As anticipated by back on June 1, AC Milan are seeking exclusion from the upcoming season’s Europa League campaign. 

The Rossoneri are looking to use the exclusion as a bargaining chip in the negotiations with UEFA about FFP, which currently prevents them from investing into the team without selling any important players.

In the coming days (within 72 hours), a response is expected from UEFA, as revealed by’s Vito Angele. Should they grant Ivan Gazidis’ request, then Milan will be able to invest this transfer window without having to worry about FFP. 


  1. So far, all we can say is that Gazidis will keep us away from Europe. I suppose that if next year we do not make it to the Champions League, Gazidis will not receive a penny.

    • So far, all we can say about your post is that you don’t seem to know the difference between Europa League and Champions League. As far as we can tell, you think they’re equally important, and there’s no reason to differentiate between the two…we can just refer to both as “Europe”, and leave it at that.

  2. If Chelsea sacking their manager after winning the Europa League doesn’t prove that it’s a meaningless competition, I don’t know what will.

    Big clubs should all refuse to take part. Participating is a lose-lose proposition for them. It costs a lot of money (because you need to pay a B-squad, you can’t have your A-team play that many games and hope to do well in the national league, and doing well doesn’t satisfy the fans in any way. It just costs even more money and injuries, because it’s a massive amount of games. And if you don’t send out a competitive team and lose early, it’s ammo for the haters.

    So Gazidis is right. Milan has nothing to gain from participating. Let Torino or Sampdoria go instead…their fans would probably appreciate a few easy wins, and be more forgiving if they don’t go deep.


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