ESPN: Pulisic to push for Milan move after speaking with club

By Euan Burns -

AC Milan are Christian Pulisic’s preferred club out of the options that he has to leave Chelsea this summer, according to a journalist. 

ESPN’s Kyle Bonagura was interviewed by Milan News about how close the Rossoneri are to signing Pulisic and what sort of impact the American winger could have in Serie A.

Pulisic has been linked with Milan for a very long time but the interest seemed to go away. The need for a right winger has brought him back into the fray and the journalist claims that Pulisic is impressed with what the club has told him so far about the project.

“I don’t watch Milan enough to understand how he would fit in, but I know that Pulisic is encouraged by what the club has told him about his role,” Bonagura said.

He also went as far as to say that Milan is his preferred destination and he is going to do what he can to push through the move.

“It is his preferred destination and he is expected to push to get the deal done,” he said.

Milan are also very keen on Samuel Chukwueze for the right wing so they must decide which player they would like to buy.

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  1. Pulisic obviously gives us more options to strengthen the rest of the team and his club are more willing to sell him so it is a move that will open doors and keep us in the running for a proper striker. Less time wasted.

    Samuel Chukwueze is willing to come but his club is not on board with our valuation so it is throwing us off course by trying to secure a move they are not interested in making unless we pay a price we aren’t keen to spend. He costs us a slot for our Non-EU. So if we have more injuries this year and our only options, or best ones are non-eu, we backed ourselves into a spot we can’t get out of.

    For all the clamour of selling Tonali, we need to remold our entire squad and available targets are not as good as him. This caused more problems than it solved. We are spread thin on the market. RW, LW, LB and two CM more, Bennacer is as good as done, by the time he gets healthy, he needs to find his game shape then be reintroduced into a completely new squad in a crucial part of the season where other players are likely due to be overworked by his absence. We need to operate as if he won’t play for us this year. We were already thin in that position at the start of last year before sales and injuries.

    1. We spent a non eu slot on an injury prone Non EU move for RLC, we couldnt make a more terrible decision. Plus we lost significant amount on him. We don’t know how or if he can adapt, he never played anywhere outside of England and was never a reliable player. That was a brutally panic induced purchase. The cost of replacing Tonali woth equal talented player is 55 to 65 million euros, giving 20 to RLC transfer takes us out of the running for that.

      1. I agree, this guy was injured every season, I think you could have gotten Naby Keita for free, he is 3 times better player than RLC and maybe a bit more injured, so he fits the description. 😂😂😂😂

      2. ” he never played anywhere outside of England and was never a reliable player.”

        It seems you know little of him. Before the Achilles injury he was a regular starter and was almost unstoppable. If he can play well in EPL he shouldn’t have issues settling in the slower tempo and less physical game.

        1. Where was he a regular starter? You made that up bb. He was never a regular starter. Not even at Crystal Palace or Fulham, while on loan.

          1. The guy played 33 games last season, 40 games the season before(21/22), 33 games in the 20/21 season. I’m getting tired of reading your rubbish on here. Maybe you should go support a club like PSG, Milan has never been a club of splashing money on players. That’s never been our way. Pirlo, Gattuso, Seedorf, Cafu, Kaka, were all either free or way below market value. You don’t know football you think this is a video game. Maybe you should stick to video games and trade in your Milan shirt for a PSG or a Man City one and relieve us from your mindlessness.

          2. Bo here has the analytical skills of a pea, he played 1542 minutes, over 90, that is 17 games over 38 in the league, that is half of the games…with 0 goals and 1 assist….playing 4 positions. He was utterly useless in all of them. After the second transfer window opened and he was injured, agaaaain, he didnt play 90 minutes once in the league. Dude is the definition of a liability.

            RLC being mentioned in the same breath as the people we signed that ended up as legends is a mockery of our club. He is no Gattuso defensively, he doesn’t have the skill on the ball or physical conditioning of Seedorf, the range of passing of Pirlo, the vision of Kaka nor his scoring touch…Cafu, he was no Cafu on the wings either. He is was a jack of all trades that was expendable and good at jackshoot. He was a Maldini target as a depth option, behind Tonali, Bennacer, and Krunic, when he was clearly not expecting us to have a 45 million euro budget after spending nothing in winter,
            loosing out on our CL spot yet making a profit. He was probably going to be signed for much less as well. 20 million for deadwood and a player without a role on a team that has to sell is way too much. One that never has been counted on in YEARS.

          3. I still believe RLC will give us good hands. But on the other note, what crisp told is also valid. RLC was first approached by Maldini while we still have Tonali and before Benny’s injury. That surely tells a lot. RLC would have been deployed as adding depth to our mid. He can be even an option for that Pioli’s physical no. 10.

            But now after we lost Tonali, I was pretty surprised all of the sudden the new management approached him back (moreover we heard about RLC was no longer a choice, and one of the reasons being Maldini’s target). It’s entirely different in in targeting the same player while we still have our key player(s), and while we we don’t have ’em anymore.

            Still and all, I sincerely hope that RLC can continue the good tradition of ex Chelsea players in Milan. Same goes to Pulisic as he’s getting closer and closer.

          4. “Where was he a regular starter? You made that up bb. He was never a regular starter.”

            Can’t you read? FFS I said before his Achilles injury.

