new deal.

Giroud would like to join an MLS side in a major market having seen his former France team-mate Hugo Lloris join LAFC in December.

Earlier today, La Gazzetta dello Sport reported that New York and Los Angeles are the two cities where Giroud imagines his future, and he spoke about it openly in January.

“At the end of the season more opportunities will open up and I will make my decision. As a footballer and as a family man,” he said.

The United States can open a new dimension for the future of Giroud, who has not hidden that he sees himself as a director in the future.


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    1. Just quite with that nonsense of yours.

      his contribution is like this

      36 combined matches played 14 goals, 9 assists over 2,640 minutes. thats a goal contribution in every 189 minutes. 2640 minutes is the equivalent of 29.33 full matches played and again if we consider goals and assists of same worth which it is as the end product is the same then he has contributed to 23 goals and i doubt many new strikers will give the same contribution so clearly you have no clue of what you are talking about.

      1. He’s the guy who said Bennacer is on the same level as Pobega so that’s what we’re dealing with. I’d keep Giroud if he wants to stay – it’s a no brainer.

  1. I don’t really understand why the club wouldn’t offer him a deal at this point, he’s a good squad man even if he doesn’t start every week.

    1. There was an article in the last couple of months or so where one from the management who i cant remember was said that they would like to renew him but the decision would be up to Giroud at the end of the season.

      1. He’s a solid contributor isn’t he. For me if they let go of him then better to go big or go home. In the striker position, those 20-39m signings are way to risky for price. Best to shore up with guarantees and splurge on that one signing. We have more than capable backups. The team will have more chemistry next year and it’s really just the DM slot to fill.

        1. He is indeed, I think all transfers possesses a risk but im rather curious to see who potentially would be brought in because he will most definitely be very difficult to replace whenever that might happen. Yeah i agree its not like we need another evolution and the team will be even better next year.

        2. I dont think ACM want to buy DM , not as long as pioli still coach . He already found tiji ,bennacer,RLC as his key midfielder in 433 or 4231. Pioli focus only find striker if giroud leave and GK if mike leave . Well things can be changed if pioli resign and new coach come on and decided to use pure DM

  2. Giroud wants to be the starter and I doubt we can guarantee that next year… At his age, one serious injury to him would have serious repercussions on our entire season.
    If Ok4 can be a solid sub as a sole striker (like the first Rebic) I’d be more inclined to keep Giroud as starting striker even though my impression is that Ok4 is also a bit injury prone.
    Also let’s not forget how many goals of Giroud are from penalties…With penalties, even Kessie gets to 10 goals a season.

    1. Switch to 2 striker formation and Giroud would get more minutes and his partner would be far better too. Just look at Jovic when he’s playing solo and when he’s next to Giroud. Helluva difference.

      1. If we switch to 2 striker formation (442 or 352) then some players will need to changed their role or not played at all. Leao and Chuk for example. Their best role is a winger but it will be a waste if they got slot as striker or midfielder.

        Changing formation isn’t as easy as in video games.

        1. “Changing formation isn’t as easy as in video games.”

          Yep. But a good coach knows it’s better to use the strengths of players by playing them where they give their best than play them where they don’t shine.

          Milan coaches have been desperate to try and fit square blocks into the round holes etc for years. The formation should adapt to players – not vice versa.

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