ESPN: Raiola ‘went back to Milan’ to see if they would ‘reconsider’ regarding Donnarumma

By Isak Möller -

When you thought the Gigio Donnarumma saga was finally done and dusted, with the goalkeeper set to leave Milan for free, new reports have emerged. In fact, Mino Raiola allegedly tried to convince the Rossoneri to reconsider. 

Milan made their final renewal offer to Donnarumma a while back and when they secured Champions League qualification, they were waiting for a response. However, that never arrived as the goalkeeper seemingly was waiting on a new offer.

In the end, Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara acted quickly on the market, bringing in Mike Maivnan from Lille for €13m. The departure of Donnarumma has since been more or less confirmed, but new reports have emerged on the events that took place.

According to ESPN’s Gabriele Marcotti, once Milan called Raiola’s bluff, the Dutch-Italian agent went back to the club to see if ‘they were willing to reconsider’. If true, it just goes to show that Raiola indeed was bluffing.

In follow-up tweets he went on to add: “I don’t think it was a tactic. Milan made his client an offer, he turned it down, Milan went after a different keeper. And he checked to see if there was still room to make a deal. I think it’s unlikely that he comes back to Milan because Milan signed Maignan plus Raiola would have to accept Milan’s terms.”

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  1. victor says:

    Willing to reconsider ? NO. NO. NO. Bye bye, Dollarumma.

  2. Dollarumma Merda says:

    Go away , and find your Money..

  3. Carlo says:

    Hahahahaha NO.99 what a clown.

  4. Petz says:

    Sure…. 6m for 3 years….and no commission for Raiola to cover what was spent on Mike. Then loan out Mike to bring in some cash

    1. Carlo says:

      If we did, I say loan out no99 to udinese, or cagliari or someone of that level.

  5. Chuma sansiro says:

    No no nonnnoooooo..we don’t need him again… rather we should bring it DE PUAL..AND FIORENTINA TOP STRIKER

  6. Gollozdrum says:

    what was the bluff

  7. Caleb says:

    Best is sign for 3 years contract…send Mike on loan to France for 6 months or one year and then try to sell donnaruma in winter or transfer..we make profit

  8. Cage says:

    And I laugh again laff laff hahahahahahahahahabahahahahaha. He will never remain the same again mentally.

    Where is lord Ceasar?

  9. Muhammed taal says:

    Hahaaaaa men u guys are killing it in comment section, f*** d DUMB sh** get him and loan him to fiorentina, and get vlahavic

  10. Ron_Dublin says:

    Riaola though he was getting 20Mill , no he dosent and he has to do some grafting to find a new home for Donnaruma.

    I’d say Dollaruma is furious now, no solid plan.

    PSG players have opposed the move for DOnna , and remain loyal to their present team mate.

  11. Subhojyoti Lahiri says:

    Gigio insulted Paolo Maldini. An icon of Milan. We even splurged a million $ a year on Antonio which was bad enough . Gigio’s just an old school shot blocker terrible with his feet. Raiola should help Gigio pack up, I’m just waiting for the Curva to welcome him to Milan the next time he plays.

  12. Ahmed Mohammed says:

    Having two best goalkeepers will be the best for us they should reconsider and keep him just divide the tournaments between them,if our prodigal son has come back we should forgive him.
    Forza Milan

    1. Ohnoesaz says:

      Its business and he’s just not worth the wages $$$. With a goalie like Maignan ready to go it makes more sense to spend what Gigio would have earned on a different position that needs help.

    2. Solomon says:

      Ahmed Mohamed I agree with you

      1. EzrGy says:

        No, he’s not coming back. We would only just be renting him. Then the whole circus will begin all over again in the final year, coz then he would fetch even more given the level of experience/maturity he will have gotten.

    3. Bram Rahadyta says:

      with no increase salary, i agree with u…but then sell him hahaha

  13. joel says:

    Send him packing. He had his opportunity to stay. Milan doesn’t need him.

  14. Freest says:

    Only a moron would reconsider and there’s still some who love him in our fanbase


  15. Anas Aminu says:

    And don’t you guys think that all this donnarumma stuffs is politics because they know mike maignan will never come to Milan as a back it might be a game of wild card so they can get mike maignan,and gigio will sign

  16. Anas Aminu says:

    And don’t you guys think that all this donnarumma stuffs is politics because they know mike maignan will never come to Milan as a back it might be a game of wild card so they can get mike maignan,and gigio will sign

  17. Peregrin says:

    Snap him but but sell in a year, maybe even loan out to Roma or somewhere.

  18. Rosso Joburg says:

    This sounds like a PR ploy so in the future he can say Milan turned him down. Not fooling anyone though. Truth is Donna is luxury Milan can’t afford.

    1. Anonymous says:

      On the contrary, Milan was a luxury he can’t afford. Raiola tried to force Milan to pay more than they offered, Milan said no thanks, and when he tried to bluff thinking they will come running after him, they simply brought someone else. They did it to send a message- no one is irreplaceable.

  19. Joe Mifsud says:

    AC Milan will always be there. Players come and go and those who leave on a sour note will be long forgotten. The heroes live forever. Grigio Eurosrumma is no hero.

    1. Syarif says:

      Betul,Gigio bukan pahlawan.Kalau pahlawan itu mencintai dan setia kepada Milan,bukan karna uang.

  20. Sesepuh Tinju says:

    Hahaha so funny. Gigio will end up with less salary than what AC Milan offered. People blame Raiola but hey.. eventully agent will follow what his client. Gigio is super greedy and got his consequence. He might play for AS Roma with lower salary and no UCL.

  21. says:

    Milan shd see d best for d club nt only nw but future too…d milan mgmt must ensure club heading in rgt direction wi class player alw inda tim dat cn compete for Scudetto n Ucl on regularly,its common in football industries dat player go n cmbk for same club-Ac fanz since 90’s

  22. Syarif says:

    Mino Raiola lebih baik anda pergi keneraka saja,kalo anda menawarkan kembali Gigio ke Milan anda hanya merusak strategi transfer Maldini dan management saja.Lebih baik anda tawarkan donaruma keneraka,itu lebih pantas.

  23. kakouyou says:

    raiola often get what he want. he probably weirded out by milan decision. lol
    raiola should remember this. he was dealing with maldini, milan legendary skipper.

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