Every way that AC Milan can secure Champions League qualification

By Oliver Fisher -

There were two big bits of news regarding the top four race yesterday as Juventus got a 10-point deduction and then lost 4-1 against Empoli away from home.

As our colleagues at SempreMilan.it write, this has opened the Champions League door for Milan, who are now the masters of their own destiny. The Rossoneri will only need to amassed three points in the next two rounds to guarantee a spot in the next edition of Europe’s top club competition.

Here are all the various ways for Milan to mathematically secure a place in the top four positions on Sunday, therefore after the game against Juventus:

➤ Milan win against Juventus;
➤ Milan draw against Juventus, Atalanta do not win against Inter, Roma do not win against Fiorentina;
➤ Milan draw against Juventus and against Hellas Verona, Atalanta did not win both matches;

If, on the other hand, the Rossoneri were to lose the clash against the Bianconeri on Sunday, the chances of qualifying would remain intact under these conditions:

➤ Milan lose against Juventus and win against Hellas Verona;

➤ Milan lose against Juventus by a single goal and draw against Hellas Verona, but Atalanta (vs. Inter and Monza) and Roma (vs. Fiorentina and Spezia) do not win both games, and Juventus do not win against Udinese in the last round should Atalanta obtain four points in the last two;
➤ Milan lose against Juventus and Hellas Verona, but Atalanta and Roma lose both games and Juventus do not win against Udinese.

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  1. It’s so luckily swung back in our favor we cannot.. we just cannot afford to mess this up. We need 1 win and have 2 games to do it that’s all. Let’s go!

  2. Hopefully Atalanta will beat that lot and we win both games and finish third. Whoever finishes 4th will have to endure a summer of articles about possible routes of appeal for Juve (whether they are accurate or not) – I don’t need that in my life 😀

    1. This. And here is an even wilder scenario: What if we lose of draw against Juventus and Atalanta beats Inter, and then we beat Verona, Atalanta does not win in the final round and Inter loses against Torino? We finish 3rd with 67 points (or 68) and Inter 4th on 66, Juventus below us with 63 or 65 points. Roma and Inter both win their cup finals. THEN Juventus have their penalty revoked, pushing them right back up to 3rd place on 73 or 75 points, which pushes us down to 4th and Inter to 5th. Since Inter and Roma won their cup finals only the top 3 teams will go to the CL next season plus the cup winners and we are out. So even third place may not be good enough. LOL.

  3. How the tables have turned. In contrast to a week ago, things are starting to look promising. 3 point this weekend and we could celebrate. And it is more probable that we’d win against Juve than Verona if we’re being honest.

  4. I read the appeal may still coming so hopefully we beat jube while they still in breakdown and Atalanta beat merda, with this we will leap to 3rd place 1 point more than merda and win against Verona will sealed the deal

  5. If Milan are hoping to join Champions League because of Juventus’ sad situation it would only show that Milan do not deserve to be there.

    1. Have you forgotten Muntari goal against Juve almost 12 years ago which referee disallowed and and what’s made Juve took the reigns of Serie from that time till two years ago when Inter broke their monopoly. I don’t pity Juve at all.

    2. That’s your business.

      Juve won Serie A back then ahead of us because of the disallowed muntari clear goal, what happened? They because champions after all, unreservedly.

      Juve are cheats and that is why we will be there ahead of them next season, your judgements is ur business.

  6. @Josep and Ahmadu a dumbass jube fans, what did you expect then? its not us who were cheating its your damn club and management so its your own fault if you got your punishment and we got an adavtage cuz of it, did you expect us to ” here we dont want this qualification so lets jube have it?” its not a wonder that why jube only manage to win more in domestic competiition and failed miserably outside cuz its hard to cheat outside of Italy!!

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