Report: Milan, Inter and Juventus among teams involved in Super League relaunch

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are one of the 10 teams who are ready to relaunch the European Super League project and it is set to be announced today, a report claims.

According to Vozpópuli (via FourFourTwo), the ten teams who are ready to jump back on board are: Real Madrid, Manchester City, Manchester United, Juventus, Inter, AC Milan, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Liverpool and Chelsea. North London sides Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur are the only absentees from the previous 12-team announcement.

The founders have this time decided that the Super League should be an open competition and while they are likely to meet plenty of opposition again, they clearly believe they are launching it on a firmer footing.

RMCSport meanwhile claim that UEFA are planning to ban all Super League clubs from their competitions, so we could be set for a whole new round of fallout if they do indeed go public again with the plans.

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  1. Interesting timing of this. Announcing this when everyone has their head turned towards the war in Ukraine. Wonder if they are trying to minimize the fallout in some way.
    Hope AC Milan wont take part in this.
    This feels to me like if Putin and his allies in the east, Syria, North-Korea etc.. decided to crown themselves as emperors of the new world. :Þ

    1. When you have tyrants like uefa and allies I think their is nothing wrong to fight this money hungry gaint for the survival..

  2. UEFA is undoubtedly more concerned about protecting its cash flow than much else. Doesn’t matter how they structure the Super League, the grounds that UEFA bans those clubs under will just shift again and again.

    Don’t get me wrong, I still think that Super League (and future competitions like it) pose some serious issues that I’m not entirely convinced have been addressed yet. (still playing for/respecting the fans, determining fair openness of competition, player safety and well-being in light of more games to play, to name a few.)
    Just don’t want to forget that we’re talking about a UEFA here. 🙂 And they continue to make a stupid amount of cash off keeping teams from engaging in someone else’s competitions

  3. Again? Maybe they should consider getting a salary cap???? Player wages and agents fees are the only reason clubs don’t really have money and are looking for additional profit through this idiocy.

  4. People keep talking about how “evil” UEFA is or whatever, but I don’t understand. Do you think that this “Super League” isn’t going to have a regulatory body to run it? UEFA is simply the organization of all of the European organizations together. They send reps and make decisions. You’re telling me it won’t be the same in the Super League? It’s just switching control from one body to another. Whatever the failings of UEFA are, it’s not like this Super League is going to be some kind of egalitarian revolution. We’re talking about the biggest clubs in the sport here, not some working class uprising.

    1. I think the idea is that the clubs will be the governors like in American sports leagues. Love that it will be an open league and most importantly love this will stick it to UEFA and FIGC.

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