        2. Just to add how good he was, they bought Danny Drinkwater while he was at “his best” by you. To play instead of him. A certain Bakayoko as well. Kante was already there. And Kovacic and Jorginho, all before he was injured. He wasn’t a regular starter anywhere but on training and in the 2nd eleven, on FIFA and in his dreams. I’m baffled how you made up something random to attack someone.

      3. No no Chrisp, it has gone swimmingly well for us. We have RLC, soon Rudolph the Red Nose and potentially Chuk/Pulisic 😁😂😂😂
        On a more serious note, I agree with mostly everything u wrote but I think Chuk gives us a boost in an area where we’ve lagged for the past 3 years …RW. That being said, I dont think he’s coming. Selling Tonali and replacing him with someone of his level isn’t going to happen.. we’re buying potential and possibilities rather than keeping the certainty. It’s a gamble but Furlani, Moncada and Pioli are in harmony now so they know what they’re looking for/s

      4. Maldini has been after him since last season. Hardly panicked. For one reason or another they have been planning for this transfer.

      5. I agree with the money we had we could have replaced him with sms or even goretzka for 45 million and we have maybe even improved on tonali and can still buy Chukwueze. Instead we’ll buy 2 mediocre players for 45

  2. Surely the price for Chukwueze is going to be roughly equivalent to getting Pulisic and Kamada together over 4-5 years. Is he really that special? Unless he’s happy getting a relatively low wage at Milan (

    1. He is ok, but he isn’t even a shadow of Pino who plays with him at Villareal. Realistically he isn’t that special.

  3. pulisic is a good addition, he plays various positions and has US/cro passport. If the price is right, sign away.
    They should sign Kamada for noner and deal with rw after we see what that romero can bring to the team, so winter..

    1. yeah, but currently we are lacking that trick on the RT Wing. I mean we don’t need him to pull a rabbit out of his @$$ – we just need him to bomb down the RW better than Junior/Salad

  4. Meanwhile Inter are close to get Frattesi.
    2 player in couple weeks for Inter ? and now we are strugle to sign a player like Reijnders, Musah, Pulisic ??
    Furlani and Moncada is really clown

    1. Doesn’t really seem like Milan were really ever after Frattesi… inter aren’t even offering that much for him – 25mil + a youth player.

  5. Meanwhile Inter are close to get Frattesi.
    2 player in couple weeks for Inter ? and now we are strugle to sign a player like Reijnders, Musah, Pulisic ??
    Furlani and Moncada is really a clown

    1. But we got injury prone bench player for 21 millions, gave him 4 millions a season and #8 shirt while wasting non EU spot.

      That’s something isn’t it? It shows how serious and commited our new management is.

      1. Give the man a chance, holy smokes, Ted! Judge him after this season. Glass half full kind of guy, aren’t ya….

      2. He’s been playing more than a certain Tonali and Bennacer over the past 3 seasons, 33 games played in 22/23, 40 games played in 21/22, and 33 games played in 20/21. Maybe you should look up the stats before spewing a bunch of uneducated rubbish. Moron

        1. Wow are you sure is cheek stats ?
          So why newcastle buy tonali instead cheek ? he’s englishman,very cheap too,know primer league better than Tonali.
          He missed almost 80 games in 5 season average 16 games per season.
          Remember Pioli’s training always remain mystery, to many player have muscle injuries.

          1. Use your brain, do you know how much Chelsea would ask Newcastle to buy a player on an expiring contract to a rival? Did you see how much they are asking Man Utd for Mount? Would you pay £60m for Mason Mount on an expiring contract. Nobody sells players for cheap to their direct rivals, especially not on an expiring contract. We got a really good deal for both Loftus-Cheek and Tomori compared to what they would sell for in the Premier League, you remember that Harry Maguire went for £80m?

          1. Because these same idiots who are crying over Tonali called Tomori, Leao and, ironically, Tonali flops during their first seasons having never even seen them play.

        2. “Milan has never been a club of splashing money on players. That’s never been our way.”

          What? We were the Chelsea of the 1990s and 2000s. We broke the world transfer record two times, first with Gullit then Lentini. We were the wealthiest club on the planet. While it’s true most of our best players were inexpensive, once we were established as the best club in the World, we started throwing money around.

          As for Pulisic, not only is he a cripple, he’s a choker, he misses a high number of easy chances. Messias is more productive.

        3. Average per game stats comparison from other blog:

          0.9 Tackles
          0.4 Interceptions
          0.6 Fouls
          0.5 Clearances
          0.1 Blocks
          0.7 Key Passes
          0.9 Shots
          1.4 Bad touch

          1.5 Tackles
          0.8 Interceptions
          1 Foul
          0.7 Clearances
          0.3 Blocks
          1.4 Key Passes
          0.8 Shots
          1.1 Bad touch

          1.3 Tackles
          0.7 Interceptions
          0.9 Fouls
          0.7 Clearances
          0.2 Blocks
          0.7 Key Passes
          0.8 Shots
          1.1 Bad Touch

          The almighty data this management is all about shows Krunic is a better player than RLC.


  6. Quite strange to me that nobody mentions Chelsea Milan UCL game. RLC dominated against Milan midfielders.

    1. Shhh!!! People here don’t want to break their illusions of being right about everything and they’re saying RLC is completely useless (origi-level) so you coming here with those kind of facts will make them cry.

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